Star Crossed lovers

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Forced to marry a complete stranger to save her family's business. But she doesn't accept to save her company she does it to show her family that she will become successful in life while being married to a complete stranger.

Romance / Adventure
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"I love you, you know that right?" he says. "I know I love you too," I say. "Then why won't you leave him?" he asked as if his heart was being pulled out of his chest. "Don't you get it's not easy? I would be going against my family's wishes. Against everything that I believe." I tell to him with watery eyes. "But it makes me sick when you're with him knowing that he touches you whenever he wants," he says with a disgust evidently in his voice. What do you want me to do he is my husband what do you expect?" "I want you to leave him", "I-I" Before I was able to finish my sentence he pushed me to the wall and starts kissing my lips and then moves to my neck, a moan leaves my mouth. I can feel him smirk in my neck before he pulled away. "You like my lips against your skin, so why can't you let him go? he asks. " Because... I think I'm preg-p-pregnant"

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