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Lone Wolf

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Alone in the world before her first shift, Imaris knows nothing of packs, pack hierarchy, or mates. Her goals in life? First, Protect her sister, and second, stay secret. What happens when the gamma, who happens to have exchanged friendly blows with her at the gym, brings news of a lone Wolf, who knows nothing of packs, to his alpha, while bathed in her scent? .....And when the alpha discovers her to be his mate?

Romance / Action
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Council Records


Chosen Name: Imaris (Aris) Bronte

Biological Name: Accalia Brown

Age: 18

Pack: none

Status: Lone Wolf (see terminology, page 3)

Alias: Ira Mawe Flowe

Parentage: unknown (deceased)

Closest known relative: unknown

Friends: unknown

Mate: unknown

Aris POV

At thirteen, she’d gone through the most pain one could endure without going insane.

That was the year her parents died. The year She had been left completely and utterly alone. The year She first turned into a Wolf. At first, Aris thought she was crazy. She spent so long grieving, for what She’d lost, what could’ve been. She thought She’d somehow lost her mind on the way.

But NOPE!!!

Newsflash, the world had other plans. Which apparently involved her turning into a freakishly big wolf. God works in mysterious ways, that’s for sure.

Aris had never met anyone like her, ever. Though she held out hope that someday, maybe She would find someone out there, who has at the very least similar capabilities. It would be wonderful to stop hiding, Running, being afraid for her life. Who knows what people would do if they discovered she could turn into a wolf? She never intended to find out.

This was her seventh move in the last four and a half years. Maybe here She could settle down, all She knew was that it can’t be any worse than before. Perhaps She would even make a friend or two, who knows?

‘Hi, I’m Aris, by the way, that’s not my real name, oh, did I mention I can transform into a wolf?’ Yeah, who was she kidding, it’s not safe to be close to people. They would find out eventually, and that would lead to some very fun conversations, which may or may not result in her being arrested and sent to special labs to test her DNA. Good times.

She inhaled deeply, listening to her sister’s steady heartbeat in the next room. As long as her sister was safe, this would all be worth it. She’d lost to much to lose her sister as well. No one would ever, ever touch her. Her beast snarled it’s agreement. We hadn’t fought through the change, the shift, just to allow her sister to fall into harms way.

There was a gym just down the street. She’d go there tomorrow, blow off some steam, let loose. Enjoy beating up an inanimate object. Maybe one day, She’d understand why it’s so satisfying. But for now, She had to sleep. She’d need her energy.


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