Prank With The Playboys

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7. Incompréhension & Détention

I just want you to remember
How it was, how it is,
how it could be
You could put me here,
you could push me
Or we can go for a ride,
in the sky

My eyes widen at the shock of Zakhar beating the hell out of someone like that. I had never seen him so much angry before. Though this scenario was common in S.T heaven, Zakhar and his other companions causing trouble around the school and beating people for literally no reason I personally never witnessed it before. He had no mercy for the other student and kept punching him.

Everyone is watching this fight and not doing anything. Why isn't anyone stopping him? I quickly took a step forward them and Lake and Matt stopped me. "Don't!" They warned.

"Leave me! He'll kill him," I said while twisting my arms out of their grasp. I ran towards Zakhar and pulled him out of the fight.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked and going back to punch him again.

"You're going to kill him! Stop it!" I cried as I push him off again. I looked at the boy whose full face was bruised and blood was flowing from his mouth. "What did he do?"

"He shouldn't have said all these things," he muttered coldly while looking at me then glanced back to the boy and went to hit him again.

"STOP BEING A MONSTER ZAKHAR!" I roared as I pushed him to the ground. He looked at me disbelievingly. Then smirked,
"Don't tell me, nerd, you got a thing for him."

"I don't care what you think about me. But how can you beat around innocent people here? Don't you have regret?" I yelled.

Zakhar sarcastically said, "Innocent? He? What a joke! Surely you're as gullible as you're before, Nance," he laughed. Then looked towards the boy with a cold piercing look, "I'll never regret punching this scum." The boy shivered with fear.

Lake and Matt quickly hold him and Lake said, "Zakhar! NO! The principal will be here soon. Let it go!"

Zakhar threatened dangerously, "You got lucky boy. Otherwise, today would be your last day here." Zakhar glanced at me for one last time then went away with Lake.

I got confused. What did the boy do? Everyone is going back to their work as if nothing happened. Their source of entertainment has ended. Why would they stay here now? That's how High School works. Matt was the only one who stayed. The look in his eyes was hurt. As if it's done by me. I quickly shrugged off the feeling and walked towards the injured boy.

"Are you okay?" I asked. The boy looked at me with fear and quickly backed off.

"Please leave me. I'm sorry. I'll never do that again. I'll never say those things about you again. Forgive me, please," he snapped and ran away.

I got confused. What's he talking about? What did he say about me that Zakhar got so angry? I was so immersed in my thoughts that I didn't notice Matt looking at me now. A sudden voice brought me back from my thoughts.

"He's doing this for you, you know. That boy whom you're calling innocent was saying around that you're a Cl*nt and how it was for him to bed you as he got your number," said he.


"When Zakhar found out about it he got so angry that's why he fought with him. But still, he's the innocent one in your eyes. And Zakhar is the monster. Do you even know how many girl's life that so-called 'innocent' person has ruined?" He shouted at me. I remained silent.

"He had made all these girls drug addict, forced them to ruin their selves. And now he transferred from there to here just to find new victims!" He screamed at top of his lungs. I was flabbergasted after hearing the truth. Zakhar was doing all that for me!

"Without knowing anything how can you accuse him of being a monster? He's also a human! He also has a heart!" Matt snapped. "Surely, you're no different from her and like everyone else," he said and immediately covered his mouth. "Forget that I said something." And quickly left from there.

I was the only one in the yard now. Matt's sudden confession about the fight made me stunned on the spot. What did he meant by I'm like her? About whom he's talking about? I am so confused.


I am feeling so guilty about the incident that I called Zakhar a monster and even blamed him for something which he didn't do. I wanted to say sorry to him but he ignored me. So Serena and I cracked his locker, put my homemade cakes with a sorry emoji and letter there. Serena threw a huge tantrum about why I didn't give her the cakes before. I couldn't say her that I hid the cake because I wanted some more reviews about it. But thank God! I did. Otherwise, what would I give to Zakhar? It took me half an hour to explain everything to her.

Now I was in the detention room with Serena waiting for Mr. Croke. The school has ended twenty-five minutes ago. And we're here in the detention room. Zakhar is still not here.

Mr. Croke had already given us the task of writing an explanation about 'Why did I get detention? How do I intend to change my behavior?' before the school hour has ended. Which was surprising. Because he never gave us writing lines. He always gave us tasks like clearing the storeroom, doing deliveries for him, arranging his locker, etc. But today such an easy task! That's surprising!

I and Serena are the Masters here. We wrote up all the nonsensical ideas we could come up with. The chart was becoming huge and huge. We're becoming proud of our explanation.

At this moment Zakhar entered the classroom. Our eyes met and we both looked away. I wanted to ask him if he liked the cake or not but I didn't. He'll think it erroneous.

I glanced through the corner of my eye and found out Zakhar was sitting idle as if nothing happened. This is the only detention class that he must complete. Otherwise, Mr. Croke can be pretty nasty. If a troublemaker like Zakhar who doesn't care about anything had to come here, then you can guess how nasty teacher Mr. Croke is!

Zakhar was waiting. I finally let go of my pride and looked asked him with astonishment, "Why aren't you writing anything?"

"Why should I? Only nerds like you have to do that. I just have to wait for 5 more minutes then I'll be out from here," he replied casually. At least he's talking to me.

"Won't he found out that you didn't write anything? I'm telling you Zakhar that person is really tough. If it's someone else I would have believed that. But Mr. Crime is dangerous, Hunter," Serena said warily.

"Mr. Croke had to go to a party with his wife, which he forgot about in the morning. That's why he's given us this task, " said Zakhar.

"What?" Serena and I exclaimed.

"You meant to say for the past half an hour I'm doing a freaking task which that old man is not gonna check!" Serena cried in despair.

"Stop being so dramatic, Siren!" I divulged. I furrowed my eyebrows at Zakhar, "Then why did you come here if you know Mr. Croke is not coming?"

"To give you back your box, " he replied keeping the box on the bench.

I looked at him in wanting to know how he liked that cake. He understood my question and replied, "Don't ask me how your sorry cake was. Cause I don't know. I didn't open the box."

"Then why it's empty, Hunter?" Serena implored.

"Lake and Matt ate it. And don't ever open my locker and put things there. As for your sorry, I don't care what you think about me. And I didn't punch that boy for you. I hated him that's why I beat him. It's nothing to do with you, " he illustrated in a breath. He then turned to leave.

I snickered at his behavior and called him behind, "Hunter!"

"What?" he turned to me.

"You've chocolate stain on the corner of your mouth. Do remember to wipe that, " I chortle and Serena broke in laughter.

Zakhar cursed and wiped his mouth. He turned to leave. God! He's so childish! Serena and I again broke into giggles.

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