The Assassin's Daughter

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Abigail is the daughter of the world's top assassin. Dominic is the Top King of his Empire. What happens when their paths cross? Can the daughter of an assassin find it in her heart to try and love again after a devastating tragedy that has happened in her past. Will an overprotective brother and father allow her to maybe find love in her life once again? Can a powerful man allow a powerful woman to capture his heart once and for all?

Romance / Action
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Training Course


My name is Abigail Williams, I am twenty-four years old. Being the daughter of the world’s top assassin can have its advantages at times, but other times it is a headache. My father, Jason Williams, is always having to leave me at our huge mansion because he is called away for jobs all the time. I’m just about to graduate college with a master’s degree in business management. I will some day take over my dad’s empire being the next top assassin. He has trained me since I was four years old.

I know how to break down guns, have the perfect aim to kill someone or just to scare the shit out of them so they will leave the alone. I also have been trained in every form of fighting. I can beat my younger brother but just barely.

Our mother died ten years ago of a massive stroke. After that, our dad hired nanny’s to watch us until I turned sixteen. We live in one of the biggest mansions on the east coast. Everyone knows our family and how dominant we are. Our house has bulletproof windows, so do our cars and dad even built this huge training facility in a section of our back yard where we train in it everyday. Target practice, mazes filled with guns, bobby traps along with an obstacle course you have to make it to the end before your time runs out.

Dad has our people change it up everyday to where we don’t know where the traps are or what they will do. Our family is very powerful while being well known all over the world. My brother is very protective of me and has chased off tons of boys who wanted to date me.

“Kids, get your asses out of bed then onto the training grounds. It’s after ten now. Let’s go!” My dad yells as he stands outside our doors.

I yell back “When did you get home dad? You weren’t here last night.”

“I got in late so I could train with you this morning. I wanted to see how well you are doing with the new addition. You have five minutes to get to the kitchen” he demands.

I groan then roll over slowly sit up and wipe my eyes. I look around my room to see a gift sitting on my night stand. My dad always brings me a gift from all his travels. He must have come in here after he got home setting it there. I open it pulling out a beautiful snow globe of the Eiffel Tower. I set it on my shelf with all my other treasures he has bought me. I get up putting my training clothes on.

“Morning gorgeous. Ready to get our ass kicked by an old man?” my brother says as he jogs down the hall to catch up with me.

“He’s getting slower in his old age. I think we can beat him” I say with a smirk.

Raymond laughs “Ha, in your dreams. I know he mainly snipes now but he is still faster than us.”

We walk down to the kitchen grabbing our power breakfast as he calls it. Bananas, strawberries and a smoothie. They put some kind of protein booster in it for us. We sit there eating everything on our plates and drink our smoothies. After a short time, we get up going outside to start training.

My dad points at me “Ok Abby, let’s see what you got.”

I line up at the starting line, he pushes the button. The guns start to rotate, walls move with spikes that go in while our of the walls or passages open and close at different speeds. Some are fast, others move at different speeds.

“NOW!” he yells.

I take off down the first aisle. A wall comes out of no where closing off the exit. Cross bows appear to my right ready to fire with their rubber tips but man do they hurt when you get hit with them. A wall barely opens where I do a cartwheel through it just as the bows fire off. The wall slams shut with a huge bang behind me. I take off when the ground starts to rumble under my feet starting to give away. I find a rock jumping up on it. It starts to sink making me jump off it onto the solid ground four feet away. I round the next corner just as a gun pops up firing rubber bullets.

I hit the ground rolling under a opening in a hedge to the next aisle. Jumping up then taking off just before spikes pop out of the grass. As the next corner comes into view, a wall shoots up behind me, then another one in front of me. Spikes shoot out of it and it slowly starts to press together. I look at both walls to see a path up the spikes. I grab the spikes then climb the wall quickly before it clamps shut. Jumping down, I take off down the last row.

When I round the final corner, ten guns with targets pop up. I snatch my gun that only has ten shots in it from off my ankle starting to take the targets down one by one as I run down the aisle towards the final red button. An alarm goes off where a machine gun appears without a target and starts firing. I pick up my pace just barely keeping myself in front of the heat seeking gun that moves with my body heat as I sprint to the finish line hitting the button. everything shuts down then a wall opens in front of me. I walk out while my dad walks up to me.

“Very well done” my dad says as he hugs me “You beat everything on the course. I don’t see any bruises where anything hit you.”

“If it did, I didn’t feel it” I tell him.

He scans my body smiling when he sees that I didn’t get hit.

“No hits, very good. Raymond, your turn” as he points to the beginning of the course.

Ray lines up taking off. The same course pops up as he runs it very quickly. He beats my time by two seconds. I hug and congratulate him. He has only beat me a few times as our dad also hugs him.

I turn looking at dad “Ok old man, your turn.”

Smiling he goes to the starting line “Let’s see what my time is then.”

He takes off on the course coming in right between the two of us, one second behind Ray but one second faster than me.

“Well, congrats boys. You beat the girl today” I say while shaking my head.

“Come on, let’s get showers.” my dad looks at both of us “I have a meeting today where I want both of you to attend with me. They have asked for me to do a job for them so I might need to take both of you with me. Since you two are eventually taking over for me, my clients need to get to know you.”

I nod “Yes father. We will go with you.”

We all walk inside to get our showers, then grabbing a quick lunch before we go meet this client.

“Oh Abby, dress nice for me please” he says with a smile on his face.

“Yes sir” I respond with a nod of my head.

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