Prank With The Playboys

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2. Protector of Love

I'm gonna break your little heart
Watch you take the fall
Laughing all the way to the hospital
'Cause there's nothing surgery can do
When I break your little heart in two
I'm gonna break your little heart in two..

The situation inside the car was as cold as ice. The person sitting on the driving seat, no matter how calm he is, currently a thick layer of frost has formed him. And the person beside him was already regretting coming here until his intestines turned green.

Watching the man's pig hands touching Mary's waist the person asked him, "Are you really not going to make any move?"

His voice was as cold as iron, "Let's wait."

The person was so anxious that he could not stay still, "Look at them! What're you waiting for? If you don't make any move soon something bad will happen!"

"Shut up!" He roared.

Right when the person shut his eyes as he didn't dare to look anymore, a piercing cry was heard.

"Eh! The sound was not right..." he immediately opened his eyes, then saw the pig man clutching on his lifeblood, his screams were miserable than those disgusting pigs when getting slaughtered. Pigs are disgusting and vomiting. Ew 🤢

Immediately after Mary kicked him again, the man fell hard onto the ground face down. And when he was about to get up he was stopped on by Mary on his back, his chin on the ground and fresh blood was dripping from the corner of his lips.

The person sitting on the car felt pain just looking at the scene. He could not bear to witness it anymore, "She's so brutal."

Mary's series of movement was perfect, as soon as the flowing water, it was like she did this kind of things frequently.

At the end she maintained the posture of her foot stepping on the man's back, an elbow on her knee, while her fairy like previous place already become that of a hooligan, full of confidence and arrogance, "Hand me your phone!"

The scumbag was beaten until he felt dizzy and disoriented, and without any strength to fight back, he only could ask for mercy, "My phone is on my pocket, my wallet is there too, there's also a ring in my bag. I'll give them all to you! Please spare me, heroine!"

He never imagined that picking up girls will result in robbery! And this robber is a big beauty. Also with that fighting skill and the scary killing aura, one look and you can tell she's a professional, ah!

Mary didn't care that this scumbag misunderstood, she took out his phone, then handed it to him, "Give me your hand, help big boss unlock it."

"Un- unlock? What do you want to do?" The scumbag warily asked.

Mary slapped him when she heard his slightest disagreement, "Stop your nonsense and just unlock it! Do you believe that I'll disable that three inch plaything below?"

"I'll unlock it! I'll immediately unlock it!" The scumbag got scared and his face turned white, and he quickly helped her unlock the phone.

Mary looked through his number and found his wife's number, then dialled a video call.

Soon the phone got connected.

Inside the phone, the face of a woman appeared, she could tell the woman has a good upbringing, but probably because longtime of housework and the lack of her knowledge to maintain her health, she looked haggard and swallow. It is the image of a wife who is detested by her scumbag husband.

"Who.... who are you?" The woman's face changed colour when she saw Mary's dazzling face, then tiredly said, "I don't care who you're, he can be with whoever he likes to be with, I'm already preparing to divorce him. And I don't want a penny, so in future he has nothing to do with me! Don't look for me anymore!"

Mary had a look of regret that she didn't meet her expectation and shook her head, "How can you spare him so easily? This sister, you're really kind."

The woman didn't expect that she didn't play by the rules, and couldn't be helped but stumped, her face vigilant, "What.... what do you mean?"

Mary curved her lips, and switched the phone's camera towards the scumbag that has been beaten black and blue by her until his face become swollen, "See?"

After having a clear look of the man inside the phone, the woman was completely stunned, " two......this is?"

Mary chuckled, "How is it? Do you feel good?"

After a long time, the woman snapped out of it, even though she did not understand what is happening, but seeing the man who was beaten, she subconsciously replied, "Yes!"

After speaking, there was a trace of bitterness in her face. Once upon a time, when he had a small cut, she would be very worried and tense, but seeing his pathetic state today, she only felt joy......

"Oh, that's good! The reason I made this call was for no other reason. I thought that rather than enjoying this alone, I should share the joy, so I called for you to see, that way everyone can enjoy it!" Mary said in a lazy and casual tone.

The woman still had a dumbfounded look, as she did not know how to respond to this strange situation.

As for the scumbag below Mary's foot, that pig-head face is currently very twisted. He could have never imagined that this woman not only humiliated him physically, but mentally as well, allowing his wife, who had always adored him, to see this dull and embarrassed side of him.

This woman is not seeking for money nor fortune, so why is she making him suffer?

What extremely bad luck he has! To encounter such a weirdo!

However, what he did not know was that, there is worse to come...

Mary suddenly remembered something, slapped her own forehead, then reminded the woman: "Ah right, I'll send you the recording of the conversation he had with his dog buddies when I head back, to prove that he had an affair! Why the hell should he not give a penny after divorce? Is your skull broken? Take whatever should be taken and not a penny less! Are you listening?"

"Y- yes ma'am!" The woman was dumbfounded by Mary's aura, and subconsciously replied.

Mary nodded with satisfaction, then earnestly said, "Yes, it should be like this, once you have money, whatever type of man you want, there will be, even if there are no sincere ones, at least you are able to raise a few obedient and handsome toy boys! And if they defy you, you can replace them anytime! How good is that?"

Everyone was stunned hearing her words including the persons in the car.

Over the phone, the woman was full of doubts, so she could not help but asked: "Thank you! But, who......who are you? Why are you helping me? Do I know you?"

Mary look at the camera, and smiled, "You're welcome, I'm Mariya. You can just call me Mariya!"

After hanging up the call, she kicked away the scumbag, and swaggered off......

The person sitting on the car, his jaw dropped, "Bro, there are something that shouldn't be said, but I could not help it...... She is way too handsome ah ah ah ah! I am almost in......" love with her!

The person on the driving seat didn't have the energy pay attention to the excited person. He tiredly pinched the space between his eyebrows. He had an expression of a person who had just survived a disaster.

The person, with a face full of admiration, looked at him, "Bro is still the wisest, if you did not hold back, we could not have seen such a wonderful scene!"

After speaking, he had an expression full of thoughts, excitedly said, "Speaking of which, I suddenly remembered something. All of the people Mary dated back then, even though I only have the list of some people, but all those people are scumbags, and are all dumped by Mary eventually."

Say, when Mary dated all those scumbags, was it the same situation as today? Bait then punish them, carrying out heaven's, protecting love and justice?"

"Should we follow her?" The person asked seeing her riding on a cab.

"No. Let's go," the person replied watching her car go.

After taking care of the scumbag, Mary was humming All Time Low's 'Break your little heart' while taking a ride on the car, feeling refreshed and she was in a good spirit.

Indeed, abusing scumbags is the most effective way to reduce stress!""

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