Prank With The Playboys

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5. The School

It's my own design
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
Of freedom and of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever
Everybody wants to rule the world

"No, Mary. Stay still. Otherwise your eyeliner will be smudged," Serena said irritatingly while applying a simple stroke of eyeliner on my eyes.

"You know, we're going to a real high school not going on a Netflix high school that you're applying makeup on me. It's totally irritating," I said.

"Come on, Mars. Everyone do makeup on high school an-" "Except me," I stopped her in middle.

She gave me 'Ah, you know' look and continued, "Yes, except you. But- wait a minute. Lemme complete," she said while seeing me trying to protest, "Today you're gonna make an exception."

I groaned and she said, "Oh! Come on! Baby, don't be so rude. You'll look stunning. And who knows maybe you can get a new boyfriend."

I rolled my eyes at the comment and she ignored me, "It's gonna happen soon no matter what you say. Mark my words. Now let's focus. Just a few coat of mascara and you'll be totally ready."

It's the opening of school after summer. It's the day I hated and feared most. Why? First of all, though I had my breakup and Cole had also he transferred to an another school at least one year ago still people look at me with sympathy. The girl who got played and dumped by famous playboy Cole Adams. They still can't forget it and don't let me forget it. Yeah, I know high school can be dramatic.

Secondly, my psychiatrist, you all know. What I've to do if I wanna overcome my disease. And truth to be told I just wanna do something new to convert my mind to something else.

And last but not least, last night my brother provoked me saying that I can never be a heartbreaker to prove Cole I was better without him or be friends with any boy except my ex, which I'm gonna prove wrong to him. I made a deal with him about that. If I completed this deal he would stop being a heartbreaker and try to continue his relationship with his would be next one. For God's sake I don't know who the hell she is! And trust me, I don't wanna know. He keeps changing his girlfriends like to change his clothes everyday but to save all the girls he will continue to break I thought of signing this with him. It would kill him to spend his life with only one girl. It's revenge, baby.

And now when I made a deal with my brother, Serena wants me to be ready. When I texted her about it last night, she just got over excited. And I don't understand why she got so excited.

She literally brought some dresses which are really cute. For the past hour she has been busy for doing my makeup & styling my hair. She thinks it's too important to do that. If I want revenge.

"Finally you're ready. Now you can open your eyes," She said happily and break me from my thoughts.

When I opened my eyes I stared at the girl on the mirror. She looks nothing like me. Yes, it's a big fat lie, I know. I just wanted to be dramatic like the other Wattpad books.

What I meant was I look good and different from my usual self. Serena did a hairstyle on me. Some flower clips are on my hair which she bought yesterday. She had put some contact lense on my eyes and I am looking different. I stared at my eyeglasses. I don't know why I didn't wear contact lenses before. It really made me feel confident. She really did a natural makeover on me. And it looks like perfect. I really don't like to put makeup. Maybe because I like me without makeup. Or maybe I'm too lazy to get ready. But I am looking good. I was wearing a pink floral dress. It has a belt and looking extremely cute. This dress really suits me.

"You look fabulous, Mars. Everyone will die while looking you. If you had done that before then now you would have boys all over your feet," Serena said proudly.

"That was over broad. But thank you, Siren. For your good for nothing compliment."

"Shut up! And now Smile," She took a camera and said.

"What're you doing?"

"I'm shooting porn," she sarcastically replied.

"Hahaaha. Not funny," I said trying to control my laughter.

"Then what else you thought. It's obvious I'm taking a picture of you, idiot. Now say cheese."

"No, I'll say Butter," I smirked.

"Okay, say butter," she sighed

"No, cheese," I said trying my best to poke her.

"You're impossible. I don't get it how I became friends with you," she sighed.

"Believe me, I also think that too," I smiled. And she clicked my photo.

"You look amazing."

"Thanks," I thanked her.

"Let's make some Tiktok videos and Instagram stories," Serena proposed. I agreed otherwise she would eat my head. She loves photography, making videos, editing them much more.

"Now, done?" I asked her growing impatient.

"Yes. Let's go now. Or we'll be late." She said.

"Thank God! I thought you would take a whole year. Let's go," I said and she rolled her eyes at the comments.

After saying goodbye to our parents we headed towards our car. My brother was already there. It was his last day in school. I mean meeting everyone. He is leaving for Yale tomorrow.

When he saw me he was shocked for a couple of minutes and then said, "Is that really you, Mary? Because I don't recognise it's you. You look different."

"I'll take this as a compliment. Thank you," I said beaming at him.

"What did you do to her, Serena?" He asked Serena. And the look on her face is surprised.

"A M-makeover," she replied nervously. Why is she so Nervous?

"Be ready to lose Ray," I said turning my attention from my best friend to my brother.

"In your dreams," He said in a hush tone. As we all started our way for school.


We pulled up to our high school school Serena persuaded Ray to take a U turn and spin the car just like films. I mean come on this is not a Netflix film or Wattpad Story.

"No film is going here, Siren," I said looking at her disbelievingly.

"No, Mary. You'll not understand. It was my dream to see this scene in real life. You've to flip your hair like this ( she mimicked hair flip ) and then walk like a model. This will turn everyone's attention to you," She said looking at me cheerfully.

"I'm not doing this," I clearly refused without looking at her.

"I'll give you my 'Six of Crows' Series if you do that."

"Deal," I replied. Who can say no to Leigh Bradugo?

"I hate you. If I didn't give it to you I would have already threw it away. So I got the deal," she said jokingly.

"Will you girls stop shouting?" Before I could protest Ray shouted looking a little bit of irritated that we're not paying attention to him. Such a attention sucker.

"Shut up," Serena and I said together laughingly.

Students were standing in the front intrance of the school. It seemed like the school has cliques. The nerds, the jocks, the popular kids. It was like a movie.

And then my brother spinned the car just like movies which caught everyone's attention. And then I step out of my car with matching pink heels and flipped my hair as Serena told. Everyone turned their attention on me. I hated Attention. They are looking at me as if I belong to a different planet. I was a little bit of scared but confident. I looked at my brother.

"You're sure you can do this? Tell me now. Don't worry I won't tease you. We'll pretend to forget about it," Ray said sarcastically. This made me more confident.

"No, you get ready to lose. Because I'm gonna win," I said in a look that said I'm gonna win.

"Well, fine. See you later sissy. Have fun," He bade me while kissing my cheeks.

"See you later," I said kissing back his cheeks. And I looked at Serena who was as red as tomato.

"Ready?" Serena asked after clearing her throat.

"Yes, ready," I said.

"I've something to do. See you at locker area," she said.

"Okay, come soon," I decided to not to ask her what that's about. If she wanted to tell me she would do it without me asking. I held the strap of my bag and walked towards the front intrance of the school. I couldn't help but smile at how cliche all this looked.

When I started walking through the hall everyone was looking at me. For a long time I remained invisible here. Yes, I was my popular brother's sister. But I was quite and didn't drew attention to me. And now when everyone is looking at me the first thing that came on my mind is it's a bad idea. I was thinking to leave, I found myself walking straight to another person. My body lightly tapped against his arm.

"Sorry," I said as I flashed a soft smile. Without looking up to the person I got hit.

That's when I noticed everyone in the hallway suddenly got quite. As I looked around me, I saw people whispering glancing at my way. What happened?

"Uhmm.. Uhmm," a deep voice echoed as I felt a sudden push on my shoulder from the person I ran into. I honestly forgot I ran into someone in the first place. A look of confusion plastered all over my face as I finally look at him. Matt Flynn. And beside him was Lake Hance. Another popular jock. And Zakhar Ainsworth Hunter, another heartthrob of this highschool.

"Whoah, Hey! New girl. Didn't see you much around here," Matt said.

Is he crazy? I'm not the new girl. And I'm in his most of the classes.

"You've mistaken," I said. "I'm not the new girl here," I said angrily.

"She's not new here, bro. She's Ray Nance's sister," Lake replied to Matt.

"Ray Nance has a sister!!!" He said in a disbelief voice. What's so shocking about it? "From when?"

"By birth, idiot," Lake answered him. I wanted to give him a thumbs up for his humor.

"But I've not seen her in any party," Matt said looking at me.

"I don't like party," I said in a sad tone. How can I like party when party are responsible for taking away my boyfriend and best friend. But I wanted to change the topic.

"And if you guys have forgotten that I'm the girl with whom you've pranked on your freshman year," I moved their attention from that topic.

"Oh! You're the poor thing that Zakhar was joking around with, huh? "He said laughing at me and Zakhar.

This time I looked at Zakhar. He looked at me with a blank expression. He had messy black hair, light blue eyes, clear beautiful skin as if it was glistening under the sun. He was wearing a black v neck, a shiny bracelet with a bomber jacket. His deep black eyes are so intense it reminds me of black roses. And he was smelling like rose. He is looking so handsome with messed hair. I can't stop staring him. I reprimanded my mind. Hey! Stop! You can't find him handsome. He's a Playboy.

"You look different," Zakhar finally said to me.

"You meant to say I look beautiful. Thanks," I said to Zakhar and blushed a little.

"Huh, I've seen better," He said looking at some cheerleader which made my temper rise. A few moments ago I was feeling something and now it's gone.

Everyone started mumbling, giggling especially those two beside him brusted into laughter. "Pay attention to where you're going. Otherwise next time don't blame me for being rude," Zakhar commented for the last time as he looked at me.

"Get out of my way! I've classes," I
totally pushed his hand and made my way to the locker area. I looked back for the last though I know I shouldn't and found out the boys smirking at me. Great, Mary! What a nice day you started.


Serena was already in the locker area. She was the first one to break silence, "Oh my god, Mary. What was that? The popular boys of our school talked to you. They talked to you."

"How do you know about it?" I asked being surprised.

"The whole school know about it," she replied.

"So fast?" I was surprised. It's been a couple of minutes and news travelled faster than air.

"It's high school, we're talking about, Mars," Siren commented.

"I don't care. Which class we've now? "I asked her.

"English maybe," she replied.

"We're fifteen minutes late. Mr. Croke will kill us. RUN!! " I said and we both started running to our class.

We softly opened the door and entered hoping we won't gather too much attention, or happen to distrupt Mr. Croke during his lecture. Instead, all eyes were on us immidiately.

"Can we come in, Sir?" We both said politely hoping he would not get angry.

"Miss Nance and Ms Elomes you both should remember that I'll not gonna tolerate this kind of behaviour in my class," He said in a cold voice.

"We're sorry, Sir. This won't happen again," We both said together.

"Detention, you two. Now Take your seats," he ordered.

We both cursed him in our mind and our way towards our seats. As I sat down the sudden sound startled me. Everyone started laughing.. My face got red out of shame. The Great Zakhar Ainsworth did something with my chair.

"If you had a bad stomach, you shouldn't have come to school today, Nance," he said in a serious tone.

The whole class started to laugh at his newly prank. I was burned with shame and most of all is anger. I started at him for an explaination. He looked at me with a careless smirk biting the end of his pen. Screw you, Mr. Badboy for still looking so handsome.

"Enough, everyone! Shut up!" Mr. Croke mumbled under his breath. He then looked at me with pity, "Ms. Nance, are you okay?"

I was ashamed again, "Yes, sir. I don't have stomachache. It's just a rat who's disturbing here." I glanced at Zakhar again and mumbled swiftly, "But you don't have to worry Sir. That rat will pay for what it did."

"Rat? I don't understand what you're saying. But now we've an important discussion going on here. So sit down," he said.

Calmly I turned around to face my seat and sat down. I'll have my retaliation soon. So be happy now, Mr. Badboy.

After a ten minute of silence I asked him,"How did you manage to come so fast?" He was with us a few minute ago. How did he came to class so fast?

"I've my own ways," he said to me dusting something from his jacket.

"Mr. Hunter and Miss Nance, will you two like to continue this conversation outside of my class? It's disturbing," Mr. Croke said in a hush tone. ThanksSeriously? When this idiot kicked my chair he pretended to ignore it. And now when I was asking something, it disturbed him. This man can never stop surprising me.

"Sorry, sir," we both apologized.

"First you both were late and now interrupting my class," he hissed angrily.

Ow! He is also late like us. He is just boasting his ego. Such a loser.

"Sorry, sir," we both said like robots.

"To start off the semester, we're going to have a project!" Mr. Croke had an excited expression on his face whereas the entire class moaned.

"It's a group project. You will be working in pairs." He picked up a stack of papers and started to pass it down the rows. When it got to me, I took one and held it over my shoulder to pass it to Zakhar.

Mr. Croke began explaining the instructions. "As I said earlier, you will be working in pairs. As a pair, you will be creating a short story."

"This is gonna be easy," someone whispered a little too loudly.

"Don't speak so soon," Mr. Croke chuckled. God, I hate that smile. Nothing good happens when he smiles. "Not only will you be the writers of your short story, you will also be the actors and actresses as well. You can choose to either act it out in live or have it pre-recorded. The genre for the story will be picked by me."

The class moaned again. She ignored it and continued,"This will be due a week from today which is plenty of time. Any questions?" No one said anything. "Okay good. I'll start pairing you guys up then." She took out a clipboard with the seating chart and started to pair people up. "Joana and Arthur. Serena and Minnie. Anny and Clinton...."

I waited nervously for my name to be called. "Mary and ..." I silently prayed it for not to be him and ended up jinxing it. "-Zakhar," she finished.

"OH NO!" I said a little too loud. I looked at Zakhar he was looking at me with a devious smile.

"Do you have any problem Miss Nance?" Mr. Croke said.

"Sir please let me swap my partners with Serena. Please, Sir," I pleaded when I know he wouldn't.

"Nothing can be done Miss Nance. Mr. Hunter is now your partner. You've to work with him until you want a detention of a month," He said in a devil voice. How can I forget he is a devil teacher.

"Sorry, sir," I would rather tolerate Mr. Playboy instead of detention with Mr. Croke for a month.

"This is gonna be fun," Zakhar said.

"Don't be so happy, Mr," I said to him.

"We'll see," He said. I sighed.

After what I felt like years the School bell had rung. Mr. Croke had made us pairs. And he chose our genre of our story is romance. Now I had to do Romance with this Badboy. We got our Story. This class was filled with awkward tension. Zakhar poked me during the whole class. I hardly stopped myself to not to kick his ass. Thank god! This class ended. Otherwise I would've died . Zakhar packed his things and made his way towards door. If it was possible I was not trying to see this guy again; even though I knew that was impossible.

"Hey, you've to come to my house in Thursday," I said to Zakhar stopping him. Thursday is the only day my father isn't at home, so it'll be better to do the assignment there.

He looked at me with his beautiful eyes and said with a naughty smile, " Why? "

"For assignment. You idiot. Until you wanna pass on English. Don't think yourself so special," I said to him. He was really irritating.

"But I am special Nance," said he and smiled before leaving from the class.

"Dumbass!" I cursed.

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