Magnolia Hill

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Welcome to Magnolia Hill A small Town at the base of the Rocky Mountains

Romance / Erotica
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Magnolia Hill

They were once best of friends, but He left for the Marines at 18 years old. She watched the man she fell in love with walk out of her life after one incredible Night of Sex.

Brody Dean Gallihugh was a Bastard ten years ago when he walked away from Sidney Rae, He had his reasons but the moment he saw her again they all disappeared.

Brody came back to town to run the family cattle farm Haven in Magnolia Hill, A small town in the foothills of the Rockies.

When he saw her again it was at the diner, she was having lunch with the Sheriff since he was dressed in the uniform.

Sidney is a part time waitress at the local Diner Over Easy and part time Office Manager for the Local Sheriff that was just hired six months ago , He didn’t know about her past and if Sidney had her way he wouldn’t know, No one would not even her ex best friend if he ever came back to Magnolia Hill.

Austin Trenton Barrett aka Sheriff Barrett had Hired Sidney because he needed someone to help when Delores said she was retiring. Little did he know that when his eyes landed on Sidney for the first, he felt his body react in a way he had not in years not since his ex-wife left him to be with another man that according to her could afford her.

He knew of Sidney from his lover who had a relationship with her six years ago before he joined the Navy and became a Seal.

Austin knew it was going to take some work for his plan to come together the way he wanted it.

Austin is 38 yrs old only a couple more years before he hits 40.

He should not be feeling this way about his Office Manager who is ten plus years younger than him.

What will happen when Sidney’s Life is in danger .

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