Senior Lee hates me?

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A Korean lovestory written in English Yu shu thinks Senior Lee hates her? But does he?Or is it the complete opposite?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1(Why are seniors our leaders)

"I believe that it would be a good benefit to allow our upcoming seniors to be able to function like good leaders"said Principal Kim."Today we say goodbye to our graduating class of 2019,this batch of students had some great seniors but we would like next year seniors to be greater and the next greatest and the list goes on"he added.
Which is why next year for 5 whole months the seniors will become our leaders they will take the places of the teachers and all the others staff members because we need to prepare them for the real world".

"Yu shu,Yu shu,Yu shu, it's time to get up"said her roommate Jung Si.
"Just 5 more minutes"
"Yu shu,you need to get ready"

"Yes,I would like ice-cream Principal Kim...."said Yu shu sleep talking.
"Oh this is too good I have to record it"said her roommate taking out her phone and started recording Yu shu sleep talking.
"and for your punishment I will not be waking you again"said Jung Si walking out to class.

"Ahhh,that was the best sleep I have ever had it was as if I slept on the clouds from heaven"said Yu shu sitting up in her bed.

"Jung si,Jung si"she called.
Where could she be?

Yu shu then picked up her phone to look at the time.
"What! It's 9:00 classes started at 7:30 ahhh I hate schooooool!

"Good morning Remi,I brought you your favourite strawberry cupcake",said Jung Si handing the cupcake to Remi her classmate."Wow what a wonderful way to start the first day of school"replied Remi.

"And that will be 15 won"said Jung Si holding out her hand towards Remi.
"Ahhh why do you always do this"said Remi rolling his eyes and passing her the money.

"Do what?"Jung Si asked.
"Buy people their favorite stuff they didn't asked for then force them to pay"Remi asked in curiosity.

"I don't know maybe it's a super power"Jung Si laughed .

"Hmmm this taste amazing guess I can say my 15 won was worth it"said Remi.
"Where's Yu shu?"he asked while eating.

"Where's my sock"said Yu shu looking under her bed.
"Did Jung Si take it to the laundry?oh here it is"
"Found my sock but where's my tie?"
Oh no I saw Jung Si taking it it to the laundry yesterday.
"They won't let me into any classes unless I have my tie and mom won't allow me to skip school"Yu shu said in a frustrated tone.

"Oh Yu shu,she's sleeping"Jung Si said replying to Remi.
"Sle...sle.. sleeping"Remi said almost choking on his cupcake."Isn't she coming to school?"

"She is,it's just that I asked her twice and you know my Golden rule."Jung Si answered.

"If I did it twice there's no such thing as trice"they both said.

"Shhhh,the teacher is coming"said Remi.

"Good morning students,I am Mrs.Mun"
"Good morning"the students in the classroom replied.

"Welcome back to school,a new school year,with new leaders."This year as you may already know for 5 months the seniors will be your leaders,we expect nothing more than you guys to respect them and be on your best behavior ok"

"Yes miss"the students replied.
"Ok with that said let me introduce you to your seniors"
"Senior Lee,Senior Jin and Senior Yang".
"They will be your subject teachers and also your overseers,so treat them with respect"said Mrs.Mun walking out the classroom.

"I need no talking and I need you guys to fill out this introduction form"said Senior Lee in a demanding tone.

"I can see he is loving his new role"said Jung Si to Remi.

"Is that talking I hear?"asked Senior Lee
"No senior" the students replied.

Yu shu was now running down the school's hallway with her tie in her hand that she had retrieved from the laundry.
"It's already 11pm"said Yu shu running hastily to her classroom.

"Yes,I made it"she shouted when she reached her classroom door.
Everyone's head including the seniors were now turned towards Yu shu.

"Ah Good morning"said Yu shu awkwardly.
"Stand at the door and you will stay there until the sessions ends"said Senior Lee.

He then walked over to Yu shu and handed her a an introduction form.

Jung Si and Remi couldn't help but laugh a little.
"Hey Remi,I have a recording to show you later"said Jung Si whispering.

10 mins later

"Senior umm my legs are hurting from standing here"said Yu shu hoping he would send her to her seat.

"Sit there then" the senior replied.

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