Prank With The Playboys

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9. The Result

Don't give up, I won't give up
Don't give up, no no no
I'm free to be the greatest, I'm alive
I'm free to be the greatest here tonight, the greatest
The greatest, the greatest alive

I scrambled to the cafeteria and found out that I missed half of the show. I saw Serena sitting on the corner of the table. I went and sit there.

"Where were you?" She asked me in a whisper.

"Washroom. Did I miss something important?" I asked her by drinking water from the bottle that Serena passed me.

"Thankfully not," She said.

I turned away from her to the screen. I looked at the videos that were shown through the projector. Everyone is really good. But all of them are about showing their expressions.

"And our next video is from Anny Rennes," Everyone started clapping.

Well, Anny also showed her expressions. She had done some visual effects. Her dressing sense is the main attraction of her video.
She had done makeup that shows her wonderful surgeries perfectly. Her eyes and lips were looking much bigger here. Her blonde hairs are also shown. The story was short. But Everyone started clapping. Surely, she's the winner.

"And our last contestant is Mary Nance!! "

Everyone clapped and the video started. I thought it'll be no good. But I was stunned when I watched that video. Serena had made this video different by adding slo-mo, reverse, sounds, and effects. I knew she is good at editing skills. But I didn't know she'll be the best at these skills. I was just messing around in the morning. And she had captured all of this. I looked at her and saw she was also surprised that how nice this video had turned out. And everyone was staring at the video. I saw that Anny was also shocked. She was so shocked I think she needs to go to a hospital out of shock. I smiled and stared at the other people.

I saw Cole. He was looking like he had seen a ghost. He couldn't believe the girl he had dumped because she has no popularity, no fashion sense can be like this. I also saw the playboys looking at me as if they forgot to breathe. Everyone is shocked. They couldn't believe that I am that girl who wears baggy sweatshirts, glasses. The video finally ended. And everyone started clapping. The lights came back.

After some long speech and counting the votes finally that time came when winners are going to be announced.

"Guys! We can see the clear winner here. But we've to go through votes. We did a poll here. And according to the poll votes, the winner is none other than Mary Nance," A girl who is my classmate announced. Anny squealed at the community for not choosing her. The community showed her the votes. And the majority of the votes had gone to me.

Serena was jumping on her tiptoes. She was shaking me like mad, "You won Mars! You won! I knew it! I knew you'll be the winner!"

Anny looked at us with her venomous glare, "It's your luck today but tomorrow it'll be my day." She then looked at the crowd and said, "Those who've voted for her today will pay for this. And it's a threat."

Serena scoffed, "When one became overconfident this happens. And when he loses he can not accept this and started threatening people."

People around us started to talk.
"Who will vote for her? First, she did surgeries then even lied about this."

"She's so insecure and jealous.."

"How she became the Queen bee?"

"Why didn't I see her this side before?"

Anny got so angry. But then she looked around and smiled at me. I don't trust that smile. She then turned around and headed towards Cole, wrapped her arms around his neck, and crashed her lips into his.

Serena cursed, "This bi*ch! How can they be so shameless!"

If I said this didn't hurt. It would be a lie. It hurt like hell. When you love a person truly, no matter what he does you just can't forget him. It hurts you a lot. I wanted to escape from here but someone whispered into my ear, "If you run away today he'll think you're vulnerable and will always hurt you for this weakness. Do you want that?"

I looked upon the person and found it's Zakhar. He gave me a soft smile. I batted my eyelashes, nodded a smile, and controlled my inner emotions. I closed my eyes took a long breath and acted as nothing happened. I calmly asked Siren, "Siren, don't you say you'll go shopping with me?"

"You'll go shopping with me!" Siren cried in happiness.

"Yes, there are all trashes here. It's stinking. My eyes are burning. Let's go tomorrow, " I retorted. Anny and Cole both looked at me with surprise in their eyes. They never thought I won't be affected by this anymore.

"Yes, let's go, " Siren said. I looked at Zakhar with a smile. He smiled back. I looked at him for the last time and headed towards my next class.


I walked home and found out my mother is not at home. I made my way towards the kitchen. To my disappointment Mom is not here. I was going back until a note caught my attention. A sticky note was glued to the fridge where Mom wrote a message for me.

I picked up the mess and found out that Mom had gone to buy vegetables. She'll be back in two hours. She had made pancakes for me. And asked me to eat them. I grinned at the sight of pancakes. My Mom makes the best pancakes in this world.

I hastily devoured the pancakes. Indeed my mothers the best cook here. I moaned in pleasure. I heard a noise in the living area and I know my father is back. Oh No! My backpack is already there but I couldn't go there because Dad would see me and find a
reason to berate me or even worst hit me.

I need to complete my homework assignments otherwise I would receive lower marks and my Dad will beat me.
I tried to not make any sound while going to the living area. As soon as I stepped into the living area, my father was already leaning on the sofa, his eyes are closed. I didn't say anything because he was like this most of the time. He didn't even try to talk to me anymore.

I went over to the table to take back my backpack.

"Mary, " I heard my father called. I turned around to face him, "Yes, Dad?"

"How's your study going?" He asked.

"F- Fine, Dad, " I replied.

"Then why did I heard from your teacher that you got a B in Mathematics?" He asked.

"I.. I, " I didn't know how to answer. He threw my book before the night of the exam. But I couldn't say that.

"ANSWER ME!" he roared. I remained silent. He stepped closer to me and hit me on the face. And it hurt.

"You damned girl! You ruined my whole life. You're such a trouble maker, " he bickered. I stayed silent. This is nothing new to me. But my eyes are full of tears.

My silence angered him the most. He picked up the vase near to him and threw it towards me. It hit my head and broke into pieces. I felt my whole world spinning. Blood was already on my dress. I seemed to hear my mother's shout before closing my eyes are full of darkness.

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