Prank With The Playboys

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1. The Trash

You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us
Another start
You fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight
Wanna see us
Where are you now?

It was a nice, sunny peaceful day. And in the City in the Nance house a huge sound of alarm was ringing. I shouted to the sound of my alarm, "Get lost!"

"Wake up sweetie!" My mother's sweet voice echoed into my room shortly after.

I angrily released a groan as I turned off my alram. Moments later I dragged myself out of my bed and made my way to the washroom.

I looked myself at the mirror. I forgot to wipe out kohl from my eyes last night. So now I had big dark circles under my eyes. My face looks tired. Why shouldn't it be? Last night I had done something worth this tiring. I remembered the incident and a smirk left my face. How much I loved dealing with that trash last night.

Encounter of Last Night:

""I was having a quite night lay on my bed with my eyes wide open. It's been a couple of hours but my heart is still beating normally fast.

What the hell!

No, not again! I can't do it again. Hannah would get so angry on me. I had already experienced so many emotional storm waves and panic because of this. It can't be go on! I must be stopped. But I can't control myself!

I felt like Mary was like a frightened deer or a teenage girl without any love expirience. I hated herself for that. Being so weak and vulnerable.

No, no, no I cannot sit still and allow this to happen! It's like I've to be the other identity again.

At this time, the chime of "despair" is heard. The clock has hit twelve o' clock.

I quickly hopped up and began to rummage through my drawer.

After looking for a while, I put on a silver sequined camisole, tight leather pants and five inch heels. I then put on so much smoky makeup that my own mother wouldn't recognize me.

People know that at midnight Cinderella put on a gorgeous dress and drove her pumpkin carriage to the palace to see the prince. I on the other hand, does my makeup on the middle of the night, and heads to nightclubs to escape from herself.

Hahahaha. So funny!

I went to the balcony, in the direction of the study and sure enough, my father is still in there with a desk lamp lit. My mother is already asleep and my brother, he had slept a long time ago. Still I rechecked if all of them were asleep or not. Sure enough they're.

I hated myself for lying to everyone. But what can I do? It's not like I can control it. Should I stop?

No, no, no! It has to be like this. I have to break the superstitions of Mary. I can't be Mary anymore. I quickly got out of house and quickly hired a cab. It's time to become Mariya!

Third Persons POV:

The Bar:

Mary was enjoying the rare indulgence of sitting by herself at the bar, ordering a bottle of apple juice and pouring it at your own discretion.

She was holding her glass staring disinterestedly at the dance floor, full of people dancing morbidly.

Nightclubs and bars are no longer fresh and new to her. The frequent displays that she sees are no longer funny to her.

She couldn't consume alcohol because her mother had restricted them from drinking. She just couldn't broke their trust. Even if she's Mariya now.

After finishing the first bottle of apple juice, she ordered a second bottle. It didn't made her relax but even more upset.

At this time, a man carrying a glass of wine in his hand came over her, "Miss, need a man?"

The man looks like he is more than 30 years old, is dressed, looks and acts like elite.

In the time it took her to drink her bottle of apple juice which seemed wine to others, there have been a lot of men who noticed her at the bar. But she has the look of a veteran, most of the people didn't dare take a shoot on her.

Mary glanced down at his left finger. Although he was not wearing his wedding ring, but there was clearly a circle of lighter skin. It was clear that he took it off for the night to pick up girls.

"Oh yes," She obligingly replied, leaning back lazily.

The man's face flashed up with a ray of light, "Can I sit down?"

"Of course," she smiled gently at him and he took the obvious hint.

The man's happiness couldn't be concealed as he simply started to bring his pick up lines, "Are you in a bad mood?"

Mary sighed, "Yes, I fell out of love."

"You are such a great beauty. How could you have romantic troubles? Which man is so stupid to break up with you?" He replied, with a surprise expression in his face.

"It's me who dumped him," she replied calmly.

"Ahem... it must mean you're angry now!"

"Yes, I came to a nightclub to look for a date, just to play around, but after he found out he made a big fuss out of it, isn't it aggravating?"

"Uh......" the man was chocked speechless.

Why does he find these lines so familiar? It sounds like the complaints he made to his friends just now about his wife making a fuss all day long...

However, he was mesmerised by the behaviour of the woman in front of his eyes. So he didn't realise that he has been tricked by her.

After three rounds of drinking, they walked out of the bar together.

"Where shall we go? Voyge or Marlton?" The man asked impatiently.

"Why should we go to a hotel? We can be here also," Mary pulled the man into an alley at the side.

The man excitedly panted, then pressed her to the wall, "Yes, you're right...... doing it here is more simulating...."

As they're talking they didn't notice that in an area five steps away a car without a license plate was quietly parked there.

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