Prank With The Playboys

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14. He’s not good for me

I wanna hold you when
I'm not supposed to
When I'm lying close to someone else
You're stuck in my head and
I can't get you out of it
If I could do it all again
I know I'd go back to you

It's Wednesday. I didn't have breakfast today. My parents had gone out for their work. I am indeed happy about it. Breakfast was always a pain to me. It was suffocating. I walked towards Cafeteria and took a seat in the corner.

I quickly ate my Beef Shawarma which I had made in a hurry in the morning. After breakfast, I walked towards the classroom. I was still over ten steps away from the classroom door when I saw some heads popping out of the windows to look around.

Having seen me, those heads seemed surprised and popped back in. There was a commotion coming from the class. Then, a sudden strange silence.

I stood three steps away from the classroom door and just as I was about to continue walking, I suddenly stopped and my eyes glanced at the door frame over my head.

As I paused, there was total silence in the classroom, as if they were all anticipating a grand entrance.

I was so unlucky the day before to land myself in big trouble with Anny and her crew. If these people didn't pull a prank on me, I'd be surprised. But I wasn't nervous at all; I just continued to stand by the door.

After some time, sure enough, some unrestrained heads peeked out to check and then, quickly and carefully went back in. Shortly after, the school bell rang, indicating the start of lessons.

The man behind me said in a shock, "Damn! You gave me a scare! Oh, it's you... Ms. Nance..."

Mr. Hemmings was holding a math book in his hand, with another hand clutching his chest. He stared at me face alarmed, looking like he had a bad scare, "It's almost time for class, why're you still standing at the door?"

"I was thinking about my life for a bit. After you, teacher," I politely took a step back.

Mr. Hemmings appreciated my good attitude, "Hm, feeling remorseful now for scoring 0 in math?" He spoke while pushing the classroom door open. Who cares about Math?

The next second, a loud "crash" resounded as a large bucket of water splashed down right on his face. He was immediately soaked through like a drowned rat.

Mr. Hemmings was stunned for a second and then blew up, "I... Damn! I just styled my hair this morning! Which brat did this?! I want a confession, NOW!"

A sigh of disappointment came from the classroom first, then many of them started panicking.

Damn! Why was the math teacher the one who pushed the door open? We're screwed!

Everyone in class knew that you could offend the form teacher but you should never offend this teacher who seemed cheery and easygoing, otherwise, you'd be tortured to death!

Mr. Hemmings wiped the water off his face, "Nobody's confessing? Once I find out myself, then you'll be in very deep trouble!"

After a very long time, finally, three girls and a boy stood up cowering. I scoffed. It's Anny's crew. Those sidekicks will do anything to save their leader.

"Follow me to the office, the four of you!"

When they passed me, Anny glared at her for a few seconds with a veiled bitterness. I blinked my eyes and looked around innocently.

After Mr. Hemmings dragged those troublemakers away, I walked straight to the seat next to Lake under all the hateful stares from the girls and sat down.

Since they had rehearsal after class, Lake was wearing a British uniform with bright white bottoms and edges lined in gold. The restrictive neckline was fastened up to the first button, quite in line with his character as a prince in the play.

He also had that superior temperament and lofty arrogance he was born with. But it was no wonder, after all, since he was the only grandchild in the Hance family and was severely doted on. Nobody could ignore him.

Of course, this didn't include me. The moment he saw me, the boy's dazzling face turned green.

I didn't have time to bother with him and quickly took the chance to send some texts to Serena while the teacher wasn't around. Who cares about losers?

Lake tried to glance at my phone while I was typing.

Darling! Look today I've to sit with a total idiot. People call him good-looking! To me, he and his friends look like a shitty version of One Direction!

Hahaha. Very funny, darling!

And his face turned black. He looked like he was ready to fight but Mr. Hemmings came back. Suits him right.


I checked my phone for the tenth time in the last five minutes. School ended half an hour ago, my parents should've been here by now to pick me up.

I should have gone with Serena. But I thought of spending some family time.. Why Mom has not come? I started to panic. What would happen to me if they died? I wouldn't have any parents, I'd probably be put into foster care and have to move to another town! My phone buzzing with a text brought me out of my panicked thoughts.

From: Mom Hey sweetie, I have to work late and Dad is also busy so we won't be able to pick you up. Sorry! We'll be home at 9.

I sighed in relief as I read the text. They're not dead. Everything is okay. Sometimes I panic a lot. You guys are thinking about why Dad is behaving so normally with me. My Dad doesn't always abuse me. Sometimes he becomes a real Dad. I wish Dad would become like this all the time.

Anyways, how am I going to get home now? I looked around to see if anyone I even slightly knew could give me a ride but the parking lot was pretty much empty. Damn! None is here.

Great, I guess I'm walking home. Unfortunately for me, the home was an hour's walk away. I looked up at the sky as I walked down the sidewalk, the clouds were grey and heavy. I hope I get home before it rains.

I started to walk then I saw Zakhar with his bike. A wide smile had come on my face when I thought about riding his bike. But my face instantly becomes dark when I thought about the library's incident. It's been three days since I'm avoiding him.

I avoided him and started walking. I don't want to argue with him. I feel really nice around him. He is not good for my plan especially for me.

"Hey Nance, want a ride?" Was his greeting.

"Are you stalking me? I thought I was about to get kidnapped!!" I fumed, ignoring his question.

He gave me a bewildered look and I heard laughter. Oh great, I just embarrassed myself in front of him again!

"I'm sorry, now do you want a ride or what?" He apologized, running a hand through his hair in exasperation while the other held the bike.

"No thanks." I declined, quickening my pace again. If I walk any faster I'd be jogging, but right now I just don't care.

Zakhar quickly matched the speed of his bike to my pace. "C'mon Nance, just let me give you a ride. It's about to rain."

I shook my head and ignored him. I don't want a ride, especially with him.

"Damnit Nance, I'll pull off the bike and put you in it myself." Zakhar threatened, and I just rolled my eyes in response.

"So you're going to kidnap me! Why are you pestering me?"

"Because I want good marks on the exam," He said nervously.

Lies. I can say he's lying. His eyes say that.

"What?" I tuned Zakhar out as he continued to pester me, "Did you forget we've assignment?"

Hell! No. I forgot. And if I want good marks I'll surely need his help. So I decided to take up his offer. I stopped dead in my tracks, causing Zakhar to slam on his breaks.

"Fine, you can give me a ride," I told him.

He said with a big smile on his face, "Sure."

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Sorry! For the short chapter! 😔 Hope you all enjoyed it.
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