Prank With The Playboys

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6. The Competition

Not your barbie girl,
I'm livin' in my own world
I ain't plastic,
call me classic

The rest of my classes before lunch came across fine. As lunch time approached I found my way towards the cafeteria. People were standing in line with trays in an assembly line.

If you look at this scene you'll think it looks like a prison. The lunch ladies are mean, they looked like they hated their lives.

I followed everyone else and followed the assembly line of serving food. In the end, I had my food. I cringed as I looked at my tray of food. There was repeated food here. We had these same foods yesterday.

"It really sucks, isn't it?" Serena asked in horror as she looked at her tray of food.

"Did they got angry, today? Otherwise why'll they feed us such prisoner food?" I asked in disgust.

"Maybe they got dumped by their boyfriend. It looks disgusting," Serena replied.

"I agree with it. You've a point. But still they don't have the right to feed us this trashes," I said.

"Let's sit down first," Serena said. I peered across the cafeteria. There was only one empty table, in the corner I shrugged. We went and sat on the empty table. I laid my tray of horror down as I pulled out my lunchbox of cupcakes.

I grabbed one and asked Serena, "Want some? There's only a few here."

Serena looked at me as a lifesaver and quickly snatched the box, "Of course! Who says no to foods!"

After eating one she moaned in pleasure, "Oh! Thank God! You saved my life today, Mars. Otherwise I thought I would have to say goodbye my life today after eating these food."

I chuckled at her action, "Stop bring so dramatic."

"Who's being dramatic here? Just taste them once.. ummm..Oh! They're so delicious. Did you made them last night?"

"You're right. I just tried to do some experiment. So I made only a few. Did you like it?" I asked.

"Like it? I love it! They're so good... Yum," She exclaimed. And started her flattering about the cakes again as if it saved her from drowning.

Such a drama queen. While she was talking non stop I quickly took out a note book from my bag, grabbed a pen from the pockets and wrote success on top of the page of the recipe that I made last night. I tried to do some more fixing here. Like last night Ray said it needs more chocolates. And many more suggestions that Serena also suggested me.

Cooking has been a big part of my life It has always put me in ease. It used to help me to calm anxiety until that breakup thing happened.

"Hi, Can I sit here?" a voice asked me.

I looked up towards a voice and it was a skinny blonde haired boy. I smiled at him and shook my head as he greeted Serena and took a seat across me. "What're you doing?" He asked me as he nibbled down his 'prisoner' food and quickly making a face afterwards.

We laughed at his reaction and I glance back my notebook, "Well it's nothing, just some paperworks"

He chuckled as he picked up the chicken from his tray.

"Are you sure you wanna eat that," Serena and I exclaimed as we looked at the horrible chicken wings.

He took a second glance at the chicken wings and quickly dropped it back on his tray. He groaned.

I smiled at his reaction. Serena looked at me while giving a look 'I told you he was funny'. She's right. He's funny.

"Anyways, can I get your number?" He asked me as he put both of his elbows on the table, full attention drawing on me. Serena glanced me in a look that said 'So fast'. I shrugged at her.

"Yes, sure," I said with a fake smile on my face. The boy became happy. He quickly took my number and left from there.

Before leaving he asked us, "Will you both like to hang out with me now?"

"No, thanks we're fine here," Siren refused and I nodded.

"Yes, maybe next time," I furrowed my eyebrows as I laid my pencil back down on my notebook.

"Okay, then. Next time," he shrugged. And made his way to his friend's table giggling loudly.

Serena hummed and leaned back to her chair, crossing her arms. "Woah, Mars. You've become today's new attention," she said smilingly.

"This is the sixth time someone has asked my number," I shrugged as I glanced down our uneaten cafeteria food. Except the fruits everything else is trash here.

"And you gave all of them your number?" she quickly took a bite from her fruits. This girl had already finished all my cupcakes but still is hungry. I sighed again.

"No, I rejected all of them. He was the exception," I said pointing towards the guy whom I've given my number. He winked at me and I winked at him. And then he put a hand in his chest trying to show he has become hurt by my actions but then he fell from the chair. We started laughing.

"Why cause you felt he's funny," she said. I looked at her with a 'Well, you know me' look. She looked at me sarcastically. A sudden sound of dropping cutleries startled me.

I looked up towards the way and found it was Lake who dropped his spoons. He was sitting with his group in the popular table with other two golden boys. I found Zakhar's gaze on me. He looked pissed off and was looking at me with his infamous glare. In reply of his look I threw him a flying kiss and he dropped his drink on his shirt. He said something like, Shit!; And We started laughing here. Serves him right.

Mary : 01 , the boys : 00

"That's what attitude we should have towards boys," Serena began again as I turned my attention to her.

"Well I think somebody here is jealous," She said in a small whisper.

Before I could ask her what's she talking about someone behind me spoke, "Well, well, well girls look who we have here. Isn't it Mary Nance? Look how pathetically she wants to become like us? Well sorry Nance but you need more hard work to become like us which you never can do."

I glanced at the sudden voice and found out it was none other than Anny Renns. My ex best friend. What does she want now?

"Mary Nance I know you're jealous. Just because you gained the new attention doesn't mean you'll rule the school. I'm the queen bee here and I'll always be. And I'm naturally beautiful," She said in a fake tone.

Narcissist. Yes, in every High School Drama we all have that one dramatic queen bee who thinks she rules everything. And in my story she's the one as well as my ex best friend. I refused myself to give any attention to her as I glanced back to my fruits. But Serena beat me into here.

"Well, everyone can see who is jealous here," Serena laughed in a sarcastic way putting pressure on the 'jealous' word.

"What do you mean Elomes?" Anny said growing angry.

"At least she didn't need surgeries to look beautiful. What're you wearing blondie? " Serena said jokingly while revealing Anny's little secret.

Everyone looked at Anny. There were rumours about it. But she always said she was a real beauty. And you guys are wondering how we found out about it? Well she didn't tell us about the surgeries. We found out by eavesdropping . Her parents were angry at her for doing the surgeries. But we never said her that we knew that.

"How did you know?" She asked in a whisper.

"Well everyone can see the differences between real and fake. So take your negativity with you and get the hell out of here," Serena said loudly.

Again everyone was shocked. Serena is a girl who is really shy. She doesn't speak much. She never raised her voice to someone in her whole life. But today she is barking at her. I patted her with a look that says 'It's okay'. She looked at me with a look that says 'That idiotic girl should know who she is'. Anny looked at us with a bloodshot glare that her truth about surgeries got exposed.

But she faked her voice and said to us, "Well, sweetheart I know you're jealous that you can't beat me in looks." She flipped her hair. This girl and her Drama! Impossible!

"Well, she can beat a despicable person like you in anything," Serena challanged her loudly.

"Well then let's do a looks challenge Instagram story competition. Let's submit videos right now and will do a pole vote. And tomorrow same time in this place we'll announce the winner," She said with a evil smirk.

"What? Right Now!" I exclaimed. She knew I don't do Instagram stories or videos. First I found them annoying to do and second I'm just too lazy to do that. And what she said now was just to make sure I don't have time to shoot any videos. That's why she did that. That's what you understand if you know a person from childhood.

"Why? Got afraid, baby?" Her minions Afra and An said copying same tone.

"You're the one who'll be afraid. And yes, count her in," Serena said before I could reply.

They were surprised, "She has videos?"

"Yes, she has. I'm submitting her one now," Serena authorized while as she snatched my phone from me, saving some videos from WhatsApp and publishing a story on Instagram. Then she looked at Anny in a challanged look.

Anny was startled for a few seconds then said, "Well, I'm also submitting my one now. As we don't follow each other and our account is private so none of us can see each other's videos. Tomorrow we'll see who's the winner."

I tried to speak but Serena stopped me. Why isn't none letting me speak? I'm also here, hello! I looked at Siren and she gave me a determined look in response. I sighed.

They left from there before saying, "Get ready to lose, Nance."

"In your dreams" I replied sarcastically. I can't withdraw my name and disappoint my best friend.

"Don't worry! You'll win. And that bitch will lose soon!" She said breathlessly.

"Calm down, Siren," I gave her water bottle. Her face was completely red out of anger.

"Thanks," Serena said after drinking water. I patted her.

"By the way, Siren, which video you submitted there. As far as I remember I didn't shoot any," I asked to clear my confusion.

"Well you did. I posted the video which we've shooted in the morning. I just put some music and add some effects on it there."

"That video?? Oh No, Siren. It'll look funny."

"No it won't. Why not that one? I'm telling you you're gonna win. And that bitch will realise with whom she had messed with," she replied firmly.

"But when you edited that?"

"In pre calculus class. You know it's boring in his class, hahaha."

"Okay. But are you sure this is gonna work?" I asked her.

"Of course. I'm sure. I'll never let you lose infront of that bitch," Serena said confidentially.

"Okay then," I smiled.

We both picked up our tray and tossed our untouched food into the trash bins. Other than fruits we can't eat anything from here. We talked a lot more about things. The bell rung shortly after as me and Serena parted ways.

"See you later, Mars," she said as she waved goodbye. I waved back at her and nodded the 'same' before heading to my next class, Math.

I smiled to myself as I entered the class. Mathematics. No, you're thinking wrong. Math is not my all-time favorite subjects. But it's okay than Physics.

Because The Math teacher is the only one who doesn't care what students are doing in his class. So, this is the perfect timing to do what you wanna do in the class. That's why it's my favorite class. Most of the students were already sleeping in the class. But I took out my notebook and started writing down recipes that I'll try to make today. I was wholeheartedly writing until a huge sound shocked me and before I knew the blank ink that was used for markers beside me dropped on my notebook and my dear notebook were ruined with black color. What the hell!

I looked at the way of sound. Everyone was rushing there as the teacher is not in the class. I groaned angrily and followed the crowd to see the culprit who made me ruin my painting.

A little later, I figured out all the students are making their way to the hallway was to watch a fight. I quickly went there and looked through the persons carefully.

The person on the top was constantly throwing punches at the boy who was helplessly straded in the bottom. The blood gushing from their faces were gruesome. I suddenly caught a glimpse of the person's face. The guy on the bottom was the one who I gave my number in cafeteria today.

And the guy on the top...

The guy on the top was Zakhar!


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