Prank With The Playboys

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4. The Prank

There's no point trying to hide it
No point trying to evade it
I know I got a problem
Problem with misbehaving.

So from the last encounter of us you all know that I've been living dual personalities. Mary and Mariya. And its making me lose my mind. Mariya is strong and deal with everything clearly. Where Mary is weak in the case of love. Mary forgives and Mariya make people kneel down to her.

Okay. All of you are getting excited to know about Mary's love life. So I'm telling you about it. My name is Mary Nance. I'm the girl who is really simple and want to lead a simple life as possible. I really didn't want to fell in love untill I met Cole Adams. Cole Adams, one of the most popular bad boys whom I loved. But all he did is play with me. He went on a date with me just because of a dare. And when I refused to give him what he wanted he cheated me with none other than my best friend Anny Rennes. Life is pretty unbelievable right!

But I don't hate them. Hate is really a strong word. And I don't hate anyone. But yes I'm hurt by them. I don't blame Anny for breaking my trust. If it's not Anny he would have done it with some other girl. But he chose Anny only to take my last support away from me. To break me so hard so that I can't have the courage to glue the pieces. My heart is broken. It's broken too much that I can't even find the pieces. And being in the centre of everyone's attention for so long I hated high school. So I became Mariya and deal strangers to forget my pain.

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Ray asked.

"What should I say?" I asked.

"You're becoming so absent minded now days."

"It's nothing. I just got tired," I replied truthfully. I had to deal with that trash and sneak back to my room at night. And now I had to listen a huge lecture from my psychiatrist. So, Yes I was tired.

"Did that old woman made you do so much work that you got tired so easily? When is that oldie gonna leave you alone?"

I laughed, "First of all, she's only 35, it's not that old. Secondly she's the one who's helping me by letting me do all the works so that it could help me in future. Thirdly she's going to go on a vacation with her husband so yes, she's gonna leave me alone." I said in a breath.

"Okay, cool down little Sis. Don't be so hyped. That woman's gonna do blow job with her husband in Hawaii. Why do we care?"

"Ew. Seriously, Ray? Blow job. Pay attention to your language, young man," I laughed.

"Don't speak like Mom, Mary. Anyway Serena's house is near. So I'm gonna drop you there. And I'll be late. You're sure you can go home alone?"

"Of course, I can. I'm 17."

"Okay then see you later. Say hi to Serena. Bye"

"Bye. "

Serena Elomes is my best friend. We don't know how we formed this relationship. Maybe it's because we both are are Asian. But from my freshman year she is with me.

Freshman Year!!! It made me remember the incident on my freshman year. How we became friends. On my freshman year I was really scared of meeting new people. I don't have any friends except Anny. She was my childhood friend. Actually my only friend. And I had a chemistry class that time. But Anny was in another class. I was in the chemistry lab & my partner was none other than the idiot Zakhar Ainsworth Hunter, the famous player of our school . He literally did a blast on chemistry lab which ruined my new dress. Instead of an apology he ran away from there. I was angry. But I didn't say anything to him. After explaining the situation to our chemistry teacher for an hour I need to eat something. And probably a new dress.

When I was walking through the hall then that incident happened. The playboys of our school Matt Flynn , Zakhar Hunter & Lake Hance had made a prank with me. They literally dropped their drinks on me purposely. And I was looking like a girl with drinks all over my body and noodles all over my hair. They didn't even bother to say sorry instead they laughed. Everyone was laughing at me but only Serena came to help me. From that day she became my best friend. Anny didn't like her at all. Actually she hated me also. I don't know why she disliked us so much. But I loved Serena. She helped me so much. My true friend. If she was not with me then I would have become lonely.

But because of this pranks I've got Cole in my life. So I've to now unknott the knott in my heart as Hannah said.


"What did you do with your last boyfriend, Mary???"

"Serena, stop screaming. And it's ex boyfriend," I just said Serena about my last night's encounter. And she has become too excited for it.

"Yeah yeah. Is it number seventeen or nineteen? I forgot."

"It's number eighteen."

"Sorry, sorry I forgot.Oh my god, Mary. Why didn't you take me with you?.......... It would be too fun to see you do it."

"You know about the encounter with Hannah, right?"

"Yes," she said guiltily.

"And Serena Elomes who told you to tell her about last night's incident?" I screamed on her.

"Woah, woah, Mars. Calm down. I did it for your own good. Otherwise how would you recover," she replied.

"I know. But you know it's hard for me, right?"

"I know. But I believe in you. Anyways what's the solution now? I heard Hannah is going to Hawaii with her husband and probably do some blow jobs there," she said.

"Pay attention to your language, young lady. You and Ray both said the same things to me," I said. She blushed. I scoffed.

"Hannah told me that maybe if I started pranking the playboys it'll drivert my mind and I'll become only Mary."

"The famous playboys?? Oh, Mars! Yes, that's what we need. Sparks in your life. "

I smiled. She continued, "Mariya is so cool. I'll miss her if you overcome this disease. But who cares? It'll not change my best friend. Let's bring up some plans for pranks. What do you say?"

Serena started talking non stop. If she starts talking once she can't stop. That's the thing that irritated people but once you knew her you can't stop to like her. It's the best quality of her.

I knew I'm living dual personalities which is really tough to do that. My psychiatrist told me that to overcome it I must divert my attention to something else. I got in a relationship with Cole from when the pranks started. Maybe if I prank them back I'll overcome it.. It's hard for me to live dual personalities.

And I know I can't do that all time. But when you've Serena with you , she'll make you feel like you can conquer the Everest. That's why I call her Siren. She is just like Siren. Make people realise about their power. And that's what she is doing. Helping me. And I know that she is also doing this to overcome her breakup. She is also heartbroken like me. That story is worthy to tell. But another time.

When I was Thinking about our friendship, I was also thinking about the bad boys. The bloody prank. Which gave me Serena & Cole. That Cole Adams who had broke me. And it's all their fault. I'm gonna make them regret so much that they'll curse themselves why they did that prank on me. They don't even think about me. They had talked to me only during my freshman year. Oh! No, I'm wrong. They didn't talk with me they pranked with me. Which really makes me angry. But I had left everything on Karma. Their karma will punish them. But now maybe it's time for punishing them for their pranks. Maybe then I can overcome my this disease. They're the bad boys. Boys hated them and girls loved them. I was thinking a lot of things. Until I heard Serena's voice.

"Are you listening to me, Mars? ( Serena like to call me Mars because she thinks I'm like Mars. Very Rare and beautiful in mind. )

"Yes, Siren. I'm. Tell me. "

"Okay, you'll need to prank them so we'll need a plan. First of all we need to dress you up. Let's go to the parlor."

"No way. "

"Shut up. Don't you want to overcome your dual personalities?"

"Fine. But..."

"No buts. Let's go. Leave everything to this expert. We probably have to shopping. "

"As you say, Ms. Professional Expert," I bowed to her. You really can't say no to Serena. She is like a female dog. And she pouted like a little kid which made me say yes to her. Plus I wanted some distraction. So We went out like girls night.

And It's High time to hold Mariya for a long time.

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