Done with Ghosts, Boys, and High School

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Rachel Collins would never be called normal. No, they used many other attributes; freak, ghost whisperer, druggie, loser, psycho. The list was endless, just as endless as the number of daily antics of her high school class members tortured her. All it took was a slip of the lips to the wrong person, and suddenly her little secret of being able to talk to ghosts was out. The worst of her torturers all was Lucas Watts, the town's golden boy, the quarterback. But what happens when the bane of her existence shows up in the middle of a night, a ghost? Even more so, what happens when another soul takes over Lucas's body?

Romance / Horror
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“Rachel, please.” A voice called out to me. My response? My hand waved through the air with my eyes shut.

“Go away. The graveyard should have told you my hours.” I groaned, trying to bat away the apparition.

“Rae-Rae, I wouldn’t be here except for the fact, you’re my last chance.” The voice whispered gently in my ear and my eyes shot open at the familiar sound. It couldn’t be. The literal bane of my existence.

“Lucas!” I jumped out of bed and fell with a thud, tangled in my sheets. “What the fuck-” My eyes found him immediately. Why wouldn’t I? It wasn’t hard to see him in the darkness. His blonde hair was disheveled, usually bright eyes worn down, and his tanned skin was now pale, almost blue and transparent. He glowed like all of my late-night visitors as he stood awkwardly in the center of my room.

“That was graceful.” Lucas raised a brow at me as he gazed from the other side of the bed. I kept back a snort. Of course, the first thing he’d say would be a comment about my appearance. Figures, even in death, he couldn’t leave me in peace.

“Well, excuse me,” I pulled myself up, gritting my teeth. The sheets that wrapped around my body fell to the floor. I frantically kicked it off my feet. “for not preparing a red carpet for last year’s prom king.” Looking up, I met a muddled expression on his face, one that I had never witnessed before.

“Uhm, I didn’t know that you slept in...” He scratched the back of his neck, gesturing at my pajamas. My face crimsoned as I realized what precisely he meant. My pajamas weren’t my customary attire. I usually found my crop top and leggings comfortable, but they clung to my body, revealing curves concealed during the day.

“Lucas, you’re dead. I doubt that my attire matters right now.” I seethed, traveling across the room to snatch a sweater hanging off my office chair.

“I’m not dead.” He shook his head.

“Lucas, if you came from the graveyard, if you walked through the walls, I hate to break it to you, but you’re dead.” I adamantly repeated, nodding my head.

“Then why is my body doing a live stream?”

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