Prank With The Playboys

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10. Jake & Mare

You lay here with me,
you're shutting down
I smell her on you, I'm focused now
I know what's going on
in your head, yeah
I know what's happened here
in our bed, yeah
Your phone is buzzing, so pick it up
I know she calling, so what the fuck
I should've known a cheat
stays a cheater
So here we are....

I woke up on my bed with a massive headache. Why is my head hurting so much? I sat up and immediately laid down due to pain. Just as I was about to go back to sleep my door bursts open and my mother rushed to me with tears, "Sweetie, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Mom. Just suffering from a headache, " I replied. Mom immediately became tensed.

"Mom is so sorry, sweetie. It's all Mom's fault. Mom will never leave you alone again. Please forgive me, " My mom said apologetically.

"Mom, stop! It's not your fault. I shouldn't have gone in front of Dad, " I replied sarcastically.

"Sweetie, don't blame your Dad. It's not his fault. He's just pressured these days, " My mom mumbled. So pressured that he started hitting his own daughter with vases? I scoffed.

"Where's Dad?" I asked finally ignoring the headache.

"He has gone out. He had already brought a doctor and is sorry for behaving like that. Don't blame him, okay?" Mom persuaded.

"Okay, Mom, " I nodded in sarcasm. Dad is sorry, huh! What a joke! No matter what happens my mother will always support my Dad. I thought of letting this matter go. It isn't the first time he hit me.

My mom kissed my head and asserted, "I knew you're a good child, Mary. I am so proud of you."

I smiled back at her and laid down. A lot of memories flashed into my mind. My Dad used to love me a lot. I was the apple of his eyes. Till five my father used to bring me with him every day to his work so that he could see me. He always used to fulfill my every wish, just like a magician. But I don't know what went wrong.

Everything changed when I was twelve. One day Dad came home drunkenly, he never touched alcohol before. But that day he was just so angry. He fought with my mom. Their shouts are so loud that I was scared. A huge thing happened that day. My mind shakes with fear when I remember that day. That was the day when I got my first breakup. My Dad was the one who broke my heart that day. After that day My Dad started to detest me more. Rebuking at me, hitting me. My Mom couldn't even say anything to him. She always felt guilty and stay silent. Ray used to save me from Dad. Now he's not here anymore. Who'll save me now?

My head started to pain again. It was so intense that I thought I would die. I can not stay like this anymore. I need to get out of here to have some fresh breath. I got up with the intense pain, walked through the closest picked up a random hoodie. I got freshen up.

A huge wound is formed on my forehead. The vase was made of wood, so it hurt pretty bad. I did some makeup to conceal the scars. I looked at my perfectly hidden face. I sighed. So much powder, eye shadows. I'm looking like a porcelain doll but broken. I quickly sneaked out of the house. A quick walk will help me freshen my mind.

I started walking through the roads. I love walking. It makes me feel a lot of things. I can forget a lot of things. When I was small I always dreamt of myself as a princess of a huge castle where I'm locked. I really wanna leave and feel things. I'm a little bit strange, right? I know that. I love daydreaming. I feel like I can be anything when I dream like that. I was imagining a scene of the prince and the fight between the monsters for me. And my prince would have won until I bumped into someone.

"What the hell! Do you keep your eyes on your hands? Pay attention to where you are going." I looked up to see who it was. But it was too dark to see anyone.

"Where am I ?" I asked as if I was questioning myself.

"Oh! It's you! Do you have eyes, Mary?" The stranger spoke again.

I can't see his face properly because the streetlights voltage was going upside down. I was going to apologize and when I looked at the person whom I've bumped with and I saw Matt Flynn.

I wanted to say something but first I wanted to be sure where I am. I didn't understand where I came from. It was like a narrow road with a club beside it. And this road was too dark. It reminded me of Knockturn Alley from "Harry Potter". Dark and Dangerous. I hope that this road is not that dangerous.

I've left my house behind. Crap! I was dreaming a lot. Fighting with the monsters etc. But when I came back to reality I found myself in front of this club named After Nights. How dumb I am? Did I forget my address?

"I'm sorry. I didn't see you," I apologized.

"It's a pretty good excuse," He said sarcastically.

"Excuse me! Is this road belongs to you, Flynn? No right. So stay away from me," I barked at him. I was fuming for a long time. He's just adding fuel into it.

"Hey! Don't be so uptight. I was just asking because I know your house is not here. "

"Thanks but no thanks for poking your nose here. I was just walking," I replied.

"At this time, babe?" He said winking at a girl from the bar. I felt my temper rising. It's not like I'm jealous, okay? It's like I was angry because of these playboy's antics.

" Jerk! " I mumbled harshly. "Get out of my way!" I quickly pushed him away and entered the bar.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Matt shouted from behind. I promptly averted him and went to the near pub. I need a drink to clear my mind.

"Miss, what do you like to have?"
"Devilish Bloody Mary or Flaming Margarita will do too," I replied. The waiter shivered after hearing my drink orders. What's so scary about that?

"Miss, sorry. We don't have these drinks. People don't like to drink it much. So we don't make it, " the bartender replied.

"Useless, " I muttered under my breath. "Then give me an 'Orange Double Twist' instead." The waiter looked puzzled by my behavior. But served my drink after some time.

I looked at my surrounding environment. The bar looks like a small cage. There are men and women everywhere drinking and shouting. They are shouting someone's name.

I asked the bartender, "Whose name are they crying out?"

"Oh! It's Jake, " he replied. Seeing the confusion on my face he explained, "He's the best bar singer of our bar. Everyone loves him so much. They came to listen to his singing."

"Oh, " I whispered. I looked at the center stage and saw a masked man.
"Why is he wearing a mask?"

"He doesn't want anyone to know his real identity. That's why," he replied.

"I see. " I didn't argue farther. Jake carried the guitar and walked up to the stage. I felt his eyes landed on me as if there was only me in the audience. He looked pissed off. Did I think it wrong?

Jake turned his attention from the crowd, closed his eyes slightly, lifted his bow, and started playing a tune that I had never heard before. The sound of the guitar echoed throughout the hall. Hearing the sound of the guitar everyone stopped what they're doing and watched the performance. They are all stunned including me also.

Music had a soul.

I could hear the soul wailing in Jake's sorrowful tone. I could feel the pain of being a part of the loved ones in his music. My head hurt. Why did I feel that I've heard this before? Do I know Jake? Why can't I remember? A bearded man suddenly rubbed his eyes. He had been moved by Jake's music.

Jake had his eyes closed the entire time. His masked face was originally filled with sorrow and silence. But suddenly a smile crept on his lips curved into a brilliant smile. The sound of his guitar started to become like a refreshing spring breeze. It was as if a ray of light had burrowed in the darkness, and hope blossomed in his despondent soul.

The sound of the guitar became more and more diligent and lovely. He was completely immersed in his performance and entered a mysterious independent world.

I stared at him. He was a great musician. No wonder people come here to listen to his music. After finishing the last note he stayed still and opened his eyes.

The crowd erupted in applause. "Jake, you're such a genius!" Some whistled at him and gave him a thumbs up.

Some asked, "Is this your own creation? What is it called?"

Jake replied, "I improvised this work when I was younger." Then I felt his eyes were back on me, he said, "I named it 'Mare'"

My head started to pain again. Mare? I heard it before. But where? A blurred image came into my mind. Two little kids are sitting under a mistletoe. The girl is smiling and painting a kite and the boy is singing.
The little guy asked the girl "What should I name my music?"

"I don't know. It's your creation. You'll name it," the girl replied while playing with her little braids.

The guy thought for a long time then said "How about Mare?"

"Mare? What does it mean?" The girl asked innocently.

"Mare means kite. I love how your eyes twinkle when you fly a kite. But I'll name my first music Mare because it is a collaboration of your name," the guy replied shyly.

"You'll name your first music after me?" The girl was stunned. And immediately hugged the boy. "Thank you..

My dream broke here. What the hell is happening? Mare? Who's the little boy? Why I saw such a dream.
"Miss? Miss?" Someone broke me from my thoughts. "What?" I asked feeling irritated.

"You didn't pay the bill."

"Oh, sorry," I immediately brought a bill and threw it to the waiter. Who's this Zake? I glanced towards the stage. He is not here. "Where did he go?"

"Who? Zeke?" I nodded. "He left. He doesn't stay long after his performance," The bartender clarified.

"Oh!" I replied the bartender.

I got out of the bar. My head is hurting again. Why did I see such things? I've never seen a mistletoe. Was it just imagination?

"There you are. I finally found you, " Out of nowhere Matt came and caught my grip. I had escaped from this manchild a while ago. Why now?

"Leave my hands, idiot, " I said.

"Hey, that's rude!" he pouted. Get lost!

"Dude, How long it takes to smoke?"
And a person came out of the bar asking Matt.

I looked at the person. There were twinkles in his eyes. He has messy black hair. But he looks so freaking handsome in it. STOP Brain! It's not right! But my brain ignored me. GREAT! I stared at him. Then I realized he is also staring back at me. It made me blush.

"YOU!!! " He stared at me. Me? What? Well, this person is none other than my chemistry lab partner who had ruined my dress. Zakhar Ainsworth Hunter.

He eyed me and asked Matt suspiciously, "Why're you holding her hands? You brought her here!" Matt shivered. He got so angry. Why is he angry to see me here?

"I wanted enjoyment. So I came here," I snapped.

"I'm not talking to you," he again ignored me.

"But you're talking about me!!!!"
Both of them ignored me. Now that's rude.

"Well, dude. She said she was walking. And she left her house a long ago. I caught her red-handed before. But she avoided me and went to the bar. When I found her I caught her grip so she couldn't escape. I'm the innocent here. I don't know what's going on in her little mind," Matt clarified while looking at the bar girl. Innocent! My a**!

"I'm not little!!!" I argued which both of them ignored again. IDIOTS!

"You shouldn't be here, Mary, " Zakhar dangerously warned.

"Who are you to order me? " I said feeling pissed off. First, both of them ignored me, and now this. How dare he order me like that? Everyone is treating me like some child who can't even take care of herself.

"Zakhar, bro I want to relax. I can't deal with anyone right now. You see, I'm busy, " He threw a flying kiss to the bar girl lazily.

"I can take care of myself, " I stated. Why do they treat me like this? Am I so weak that I can't even take care of myself? I was angry, very angry.
And when I was gonna leave I felt Zakhar's grip on my wrist. I eyed him in a look that shows, 'What?'

"I'll drop you at your home," Zakhar announced.

"I can take care of myself. I'm saying this for the second time. You don't have to worry about me, Hunter?" I told him crossing my arms. I looked for a cab. Then I remembered I had just donated all my money to Zake. Oh! Great! Crushes are bound to drown you.

"I can't leave you here, " He asserted by looking away from me.

"Why?" I questioned him. Who am I to him? Note the sarcasm.

"Because It's not safe here, Mary. Creeps are all over here. And if I leave you here your brother is gonna kill me, " He said but I don't know why I felt like he is lying. His dark eyes say something else.

"How do you know my brother? " I said. Oh! I forgot My brother is very popular. Everyone knows him.

"He is my sports buddy. And what're you doing Matt? " Zakhar questioned Matt by looking at his unusual behavior. He changed the topic. Smooth!

Now I turned my attention to this manchild. Matt was flirting with the bar girl.

"What can I say? I know I'm someone girls dreaming of. And don't be so mean sweetheart," He said winking at the bar girl again.

"You're pathetic, Matt," I cried out.

"Girls love me anyway," he replies for the last time and went back to the bar. This guy is so full of himself! But I like him.

My head hurt again. I knew now I was switching to weak Mary. A pathetic weak one. I need to leave now. I turned to leave from there but someone caught my attention. I thought I had become a statue. Cole. He's here. I felt like I'm trembling. My hands are sweating. And I was panicking. The whole thing is coming back. He is making out with some random girl. And the way he was doing it shamelessly I felt like puking. I don't have that many feelings for him but yes, I was still waiting for him. And he was not affected at all. I thought I can't move. But I found Zakhar's grip on my shoulder.

"Are you okay, Mary?" Zakhar said with concern in his eyes.

I hugged him tightly. He tried to jump off but when I started sobbing he stayed. He was surprised but hugged me back immediately.

"Please drop me at home, Zakhar, " I pleaded. I don't want to show him my tears. I don't want him to see me as weak. I don't want to become weak and pathetic Mary.

He looked at me carefully and then glanced at the bar, "Fine. Let's go. "
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