The Chance Necklace

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The Bakers

Elijah Baker


Black hair

Green eyes

High schooler

Favorite color is White

Favorite food is Rice

Elijah is known and liked by almost the whole school, except for most of the males, you could guess why. He hangs around with a big group of people and always acts "nice" but he mostly flirts with the girls.
He's the only male who doesn't do a sport.

Megan Baker


Black hair

Brown eyes

Favourite color is purple

Favourite food is lasagna

She loves Elijah, but she's never in his life until she needs to be. Her and her husband fight quite a bit, but if they arnt fighting their working.

Peter Baker


Brown hair

Green eyes

Favorite color is black

Favorite food is anything

We don't really know much about him aswell, but he works late hours and is rarely at home. He goes out on vacations with his wife. But that's the only time they are happy with each other.

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