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Addicted [2]

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Max Caldwell is a hopeless romantic. Despite being rejected by the love of his life and having his heart broken multiple times, he is still searching for the one. But he didn't expect his soulmate to be Liam Slater: a lonely, depressed, drug-addicted, high school drop out. Max finds himself in sticky situations when he does almost everything in his power to "fix" Liam. Common sense takes a back seat and addiction takes control.

Romance / Drama
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Max Caldwell

Waking up with my body wrapped in strong, muscular arms, and a heavy, husky breath on my neck wasn’t exactly how I planned to spend my morning.

But it’s not like I’m complaining or anything.

I took in the sight of the blonde laying next to me and couldn’t help but smile. His eyes were still closed and small, soft snores escaped his lips. He couldn’t have looked any more cute in this peaceful state. Not the-love-of-my-life-Jamie-Myers cute, but cute nonetheless.

So many thoughts ran through my mind of what to do next. I wanted to run downstairs and cook him breakfast before he woke up, but I did not want him to think I ditched him in the middle of the night if he woke up before I returned - which was stupid of me to think because this was my house. If anything, he should be the one bursting out the door faster than you could say blow job, not me.

He wouldn’t do that, though. Not after what we did last night.

Finally letting my thoughts lay to rest, I decided to stay put until he woke up. Then we would be able to go from there and plan the next step in our relationship. For the moment, I was perfectly fine with watching the blond boy sleep quietly and imagining how jealous everyone at school would be.

Before this whole sex altercation happened, I had no idea that Wyatt Bell was gay. He’s a football player, and I don’t really understand football, so I don’t know what position he plays. But whatever, he’s a football player. That’s all that matters.

Now I’ve only had one other experience with a football player and he took my precious Jamie away from me, so I wasn’t really open to the idea of actually liking one. Until Wyatt and I got paired up as science partners.

As handsome as he is, Wyatt is really really dumb. Dumb enough to be a senior and still taking sophomore science. He only cared about football, which seemed to be a common trend among those football jocks (cough, cough, Scar, cough). So I took the liberty of deciding to do the whole science project instead of letting him ruin it, like I knew he would.

I was totally fine with this. I was used to doing things on my own because that way, I could make it as perfect as I wanted it to be. Wyatt was totally fine with this too, because he had no idea what to do.

So I was utterly surprised when I saw him on my front porch steps late last night. Where did he find my address? I have no idea. What was he doing at my house? I got nothing. Why did his pants tighten around his crotch? The Lord may never know.

All I knew was that Wyatt Bell was really really hot, and I really really wanted him.

And it was like the heavens answered my prayers and he kissed me, like the real kind of kiss. Not those shy, timid kisses. No, it was real man kiss. Possessive and needy and all that good stuff. If I had to rank it, it would probably land a solid #11. My top ten is only reserved for Jamie’s kisses, so there was nothing he could have done to top him.

Anyway, we went up to my room, took off our clothes, did this, did that, and yada yada yada.

Now here I was with my naked body wrapped in my sheets and his naked body wrapped in my sheets, and I felt genuinely happy. I had a feeling that Wyatt wasn’t going to be like those other boys I dated for only a second. Wyatt was going to be something more. I just knew it.

His eyes fluttered open slowly, but he shut them closed again when the sunlight blinded his vision. Shifting over to his other side and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he sat up. The sheets dropped down to his waist, exposing all the sexy hard lines on his stomach. “Urgh,” he groaned. “What ... Where the hell ...” His dark brown eyes landed on me. “Oh.”

My lips peeled back into a grin. “Good morning!” He exclaimed. “Someone’s a little sleepyhead!” I reached over and ruffled his untamed blond locks with my hand.

He groaned again. “Is it a school day?”

“Nope. It’s Saturday, and I was thinking that maybe we should go to the park or something. Like for our first date.”

Wyatt’s eyes snapped open and suddenly, he didn’t look so sleepy anymore. “You’ve got to be kidding, right?”

I frowned. “What?”

“We’re not a couple or anything. This was just sex,” he spat out. “I have a girlfriend, dude.”

“Girlfriend?” I could have sworn my heart stopped in my chest. “Are you, like, in the closet or something?” He had to be. That was the only logical explanation. If he was, then I could easily work with that. Once he fucked me enough, he’ll want to come out to everyone.

He scoffed. “No, God no. I’m not gay. My girlfriend has this thing about waiting ’till marriage or some crap like that. I was horny and I happened to be in your neighborhood. Besides, everyone at school knows that you give it to anyone who asks.”

My jaw went slack and my mouth fell to the floor. “Are you calling me a slut?”

He stared at me for a long moment. “I’m not calling you anything. I just need to get home before my dad worries.” He inched off the bed and scrambled to gather his clothes.

He couldn’t be serious. “I’m not a slut,” I snapped at him. “I’m a virgin.”

Wyatt whipped around to face me with a growing grin on his face. “Seriously? There’s no way you’re a virgin.”

I rolled my eyes and folded my arms across my chest, pouting. I had to explain this to every single person I slept with, but none of them seemed to get it. “I’m a born-again virgin.”

A frown creased his forehead.

“It’s a real thing, you know! You can re-virginize yourself when you’re not happy with who you lost your virginity to.”

Jamie was and will be my one and only true love but considering the fact that he doesn’t “like me in that way”, I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of having my virginity.

So I took it back.

Granted, I’ve given my virginity to twenty seven other boys who I thought “liked me that way” and they’ve all been jackasses. Wyatt would be the twenty eighth jackass on that list.

He was fully dressed now. “Okay, whatever you say, Mark. Which way do I go out?”

“Mark?” I questioned as I shot him a deadly glare. “It’s Max! You fucking asshole!”

Wyatt seemed to be taken aback by my sudden outburst, but he still didn’t apologize. “Oh.”

Falling back onto my bed and suppressing a much-need sigh, I answered his previous question, “Go through the back door. I don’t want my parents to see you.”

Wyatt let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks for looking out.” He saluted me with a simple hand motion, shot me a quick smile, and darted through my bedroom door, completely disappearing out of sight.

Knowing this was going to be the only way I could cope with having to re-virginize myself for the twenty eighth time, I reached under my pillow, grabbed my sketch book, and flipped to an empty page. I let my hand and my mind take control of each stroke I made with my fine tip pen. Every detail had to be perfect, right down to his round nose, colorless eyes, scattered eyebrows, perfectly pink lips and his long tousled strands of hair.

Once I was satisfied with my drawing, I ripped it out of my sketchbook and hung it up on the wall along with all the other sketches of Jamie Myers.

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