The Beauty and The Demon

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Ever since that fateful day when Damon was saved by a beauty with lilac eyes he's been searching relentlessly for him once again. Now that he's finally found him he's going to do whatever it takes to stay by his side.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Damon remembered that face in excruciating detail. The way the man’s lilac eyes examined him closely through long brown eyelashes, his feather-like touches as he gently healed Damon. That long brunette hair that shimmered a soft caramel in the sun, tied up into a high pony tail with a big blue ribbon, the light blue robes he wore with ribbons all over it. That smooth porcelain skin that looked like it begged to be marked, he was absolute perfection.

The most beautiful thing Damon had ever had the blessing to look at.

So needless to say when he caught even a glimpse of the man again his heart sped up, he dropped everything and ran in the direction of his secret beauty. Quickly morphing his appearance into a far less… antagonizing one he rushed off to save his damsel. A good section of the town they were in was currently burning to ash and Damon’s nameless beauty was dab smack in the middle of it. He appeared to be pushing people along, dragging them out of their crumbling homes without any kind of regard for his own wellbeing.

Damon couldn’t help the smile that reached his lips as he rushed to his side to help him lift a pillar where a man was currently trapped under. Those breathtaking lilac eyes looked at him as Damon lifted the pillar with relative ease and helped the man to his feet. Damon brushed the ash off his hands and then immediately slipped one of those hands around the beauty’s waist, he asked in a low voice.

“Is there anyone else in need of your help?”

The man shook his head and Damon sped them off, away from the fire. He regretfully removed his hand from around the man’s waist as the man watched him carefully, examining his features with a puzzled look, he then spoke.

“Do I know you? You seem awfully familiar.”

Damon shrugged.

“Perhaps? I travel quite a bit; I wouldn’t be shocked if you saw me in the crowd somewhere.”

The man appeared to have given up on trying to place Damon for the time being, he then held out a hand.

“Thank you for that, I’m Lauren. And your name is?”

Damon smirked, grabbing Lauren’s hand and bowing slightly as he pressed a gentle kiss to his knuckles. Lauren, Damon thought, it suited him. The blush that crept on Lauren’s face also suited him nicely.

“Damon, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


Lauren managed out, taking his hand back once Damon released it. Rain had begun to pour, which was lucky for the townspeople because it meant the fire would be put out soon. With one swift movement Damon removed his sword from its hilt and it transformed into a red umbrella, a black dragon was drawn along it with crimson petals. He snaked a hand back around Lauren’s waist and held the umbrella above both of them.

“Thank you… again.”

Lauren began twirling a strand of his long hair in between his fingers.

"Let’s find somewhere to wait out of the rain, shall we?”

Lauren nodded his ears going a bit pink as Damon leaned in close to whisper into his ear. With that Damon led them both to the inn on the other side of town, which was currently packed now that a fourth of the townspeople were temporarily homeless. Luckily though Damon already had a room, perhaps he’d be able to convince Lauren to come and share a bed with him. Platonically, of course. Damon lowered the umbrella as they stepped inside and it transformed back into a sword as he sheathed it. They both sat down at a table in the back as Lauren started up conversation.

“Dinner’s on me, to thank you for your help. If that’s alright?”

Damon smirked as he rested his head on his propped up arms.

“Of course, anything to stick around you a bit longer.”

Lauren very clearly didn’t know how to respond to that as he ordered them some food; he went back to messing with his hair, avoiding eye contact.

“So… What are you in town for?”

“Just wandering, I like to go places and see different things.”

“A free spirit, I see.”

“Something like that.”

This time Damon began the conversation.

“What about you?”

“Ah well, there’s been rumors about suspicious demon activity going around lately. So I’ve been going to a ton of different towns to see what’s going on. The demons are being a lot more active than they usually are, it’s making people worried. Especially the people upstairs. What about you? Have you noticed any peculiar activity?”

“No, not really. But then again I don’t spend too much time around demons.”

At least not the lower class ones, Damon thought. Lauren frowned but continued.

“People are worried that the boundary between Earth and Hell is thinning. There’s also rumors going around that the demon generals have left Hell and are now wandering the Earth.”


Lauren then placed his head on the table tiredly.

“I hope there isn’t going to be another war, I can’t stand them. I wonder what’s making all the demons act up. After the last treaty I hoped that we could all live in peace for at least another century or two. But now everyone’s on edge, waiting or even hoping for another war.”

“A war would certainly be bad, but I don’t think the demons want one. They’re still hurting after the last one.”

Lilac eyes met his once more as he raised his head.

“Are you sure about that? That the demons don’t want a war?”

Damon nodded, he didn’t want one at the very least. And as far as he knew his brothers didn’t.

“Yes, I’m sure. The demon generals have no desire to fight in a war, and if they won’t fight then the rest of the demon race won’t.”

Lauren raised a hand up to his mouth and started chewing on his thumb nail as he thought.

“So then I wonder what’s got the demons all riled up.”

Damon shrugged and said the first random thing that came to his head.

“We could always ask.”

Lauren raised his head from the table, blinking as his brain processed what Damon said.

We could always ask! Great idea Damon! We could go down to the demon king and ask him what’s messing with them! If we find out what’s up and deal with it before Heaven grows too upset we could prevent another war!”

Lauren gave a big, bright grin as he grabbed Damon’s hands. Damon felt his heart shoot out of his chest and his knees go weak, that smile was going to be the death of him. Those lilac eyes then looked straight at him, like they were peering into his soul as Lauren asked seriously.

“Would you help me?”

Before Damon could respond, which was almost damn near immediately Lauren spoke again cutting him off.

“Oh sorry! I’m a complete stranger; you don’t have to say yes. I’m sorry I can get a bit too excited; you don’t have to force yourself to come along. I just thought that if I had someone to help things would go smoother, plus it seems like you know more about demons and Hell then I do so…”


Lauren was still rambling, not even hearing Damon’s response. Damon rolled his eyes and watched this beautifully dumb man continue to shoot himself in the foot and apologize. Then he grew silent as he played with his hair.

“Will you?”

“I already said yes.”

Lauren turned a bit pink as he tried to cover his face with his hands.

“You did?”

“Yes. Yes, I’ll go with you.”

“Are you sure?”


“You don’t have to say yes just to appease me.”

“I’m not; I want to go with you.”

Another heart attack inducing smile as the waiter came with their food. Lauren happily dug into his food and Damon followed shortly after, his eyes still lingering on the smaller man. In between bites Lauren started a strew of questions.

“Do you know what the Demon King is like?”

“He’s a bit cold, not nearly as fun as the generals.”

Damon chuckled, mostly to himself before continuing.

“Quite a stickler for the rules, which is another reason why I don’t think the demons are aiming to start another war. He’s a proud man, since Heaven was able to make him sign the treaty it’s very unlikely he would break it without good reason.”

“I see, that’s good. But since he’s so proud do you think he’d take my help? Or Heaven’s help?”

“No, not unless he’s backed into a corner with no other option. But, at the very least if it is something else than you could send a message to the Heaven Kingdom and tell them the real situation.”

Lauren nodded as he inhaled his food. He swallowed a mouthful of food before asking.

“So how do you get to Hell from Earth anyways?”

“There’s a trick to it you see, it’s not supposed to be easy to get into. To prevent any poor dumb human from wandering in it’s veiled by magic. There are multiple gates on Earth, one of them being a hundred or so miles from here.”

“We’ll start heading there first thing in the morning.”

“As you wish.”

The two finished eating and before Lauren could even question where they would be sleeping for the night Damon pulled him along to his room.

“I was already sleeping here, so we’ll share this room. If that’s alright with you?”

“O-oh, ok, that’s fine.”

Lauren snapped his fingers and suddenly a small leather suitcase was in the room, he opened it and it was filled with mostly light blue clothes all decorated with cute little ribbons. Damon took a seat on the bed, laying back against the pillows with his arms up as he nonchalantly stated.

“You can have the bath first if you’d like.”

“Thank you, I appreciate it.”


Damon rested his eyes as Lauren went ahead and got into the bath. About a half an hour later he resurfaced and Damon opened his eyes to another heart twinging sight. Lauren’s hair was down, reaching just past his hips, little bits stuck to his doll-like skin as he wore a simple white robe and pants to sleep in. And those eyes, those beautiful lilac eyes were slightly darker than usual, paying close attention to the task at hand as he brushed through his long hair. Damon wanted so desperately to reach out and touch that soft skin, to hold him, to feel his warmth on his own skin, but he stopped himself.

He shook his head, trying to rid himself of those thoughts as they were beginning to spiral downwards in a far more dirty direction. He swung his legs off the bed and got to his feet as he strode to the bathroom. He turned on the water to as hot as it could get and began undressing. He kicked off his heeled black boots first and then gently removed the long crimson shawl he often wore and folded it up nicely before peeling off his black pants and matching low cut long sleeved shirt which he didn’t mind throwing to the side.

He turned to the large oval mirror next to him, looking at himself in this form was strange. He still looked a lot like his actual form but with some missing attachments and with slight variations. He looked like he was his own little brother, his black hair was shorter going only down to his chin and his usual glowing blood red eyes were now a dull rust color. He still had his red eyeshadow on along with his pale skin but his features were far softer than normal, his eyes a bit bigger, he looked far less intimidating. The multitude of scars were still present decorating his torn flesh and making him look like some kind of training dummy.

He sighed and turned to the bath, slipping in and breathing deeply at the scalding hot warmth that greeted him. After a while of soaking he quickly washed himself and got out of the bath, wrapping a towel around himself as he left the bathroom and returned to the bedroom. Lauren had finished brushing through his hair and was now sitting on the bed reading from a book. His eyes rose from the pages to Damon’s only partially covered body and his ears went pink again as he hid his face behind his book.

Damon couldn’t help but smirk a bit as he got dressed and laid down in the bed, right next to Lauren. He laid on his side, facing Lauren so he could watch him read. Lilac eyes looked at him as Lauren covered the lower part of his face, asking.

“Are you going to watch me read?”

“If that’s alright with you.”

“Won’t that be boring?”

“Not to me it won’t.”

“Am I really that interesting to look at?”

“Of course, I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you.”

Lauren swiftly shut his book, snapped his fingers so the lights turned off and then laid down, his back facing Damon as he asked.

“You really think I’m beautiful?”

“Of course.”

“You’re very strange.”

“Perhaps. But I’m just stating the truth.”

Lauren grew quiet before whispering a soft.



Damon smiled, snaking a hand around Lauren’s waist and pulling him close, he whispered in his ear.

“Sleep well.”

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