The Chance Necklace

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Chapter 1 The Dinner With Drama

"Theo! Get your ass down now!" His mother yelled obnoxiously down stairs.
He jumped out of bed, walking down the stair case. "Its 8 in the morning what?" He asked rubbing his eyes.
"You silly boy, it's 8 at night." His mother said flicking the back of his head.
"Yeah, it's the same thing and Ow!" He exclaimed rubbing his head. Theo turned around to walk to the fridge, seeing a figure in the corner of his eye.
He turn his head seeing Elijah and his parents. "Uhm mom? Why are they here?" Theo asked hiding behind the fridge door. His mother sighed walking up to him hitting his shoulder with a dish cloth. "Theo they are here for dinner. I told you this morning." Theo ran up stairs, faster than he has ever ran in his life. "Everything ok Hayley?" Megan asked chuckling. "Yes Megan, Theo is just being Theo." She sighed.

Theo walked down stairs, clean and dressed. "Theo help me put the plates down please." His mother asked taking the food out the oven. "Uh sure." He said grabbing the plates. As he set the table he got a glance at Elijah's phone.

I got to go. I'm at a stupid dinner at Theo's

Aw okay. Bye baby


He thought he was gonna throw up. He hated Elijah's girlfriend and he kinda disliked Elijah. "Look who got dressed." Elijah snapped at Theo. "Your so funny. No wonder the girls love you." Theo snapped back. "Enough boys. Dinner is ready." Megan said staring at Elijah. They all sat around the table, except both the fathers. They were watching football in the lounge. "So Elijah, you will be staying for a month right?" Hayley asked cutting her chicken. "Uh yeah." He said texting on his phone. "Put that phone down Elijah!" His mother exclaimed grabbing his phone. Elijah sighed grabbing his fork. "Wait, hold on." Theo jumped up. "What do you mean by, Elijah staying for a month!?" Theo asked intensely. "Theo sit down and yes, Elijah will be staying for a month or two." His mother said staring at him. Theo moved his plate away from him. "I'm not hungry." He said walking up stairs. "Theo don't be rude, come back!" His mother exclaimed getting up. "Just leave him Hayley, he's a teenager." Megan said chuckling.

A few hours later Elijah walked in Theo's room. "Oi! Why are you in here!?" Theo yelled abnoxiously. "Chill, what? Are you watching porn or something?" Elijah asked smirking. "What no!" Theo yelled getting up from his bed. "Why are you in here!?" He walked up pulling Elijah by his collar. "First of all, don't ever touch me and second, your mother said I'm staying here." Elijah said throwing Theo's hand off his collar. Theo looked at him in disgust. "Your sleeping on the floor." Theo said laying down on his bed. "Yeah whatever." Elijah sat on the bean bag in the corner of the room.

At midnight Elijah was still on his phone, texting his girlfriend. Theo thought he was asleep, so he slowly walked passed him laying on the mattress on the floor. Elijah saw him wondering what he was doing. "What the fuck are you doing?" He asked sitting up. Theo froze dead in his tracks, "What are you doing up?" He turned around slowly. Elijah got up from the mattress and walked towards Theo. Theo backed away as Elijah stepped towards him. Theo backed up into the closed door frame. "I'll ask again, What. The. Fuck. Are. You. Doing!?" Elijah raised his tone of voice. "Keep it down!" Theo whisperd covering Elijah's mouth. Elijah threw Theo's hand off his mouth and pushed him against the door frame. "Where were you trying to go?" Elijah asked giving Theo a deadly stare. "Fine! I was gonna go out, ok." Theo said moving his head to the side. Elijah stared at his neck zoning out. Theo turned to look at him and slipped under Elijah's arm. He ran to his bed and went under the covers. Elijah zoned back in. "Oi you asshole get back here!" Elijah stomped with aggression. He walked to Theo's bed stomping his feet. "I said get back here!" Elijah yelled throwing the covers off Theo. Theo yelped in fear and punched Elijah in the face. Elijah fell to the ground grunting in pain. "You little shit. Your gonna get it now." Elijah yelled getting up. "Wait Elijah it was a mistake!" Theo yelled in panick. Elijah grabbed Theo by the arm and threw him to the ground. He grabbed him by the hair and punched him on the side of his face. "Elijah please I'm sorry!" Theo yelled. Elijah went on top of Theo throwing punches. Theo threw Elijah off him. He thought fighting back would end it. So he threw punches and kicks into Elijah. Elijah grabbed Theo and turned him around on the ground holding his wrists at the back of him. "You think you can punch me, then say sorry and think it's gonna be ok afterwards? That's funny." Elijah said tightening his grip. Theo tried to get Elijah's grip off, but it was too strong.

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