Changing Beats (Book 1)

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Chapter Twelve


I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. God, now I knew how all of those women felt when I up and left them. At least there was a note on her pillow.

Hope you slept well. I would have loved to stay in bed with you all day again, but some of is have tio keep a schedule. See you tonight...


I’d definitely be seeing her tonight... And the night after that... I’d make it a point to see her every night from now onto forever. Even if I ended up in the ER, I’d be seeing her.

She was amazing.

I was craving more of the intimacy of her warmth wrapped around me. Even after we went through a three pack of condoms and an entire bottle of Sherry last night.

This girl could not get away from me. I couldn’t let her. She was caring and loving. She had values, but when the door was closed she fucking rocked my shit.

I got up, running my hands over my face and looked around the room for the first time. It was barely big enough for a dresser and the queen-sized bed. She had a really small closet to the right and from the light streaming through the shades, it appeared that there were more bars on the window.

Everything inside the apartment was plush and expensive looking... How had I never noticed this before? Maybe because the outside of the building was pretty crappy... Who knows...

“No wonder her fucking parents are worried about her.” I scoffed, before I got up to get dressed.

I found my clothes and slipped them on. Then I glanced at a clock she had on her kitchen wall. It was already eleven. Shit! I had to get to the studio.

I checked my phone. The guys were blowing me up. Asher was ripped, per usual, but when I saw the singular message from our manager, I knew that meant shit was hitting the fan.


Fuck! Who knew how long this would take!

I rang Cortney in the car, on my way to the studio. Of course, she was working and didn’t answer, so I left a message.

“Hey-uh, it’s Jason.” I didn’t know what to say, “I’ve got band stuff going on. I’m not sure how long it’ll take. Just wanted to let you know. I’ll hit you up when I’m finished up with the guys.”

When I arrived at the studio Henry, our manager, was there. He was leaning against the mixer. His hand extended toward me.

“Phone!” He ordered.

I groaned, pulling my phone out. That meant that we were here until the album was complete.


“I had to bail Asher out of jail again last night.” He eyed the other guys through the glass, as I handed him my phone.

“Apparently, he tried to reach you, Jason. I’m glad that all of you were too busy getting laid to get your buddy released.”

How long would this take?! I had shit to do!

Fucking Asher and his bullshit! What had he done now?!

“Hit the cage,” he ordered me, leaning over the digital mixer.

“Okay, I will make this short and sweet,” he spoke sternly, “We have two weeks left in this studio and two months before we need to get back on tour! I want you bitches to work this shit out and finish this album! I’ve got a drummer nursing his hand, a bassist with two broken ribs and a vocalist that has a new black eye this morning, stitched lip and a fucking drug problem! I want to know what the fuck happens every year when we get back in the studio! You guys fucking lose it until I put you on lockdown and you’re forced to work through your shit! So here we are! Year eight and I’m fucking sick of it! I’m putting you on lockdown now, BEFORE I have to bail anymore of your asses out of jail!”

“Maybe it has something to do with this time of the year.” Gabe glared at Asher.

“Fuck off, Bitch!” Asher snapped back.

“Go ahead boys! Argue! Beat it out of each other! I just hope you have enough fucking cigarettes because we are finishing this shit here and now! You’ll kill each other before any of you end up leaving this fucking studio.”

“Can we at least have our phones? I’ve got a call to make,” I told him.

His brown eyes widened at me, “Who the fuck are you going to call? Asher’s drug dealer?”

“Fuck you!” Ash shouted and Henry was gone, bringing our cellphones with him.


It had been four days and I still hadn’t heard anything from Jason. I knew that he was done as soon as I got that message. He had sounded too rushed and nervous.

It had to have been the trust fund. Is scared him off, with my talk of debutants and socialites...

I spent my days drowning my sorrows in few pints of Ben & Jerry’s and two bottles of wine.

I kept telling myself that maybe it was for the best. He must tour a lot and is never home anyway.

At least I had a few weeks of fun. I should just chop it up and move on, but I was finding it a little harder than normal.

Jason just seemed different. He didn’t act like the typical guy, playing his game. He was genuinely kind and funny and owned up to all of his faults. Plus, the way he talked about his mother melted my heart.

My will was broken to the point that I actually answered the phone on Thursday morning, knowing it was my mother.

She never failed.

“Are you coming?” I sighed... Every Thursday it was the same thing...

“Sure...” I said dryly.

“Wait! No excuses this week?” She sounded way to chipper with this situation.

“No excuses.” I sighed.

“I’ll send Philip to get you.” She was nearly squealing with excitement.

When I arrived at the house, she met me at the door, a huge smile on her face.

“Brittany!” She wrapped me in her arms.

Okay, this was awkward... I couldn’t remember the last time that my mother hugged me.

“Trent and Sophia are upstairs. Your sister is getting her mani-pedi now and I’m about to get my massage.”

“Great.” I attempted to return her smile. Why was she so excited about this?

She pulled me toward the staircase as she rambled on, “Trent will be so pleased to see you. We have some special guests coming tonight and I think he’s excited to gussy you up.”

“Did you just say gussy?” I gaped at her.

“Oooh stop.” She swayed playfully at me, “It’ll be fun. You’ll see.”

When I entered the room, Sarah scowled at me, “Look who the cat dragged in.”

“Meow.” I huffed, taking the seat next to her, as my mother directed her nail specialist to work on me.

When mom left the room for her massage, Sarah turned to glare, “You know she invited that guy on the hill right?”

Oh, that was what this excitement was about. I should have known that she had a motive. Too bad it wouldn’t pan out.

Jason wouldn’t be here tonight, he was too busy avoiding me, since I told him what my family was about. At least my mother would get off my back for one evening if I was pretty enough to dabble with her high society.

“Really?” I was quiet and calm.

“According to dad, he’s rarely home.” She gave a slight smile, “He travels a lot for work, or something. I bet, if you played nice you could hook him. Your hermit status could remain and it would put an end to you embarrassing us.”

“I am not a hermit.”

“Darling, you are most definitely a hermit.” She laughed, but it was fake and cold, “William said that you never spoke to anyone in college, that you were a shrew.”

Oh, really? That was news to me...


Three hours later I was waxed, my nails were prestine, my facial and massage were done and I was walking into the wardrobe room, to find Trent and Sophia.

Once my mother escorted Sarah out of the room, with the excuse that I was going to need more time, her consultant turned to me and smiled excitedly, not saying a word as the door closed.

“Cortney, Darling!” Trent came rushing over to embrace me, “I have missed you so much! Your mother is such a disturbing woman and you only come to see me once a month for a new dress. Last month you didn’t come at all. I feel so used.”

“I’m sorry.” I smiled warmly. This man had been on my team since I was fifteen years old and my mother wanted to give me one of those Country Club bobs, “I’ve just been so busy with work.”

“Too busy to just call me?” He scoffed, “I do like to gossip every now and then and, you darling are the best listener.”

“I’ve missed you.” I sighed.

“I see what your doing, trying to stay away from the rich socialites, but you can’t forget the little man.” His smile was genuine, “I can’t wait to dress you tonight. When your mother told me that you were coming early, I was ecstatic. You are my real-life Barbie.”

“What did she tell you to do to me this time?” I pursed my lips, “Dish it.”

“Country Club Barbie, as always.” He rolled his eyes, “She wanted Sophia to dye you platinum blonde with a ridiculous bob. Again. Then she asked me to bring a powder pink evening dress.”

“No, no and no,” I said gleefully.

“What would you like, Darling?” He smiled devilishly.

We’d been pissing my mother off for years. Sometimes I think that she only kept Trent around because he was my friend.

“I honestly don’t know,” I shrugged, “I like something easy with my hair. Something I can put up or let down any time. I know that I want lowlights, because my mother wanted platinum.”

“I got that much,” he huffed a laugh, “What about the dress?”

“Something baggy,” I bit my lip. “I’ve been eating a crap load of ice cream this week.”

“Who’s the guy?” He sat me in Sophia’s chair and took the chair next to it.

“Some guy in a band.” I rolled my eyes at myself, “I should have known better. We’d been seeing each other for a few weeks and, when he showed me his house I had to tell him about... You know...” I motioned to the room we were seated in with it’s plush furnishings.

“Uh-oh, struggling artist gets scared and runs away from trust fund girl...” He shook his head sadly.

“Actually, his band is very popular.”

“Ohh?” His brow furrowed and he leaned back in his seat. “What kind of band?”

“Metal. I think?” I shrugged, I was still pretty upset about it, “Black Heart.”

“He’s not the...?” He motioned to his neck and hands and cringed.

“No,” I laughed, “He’s the drummer.”

“The blonde!” He lit up, “He’s a cutie. Very muscular. Tell me he was at least good in bed.”

“Amazing,” I sighed, “I think I’m glad that he left now, before I really fell, but you want to know the worst part?”

“What’s that?”

“He’s the one that lives on the hill.” I whispered

“Wait, go back!” He shook his head, as if trying to clear it, “You were already dating the guy your mom was trying to fix you up with tonight?!”

I laughed for the first time in days.

“Yes.” I nodded, “But, in all fairness, I don’t think he’s what my mom is expecting. Which is okay, because he won’t be coming.”

“Long hair, tattoos... No. Definitely not.” He laughed, “But he could have been perfect. Give her what she wants, but only a part of it. You should date more rich band guys.”

“He cut his hair actually.” I smiled, recalling how he’d looked the last time I saw him, “It’s really short on the sides and longer on the top. It’s kind of wavy and totally sexy.”

He eyed me for a minute as he thought, “You really liked this guy.”

My eyes misted over, “I think I did.”

“Oh, Cort.” He pulled me into his arms, hugging me tightly.

“Sweetie, I have an idea. Something that will give your mom what she asked for and rub it in her face at the same time. It might make you feel better. How much do you trust me?”

“What are you planning?”

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