The Chance Necklace

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Elijah is a 6ft1, black haired and green eyes, male that always gets praised by the females. Theo's parents were friends with his. When he stayed at Theo's house he always brought his girlfriend along with him. It really pissed Theo off sometimes. But most of the time he's in his room anyway.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

The Jacksons

Theo Jackson


Brown hair

Hazel eyes

High schooler

Favourite color is Yellow

Favourite food is Sushi

Theo is an awkward but outgoing person. Weird right? Well, he has a lot of "friends" although, he doesn't see them as friends, he sees them as acquaintances. He doesn't like or trust many people, but hang around them anyway.

Hayley Jackson


Brown hair

Dark brown eyes

Favorite color is blue

Favorite food is chicken

She's a loving and funny mother. She loves Theo and her husband every much. She looks out for Theo all the time, she even looks over Elijah like he's her own.

Tom Jackson


Brown hair

Blue eyes

Favourite color is black

Favourite food is anything

He's a busy man, trying to keep Theo and his wife happy and get whatever they desire. He's loves them both a lot. We don't really know a lot about him since he's never really in Theos like as much.

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