Prank With The Playboys

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8. The Past Between Us

Say something,
I'm giving up on you
I'll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere, I would've followed you
Say something,
I'm giving up on you

"I'm gonna miss you, little sister," Ray whispered as he hugged me. He's leaving for New York today.

"I'll not miss you at all, big brother, " I asserted while whimpering. "Now I can do anything and Mom will love me only, " I said between sobs.

Ray gleamed softly and said, "Then why are you crying?"

"Oh! These are the tears of happiness, " I said while wailing. He again hugged me with tears in his eyes. He has never stayed away from me from the day I was born. My brother always protected me, took care of me more than my parents. Forthwith, he's going to Yale. So I'm not just used without him.

My dad yelled at me, "Why're you doing this kind of drama here? Don't you know your brother has gone there only because of you! And this is how I taught you! To make dramas around!" He then glanced at Mom yelling, "See! How you taught your daughter. She always creates trouble around." Mom stayed silent.

"Dad! Stop it! Why do you blame everything on Mary? What did she do to you?" Ray screeched at Dad.

Dad wanted to argue but Mom held him signaling 'Don't. Let Ray leave in peace. It's his big day.' My dad stayed silent.

Subsequently, I again hugged Ray, "I'll miss you so much, Ray! Take care of yourself!"

"I'll Mary. Take care, of my sister, mom, " he said and Mom nodded. He looked at me for one last time before getting into the car.

My parents smiled at him. My mom is already crying and complaining that her son has grown up. My dad is already feeling sad about the departure of his son. So I quickly sneaked back to my room, picked up my backpack, and ran away from home. I couldn't stay in front of my Dad at all. He'll lash out all his sadness at me. Because of me, Ray went to New York. And now he's not here to save me from Dad's bickering anymore. I quickly left for school.


Serena gawked at me in the library, "Mars! Finally, I found you. Why did you leave me today?"

"Sorry! I explained to you already in the messages that I had something to do. I took the bus, " I explained.

Serena nodded as she saw that I don't wanna talk about it. She changed the topic, "Are you excited about today's result? I'm telling you, you'll be the winner."

"Hmmm. Good," I said not looking away from the book I was reading.

"Really? Mars. That's what you gonna say. You didn't even watch that video that I made!" She complained looking at me disbelievingly.

"Well, that's because it doesn't matter. If you've edited that it would be much much better. Because you've awesome editing skills," I mumbled to her. I know she likes to hear praises. That's what made her happy.

Serena smiled at me and told, " You know how to flatter me."

"Because I'm your best friend for God's sake. Of course, I know you! " I let out tapping her cheeks.

"We'll get the results today. I'm excited. By the way, I'm telling you if you won you've to go shopping with me. And I'm not hearing a no," she declared.

"How can you be so sure that I'll be the winner? Anny can also be the winner. She is really beautiful and has awesome looks," I told her.

"Because you're naturally beautiful from both intellect and looks. Not like her, Fake. And most importantly, you're a better person than her, " Serena said confidentially.

"You know how to open me up, Siren. That's why I call you Siren," I said pulling her cheeks.

"Aw! Mars! It hurts. But you'll go with me shopping, won't you?" She said eyeing me.

"Okay, Siren. But please don't spend an hour on an outfit that you won't buy," I shrugged. She always spends unnecessary time on things that she won't buy. And that's why I don't like to go shopping with her.

"That's window shopping, dumbhead... " She confided me.

"Whatever. But please don't do that," I begged her.

"I can't promise but I'll try not to do that," She informed me.

"Thank you," I let out to her.

And we started to talk about other kinds of stuff like my brother. How's he gonna leave there, what'll he do, etc. But the librarian came and kicked her out of here for making noises. She angrily hissed at the librarian, bade me bye, and went to the hall. And told me to arrive there after reading.

I've pointed some important topics for the assignment because I know there'll be a chance that stupid Zakhar will not do anything.

After finishing it I was going to put down the book back on the rack. I was coming back but I bumped into someone. I looked up to curse that person my whole body froze. It's...

It's Cole Adams!

"Are you okay?" He asked me.

I couldn't say anything. It was a shock to see him. I recalled everything again.

Two years ago :

"Siren! This is a bad idea I don't wanna go to that stupid party," I puffed.

"Mars! Live a little. And Cole will be also there. Don't you wanna persuade him to not be angry with you anymore?"

"Yes, I do. But he's the reason I don't wanna go. Last time when I met him we fought a lot. He is angry with me that I didn't give him what he wanted nor I ever will. "

"Mars, listen to me. You love him, don't you?"

"I do. But---"

"Stop. First, listen to me. You love him and he loves you. Maybe this party is an option for your problems. Just make him understand your situation and he'll understand."

"Let's try. "

"That's like my girl. Let's enter now. We'll give Anny and Cole a surprise. They'll become Happy to see us. "

"I hope so. "

We entered the party. There was loud music. People are romping everywhere. They're liquoring up and leaping like a kangaroo. That's what high school parties do.

I looked away from the scene and went to search for Anny and Cole. But we didn't see them.

"Where did they go?" Serena asked irritatingly.

"I'm also wondering. WHAT if they didn't come to the party?" I gasped.

"No, they had. Julia told me she had seen them, " Serena protested.

"Okay. Let's ask someone." "Hey! Seth!" I asked a random classmate with whom I had math class. "Have you seen Anny and Cole?"

"Maybe they've gone upstairs. Search in the master bedroom. It's next to the corridor," Seth answered.

"Thanks, Seth. Let's go, Mars," Serena stated. I nodded.

We were stepping near to the bedroom and started to hear weird sounds and moans.

"Siren, are we sure that this is the room?"

"Yeah. This is where Seth told. Let's open the door. "

"But don't you hearing weird noises?"

She twirled and softly said, "Let's check."

When Siren and I opened the door we wished we never had opened it. I saw my best friend and boyfriend on the bed naked having s**. I felt like someone had punched me on my face. Everything became slow for me. I couldn't hear anything.

"YOU FU**ING BAS*ARD!! HOW DARE YOU CHEAT HER???" Serena's voice made me awaken. Tears are flooding from my eyes.

"Cole!! How could you? With my best friend???"

Cole was just stunned to see us. He stood up zipping his pants. He looked guilty for ten seconds. I swear I would have forgiven him if he didn't say the next words.

"Before you say something you should know that it's your fault. " He blamed like it's normal.

"What??? You're my boyfriend. How can you cheat on me? And in this whole world, you found my best friend!! My BEST FRIEND! I thought you changed. "

"Oh! Mary! He dated you. You're lucky that he dated an ugly girl like you. Otherwise, I wonder who'll date you!!!! You're so ugly, " Anny sarcastically said. I looked in disbelief at my best friend.

"Anny?? Why? Why did you two do this to me?"

I remembered these statements that will haunt me forever that he said to me.

"What more you can wish from me?
I'm a player.
And a player never changes."

"Did you see yourself?
Who'll want you?
Your biological father hates you and it proves how much irritating you are."

"Anny is right.
You should be grateful that I dated a fashion-less creature like you."

"I only dated you out of a dare. But you didn't give me what I wanted.
Why will I be with you?
Give me a good reason. "

I shared everything with him. He knew my all secrets, still, he did that with me. That's the day when I had become Mariya.

"Mary?? " He said touching my shoulders. And I came back from the flashback.

"Don't touch me," I cried. Tears are surging from my eyes. But I won't let him see that.

He looked a little bit hurt. Why was he hurt? When he was the one who had broke this relationship. Before he could say anything I stormed out of the Library. I can't show him my tears. I can't satisfy him by showing my weakness.

I ran towards the washroom and started crying. Thankfully none is here which is strange. Because in lunchtime washroom is always full. But I was thankful that none is here today. I don't know for how long I had cried. I had trusted him so much. He broke me.

I stood there, looking at the mirror, "Mary, how have you be so pathetic? Why're you crying when he doesn't make a discrepancy to you anymore?"

I splashed water on my face. I wiped off my face and went out of the washroom. I can't show anyone my broken side. I came out of the washroom and saw one pair of green eyes staring at me. Lake Hance

"Are you okay? " Lake Hance asked being a little worried.

"I'm fine, Lake, " I retorted him.

"Sure? I saw you were crying a lot, " He murmured.

"Are you eavesdropping on me, Hance? " I said angrily.

"No, I'm not. I was just going towards the hall when I heard sobbing. So I thought of checking it. And I heard you crying. I'm sorry if you're hurt," He said. From when this bad boy has stopped becoming egoistic?

"If you dare to say to anyone about this you'll regret that why you're born, Hance," I threatened.

"Hey! Stop threatening me like Zakhar! Don't worry! I won't tell anyone," he pouted. I laughed at his reaction.

"You're crying because of Cole, right?" He suddenly asked me.

How did he know? Instead of answering, I asked, "He transferred back?"

He replied to me, "NO! He didn't transfer. He recently came to visit his grandmother. So, he thought of meeting everyone." "So are you still crying because of him? Don't because he doesn't deserve it!"

"Says the one who's broke girls' hearts nonstop, " I scoffed. He giggled at my comment.

I can't open up my feelings to someone whom I barely know. I tried to change the topic by saying, "Where is everyone? "

He comprehended it and said, " Well they've gone to the hall for some instant story contest. The winners will be announced --- "

Before he could complete I screamed
"Oh! No. Serena is gonna kill me."
I quickly told him, "Thanks."
And started running to the hall as soon as possible. Today I'm finished.

"What a crazy girl she is!" Lake grinned as he looked at the girl running towards the hall.

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This lyrical song video perfectly describes the love and its ending between Mary and Cole.

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