Prank With The Playboys

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12. Mishaps in a Diner

You know you love me,
I know you care
Just shout whenever and I'll be there
You are my love,
you are my heart
And we will never, ever, ever be apart

So where are we? Oh, yes, I've just done an adventure of riding a bike with the notorious playboy of our high school. And now we're standing in front of a Diner. An old man is sitting beside the trash can. The Diner looked clean and majestic. But the guard isn't friendly. He just shooed the poor man away. You'll pay for this, Mr. Security man! I said to myself.

The security guard clenched his nose by seeing me. "Are you here for a cleaning job? " he asked me.
He is joking, right? Yes, I admit that I'm wearing casual clothes but my clothes cost a lot of money. It doesn't mean I can't come here to eat. Zakhar busted in laughter. I glared at him. Jerk!

"No, we're here to eat, " Zakhar replied. He pointed at me and said, "And she's with me."

The guard yet looked suspicious. He asked, "Do you have an appointment?"

What. The. Hell. Now we need to have an appointment to enter a Diner. Wow! Zakhar wanted to pass something but I winked at him to stop. An idea just crossed my mind. I want to turmoil them. With a mischievous grin, I said, "Well, I do have. "

"You have??" He was shocked, "Tell me your names, please?" Well, it seems he didn't buy it.

I glanced at the list he was holding and said the first two names I saw, "Mr. Amond & Miss Boyce. "

He got disappointed and let us enter. I smiled at the triumph of joy and looked at Zakhar.

"God, you're too cute," He said and with that, he pulled away and walked through the front door.

I blushed again. I smiled to myself at his compliment and walked in after him. The smell of batter emanated from the kitchen, taunting my nose. Horrible music was playing which is infuriating.

"You know this music is giving me a headache, " he mumbled. They've played such a piece of horrible classic music. My ears are buzzing.

"Then go and change it. Who had stopped you? " I replied not looking away from the menu.

"Won't they notice?" He said looking at that grumpy manager.

"Are you scared? Really? From when the nasty troublemaker of our town scared?" I meant laughing at him.

"Shut up! You just wait and watch," He uttered and withered. I chuckled at him. He's so childish. Just like a cute baby. No, a cute hot baby. Hey! Stop! Mind. Stop! Don't do all these. I tried to pay attention to the menu again. I don't know what happened. However, after some period, I heard Justin Bieber's song 'Baby' playing loudly.

Zakhar appeared back happily. The grin on his face proved it has everything to do with him. The special species around us got afflicted. How can they get aggravated?? Justin Bieber's songs are awesome, okay? They don't have good taste in music. I reckoned the superintendent will turn off the song. But the fun part is I don't know what Zakhar did but they can't turn off the music.

"What did you do? " I whispered while giggling.

"Nothing. Just flirt with the waitress. She changed it. And I just put some gum in the speaker and made sure the speaker won't turn off for two or three hours, " he replied casually.

"Seriously? You're never gonna change, will you?" I was astonished.


I can't believe this! This bad boy and his charm. But I'm excavating it satisfying that the employees are having a hard time turning it off. Serves them right for making such rules and treating people like that.

After giving the order which was really out of our zone. They told us such names which we barely even heard. I asked him, "Can I ride your bike? "

"No! I don't let anyone touch my baby, " He strictly refused me.

"This bike is your baby? OMG Zakhy You have feelings?? For a bike?" I poked fun at him and busted in a giggle.

Everyone around us looked pissed off. If you can be murdered by people's glare then we would surely be in the grave right now. It looks like we're eradicating their privilege.

"Stop calling me Zakhy! " He warned in a cold voice.

"I'll. Zakhy. Zakhy. Zakhy. I'll call you Zakhy, " I simulated him.

"Shut up!" he scowled and I started laughing. I was thinking of more ways to poke him out but the waiter came with the order. And believe me, after seeing the food the one thing that you'll always remember that all that glitters is not gold. Their food is average, nothing special.

I ordered lots of dishes. I was eating happily the average food until I tasted the pineapple dish. "Ew! The pineapple dish tastes horrible. How could you eat this? " I asserted in disgust.

"Stop complaining and eat, " he brushed me off. This boy!

I got angry. How dare he? I threw all the pineapples that I separated from the dish towards him. He got indignant for a moment but then started throwing pieces back at me. But unfortunately couldn't whack one.

I commenced lunging and galloping behind the pillars from him. But he started to stride behind me. We're trotting in the entire restaurant. This made the customers and workers disturbed. I was singing Justin's 'Baby' loudly.

Everything is going alright according to my plan until this bad boy threw some chocolate ice cream on my face. And I banged into a waiter and guess what? His giant cake crashed on Zakhar. Serves him right. Well truth to be told, Actually I pushed him. Revenge is revenge.

I started laughing at him.

"Can I tell you something? " he whispered after standing.

"Yes, sure, Mr. Cake man," I nagged him.

"I forgot my wallet in the bar. So now I'm penniless," he confessed.

"What? " I looked around us. The whole restaurant was ruined. Pineapple, ice creams, and smashed cakes were everywhere actually on everybody. And the looks on their face was bloodshot.

Before they could say or do anything I grabbed Zakhar's arm and said to him, "DOESN'T MATTER! RUN NOW! "

We started running through the door and just going to celebrate our escape until the waiter and guards caught us.


They kicked us out of the restaurant. Maybe they forgot about bills. Before they could remember we rushed towards the bike and left from there. Not before I threw my flying kiss towards them.

"That's insane. You're unbelievable," Zakhar commented.

"Then who told you to get in a restaurant without money, Zakhy?" I whispered in his ears.

"Who said I didn't have money?"

"You have?" Now that's surprising.

"I lost my wallet, not my phone, " he answered back. That makes sense. It's the online era.

"Then you made me work for no reason, " I pouted in unhappiness.

"It's fun watching you do all of that. And because I know why you did that I had more fun, " he replied.

"What're you talking about?" I asked.

"When we're entering the diner, we saw an old man sitting beside there, " he started. Oh no! He knew it. He continued, "He was hungry and because he didn't want to beg, so you didn't give money to insult him. Moreover, you don't want to make trouble for me so you deliberately said wrong identities. You ordered so many foods and took some bites from them because you knew the people of there will throw away the foods which break their food custom style. And so that man could have those foods. So you did all of this facade. Am I right?"

Now that's what I'll call extravaganza. He saw all of my acts. I'm touched.
I gleamed at him, "You should apply for the position of the next Sherlock Holmes, you know?"

He flickered, "I'm a very good observer. And by the way.." He glanced at me. I don't trust that look, "You ruined my clothes.."

"That's what we call karma. Karma for doing pranks on me, " I confided.

"Karma! My a**! I want compensation."

"For what?" I tried to play cool. The last time he made a boy being a slave for him for a month just because he stumped at him. It was his compensation. Will, he made me his slave too?

"For ruining my clothes. For making me pay for all the mess you created there, " he replied.

"You paid?" He'll not lemme go. Argh!

"Aren't you too gullible? The diner had pay first policy. Why do you think they let us go easily? Because I paid, " he replied. Of course, I know that. I was just trying to drive his attention.

"Shouldn't you apply for the position of MLA too? How to take advantage of people, right?" I mumbled in sarcasm.

He ignored my sarcasm and said, "I enjoyed the brownies last time you made."

Did that mean he would let me off the hook for making him pay? Babbling random nonsense might distract him enough that he would forget punishing me.

"Ah, those were nothing. If I had more time and ingredients I could have made marshmallow brownies. Have you ever had those? You melt a bunch of mini marshmallows on the top the last few minutes the brownies bake and then put chocolate frosting over top the marshmallow layer. My grandma used to make them and they were fantastic."

"Which one?"

"Huh?" I asked. I didn't think it would actually work.

"Was it your maternal or paternal grandmother?"

"She was my dad's mom. She passed away from Alzheimer's when I was in middle school but before she couldn't remember us and had to live in a nursing home she baked all the time."

Zakhar digested this information. "I want to try them later."

This derailed me, "You what?"

"Maybe next month since I just had some," he mused. "It can be part of your compensation."

He let me off so easily. Wow! I smiled.

"I've never met a dumb like you before," he whispered looking at my giggle.

"And didn't anyone tell you that you're a jerk, Zakhy," I mimicked him. And we both started laughing.

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