Prank With The Playboys

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13. The Library

All alone as you look through
the door
Nothing left to see
If it hurts and you can't take no more
Lay it all on me
If you're hurting, if you're hurting
You can Lay it all on me
Lay it all on me
(You can Lay it all on me)

"Thank you. I never thought hanging with you would be so fun, Zakhy," I confided Zakhar honestly.

"You're welcome. And stop calling me that name, " He professed to try to hide his smile.

"See you tomorrow," I said beaming at him.

"See you ---" Before he could complete his sentence I hugged him again and kissed his cheeks. I don't know why I did that. But I felt like doing it maybe I want to thank him. I felt him blushing.

"Did the golden boy of our school is blushing right now? " I said teasing him.

"Shut up! And be prepared for your compensation," He announced turning his back to me.

Oh! He's blushing. That's so cute!

"Bye, " I mumbled to him. He's still caressing his cheeks as if something hot is in his cheeks.

I came back to my room and peeped from my window. He was gone. And the pain in my forehead was also gone. I smiled again. So much happened in some days. School drama, then competition, Dad's bickering, then Cole after that the ride with Zakhy, the diner. The day was full of adventures. I was too tired. I took a shower put a dress on and crawled towards the bed. I dozed off with a smile on my face.


"YOU WENT OUT WITH ZAKHAR??" Serena blurted and that made everyone's direction towards us. I just told my best friend about last night's adventure. And she freaked out.

"Serena, shush! Everyone is looking." I told her at glancing at the looks on people's faces.

"LET THEM LOOK! YOU ALMOST DID A ADVENTURE. I'M SO JEALOUS! " She announced more loudly. Forget it! She's a gossip queen.

"Crap! " I meant to myself. Why my best friend is like this. Loud!

"We don't have any homework today, right?" I asked her. I didn't have time to do homework. I was really tired last night.

"We do have homework of history. But don't change the topic, " She said to me.

"Oh! No! I'm dead. I need to go, " I grabbed my stuff and notified her.

"Where are you going?" She asked me.

"Library, " I said trotting.

"But you've to tell me everything," She yelled from behind.

I was going to reply to her but I crashed with none other than Matt.

"Are you okay?" He said rubbing his forehead.

"Yes, I am. Are you okay? " I told him by gathering my things.

"This type of thing doesn't hurt me, Nance," he said boosting his ego. Loser!

I raised my eyebrows at him, "I was just trying to be nice."

"You look cute," he commented looking at me.

I was wearing a floral mesh Autumn dress with cropped trousers and on top of that I was wearing a maroon blend cashmere collar coat. My natural wavy black hair are giving a glaze, which looked beautiful. I had light makeup on my face to hide my scar. I don't usually do makeup. But to hide my scar I had to.

"Thanks, " I said.

"Where're you rushing?" He raised a question to me casually.

"Library. Before you ask why I'm telling you I've not completed my homework because of your pal's stupid adventure and now I'm going to do that," I barked at him.

His eyes become narrow and he said with a grinned smile, "We both know who is adventurous among all of us."

"Whatever! I'm late," I told him because I know he's right. Seeing him grabbing my things I asked, "What're you doing?"

"Dropping you to the Library. Otherwise, you'll tell me that I'm a cold-hearted person," he explained.

"I didn't know that you're such a gentleman, " I let out raising my eyebrows to him.

"Maybe I'm a gentleman," he said. I scoffed at that.

We walked through the corridor. Everyone is looking at me with admiration. As if I care. I saw Anny looking at us as if she'll eat me alive. And besides her is Cole. What's he doing here today? He is pissed off by seeing us together. I laughed in a mocking tone. Men will be always pigs. They can't tolerate the fact the girl they dumped can be happy with another person.

"See you later," Matt said gazing at a cheerleader. I thought he was a pretty cool nice boy and now he has become a player again. These players and their antics are impossible. They'll never change. I sighed and walked away from there.


I completed my homework quietly. I skipped my first class which doesn't matter to me. Ms. Jold is quite forgetful so she won't remember me. But my history teacher would burn me alive if I don't do my homework. I stretched my hands and went to keep the books on the shelf. And then I saw Cole. He smiled at me which I returned with a cold glare.

My mind struggled to make sense of the situation, but seeing Cole standing in front of me, was like seeing the whole cheating incident again. And what is he doing here? He always told me that he hated the library. Why he had come here?

"Fancy meeting you here," I said when I recovered, putting on another act even though I was still trying to figure out what he could be doing here after all the times he claimed he hated libraries.

"Hey! " he said as if he was trying to figure out what he should say.

I was about to answer, but then I saw his eyes stray from mine and settle on something behind me. I looked over my shoulder and when I saw Zakhar looking impassively at Cole, I understood why his eyes had suddenly hardened. Cole Adams hated Zakhar Ainsworth. It's not because he is handsome, the real reason is he hated him because he is more popular than him. Though he never told me the real reason, everyone guessed that. I never understood why popularity means so much to playboys. But he never admitted that.

Zakhar stepped closer to me and, as though he didn't need to think twice about it, placed an arm around my waist.

Without looking away from Cole, he said, "Come on, Nance. Let's go."

I saw Cole's eyes fixed to where Zakhar was touching me. His eyes were cold there a second longer than necessary and for some reason, it felt as though his eyes had glued me into place, and the look on his face was anger, hatred, and more than hurt.

And it was exactly this that suddenly made the gears in my head spin. I took one step back, pressing myself against Zakhar, and I let his warmth envelop me.

"Yeah," I said, reveling at the way Zakhar stiffened, "I was just saying hi."

Zakhar and I turned away before Cole could react. I continued to walk until we reached the hall. I looked up at Zakhar, trying to read the expression on his face, but it was blank.

"You didn't have to do that," I told him.

"Do what?"

"You know what," I replied. "I could have handled that myself," I said turning my gaze away from him.

"Well I didn't want you to break down like yesterday," he said snapping at me.

He noticed. I forgot about yesterday when We did so much fun together. And now when I remembered everything I felt angry. I am angry at myself. Why I'm like this?

"What're you doing in the library? " I asked him angrily.

"I was worried about you. So I came to check you, " He admitted slowly.

"You don't have to worry about me, Ainsworth. Stay away from my matters, " I snapped him. Before he could reply I left from there.

I rushed towards the history classroom without hearing any reply. I don't want him around me. I just have to be complete the tasks that Hannah had given me. And being around him is making me feel things that I had felt two years ago. He's drifting me away from my mission.

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