Changing Beats (Book 1)

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Chapter Fifteen


She grabbed my hand and led me outside to the veranda. It was huge, with numerous flowers, plants in large pots and a fountain.

There was another bar out here, manned by a gentleman dressed in an identical fashion to Ross.

“Hey, Frank.” Cortney gave a nod to the guy as we passed.

“Hey’ya, Cort.” He smiled brightly and went about his business.

Cortney walked to the end of the veranda in those very pointy, very high heels and looked back to me smiling, with a finger to her very full, sensual lips.

When she grabbed my hand and smiled at me my mind did flips.

Fucking, God! My heart raced with memories of the nights we’d spent together.

Where had this woman been all my life?!

It looked like she was leading me away from the crowd and I turned back before proceeding down the steps, to see what the chances were that we’d be caught sneaking off together.

Not that it bothered me, but she’d told me that these people liked to talk and I didn’t want to hurt her reputation.

A guy with dark hair and darker eyes was lingering in one of the doors, watching us. The same guy had been watching her since she came down the steps.

Normally I wasn’t the jealous type, but normally I wasn’t into girls like I was into Cortney. So, as she dragged me off, I gave him my best, 100 watt smile.

We made our way under a smaller patio and through a door into a narrow hallway.

“What are you doing here?” She turned to me, a huge smile on her face.

“I was invited, remember?” I reminded her, leaning in for a kiss.

“Mmm.” She looked me over, “You look good tonight.”

“You’re fuckin rockin’, babe,” I said as I pulled her to me hard, kissing her harder.

I was about to reach under her dress when she stopped me.

“Not here.” She reluctantly pulled away. Leading me by the hand again, she made her way through another door. We were now in a very large kitchen.

“Gretchen!” She howled.

“Where you at my baby girl?” An older, heavily accented woman in a chef’s coat came into view, and paused inches from Cortney, looking her over.

“No way!” She hugged her excitedly, “You are sexy, sexy lady tonight!”

Cortney laughed and returned the hug wholeheartedly.

“Your Mamma have fit at this?” the cook asked.

“You should have seen her face! She said she wanted a pink dress and platinum blonde bob. That’s what she got!”

“Sexy rock style. Yes?” Gretchen gave a nod, looking at Cortney again, “You look so beautiful. So happy. Good look for you, Baby.”

“Thank you,” Cortney was so genuinely happy that it made me happy to watch this interaction.

“Now, who the sexy boy?” The woman pointed to me, “He make you happy like this?”

“That’s Jason.” They both eyed me, standing arm in arm, “I like him.”

“He’s sexy, strong boy.” They were both staring at me. “You should like him. He take care of you. Protect you from stupid.”

Cortney sighed giving me a once over, “I can take care of myself, but him? You should see him without his clothes on.”

“He look good huh?” The woman asked.

“Mmmmhmmm.” Cortney began to giggle.

I huffed a laugh. I felt like cattle.

“He has tattoos,” Cortney told her older friend, “Everywhere.”

“I am standing right here,” I smirked, crossing my arms.

“That’s okay. I have to work,” The older woman waved a hand and moved away, “You go have fun! Tell me about his hunky sex later!”

“Will do!” Cortney grabbed my hand again and pulled me off through another door, hollering behind her, “I look forward to dinner! It smells amazing, Gretch! As always!”

“Go! Have your fun with boy toy!” Gretchen yelled and Cortney giggled as she sped up.

There were stairs in this hallway that seemed to go on forever. When we emerged, we were in a different hallway with granite tiles. I recognized the railing ahead of us; we were on the upper level.

She pulled me further down the hallway and led me into a bedroom with nothing but two purple and gold chairs and a golden canopy bed with matching purple comforter.

She closed the door behind us and turned to me, “I told you about my parents trying to fix us up.”

“That’s okay. I’ll date the hot chick next door.” I shrugged and kissed her again, feeling her body relax in my arms. I immediately went hard and pressed her to the wall.

“Less talk, more of this.” She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. The feel of her soft hands had me triggered.

“Here?” My eyes widened.

“It’s my room. We need to be quick though,” She looked at my lips as she spoke, “Just pull out when you’re close.”

“God, Cortney!” I looked to the ceiling for help.

“Please?” She begged. That was all I needed.

I pulled her dress up, ready to push her underwear aside, but had forgotten that she wasn’t wearing any.

I groaned at this torture and jammed my cock into her as deep as I could. God, she felt good as I moved my way in and out.

“Quick, Jason,” she begged in my ear, “Make me cum. I’ve missed you.”

I moved quicker and harder, feeling the explosion building within me. I needed to prolong it enough for her to cum. I reached under her dress, finding the moist nub and pressed.

Her gasp was instant and her throbbing orgasm sent me spiraling. The next thing I knew, she was on her knees in front of me, sucking the juice from my cock as I groaned.

When she was finished, she came up and kissed me. I could taste both of our juices and reveled in the flavor.

“Oh, fuck,” I sighed, “You’re coming home with me tonight. I need to fucking have you in my arms again.”

“Why?” She blinked up at me in surprise.

“Because I like you,” my brow creased, “A lot.”

“Jason, it’s been four days and I haven’t heard from one iota from you.”

“I was on studio lockdown, our manager does it when Asher hits bottom.” I told her, putting myself back together.

“And you couldn’t call?” She crossed her arms.

“I wanted to.” I scratched the back of my head.

“You wanted to, but didn’t? Forgive me if I don’t believe that.” Her eyes narrowed at me now.

“If I hadn’t missed you, what do think all of this was about?” I pointed between us.

“Well, for me it was a little fun at an otherwise really boring party.” She shrugged with a coy smile.

“So, you think I’m using you?” My jaw dropped.

I pinned her against the wall again, kissing her deep.

“I like you way too much to use you.” I told her.

“So, if you like so much, why didn’t you call me or, at least, text me?” She asked with an anger I’d never heard from her before.

“We were on studio lockdown,” I sighed, “For some reason, I’m the one who Asher calls when he needs a bailout and I missed his call, because I was busy.”

“Because you were with me.” She gave a tight nod in understanding.
Then she crossed her arms, “Were you told not to see me again?”

“No. Well, yeah, but it wasn’t anyone important.” My phone began to ring in my pocket, but I ignored it.

Fucking Asher... I knew it was him from the Vader ringtone.

“So, if they told you to drop me tomorrow, would you?” She huffed.

“Cort, where is this coming from?” I eyed her as my phone rang again instantly.

Fucking Asher. He could wait.

“I just don’t like-” She began, but the door opened before she could finish.

“Hey, little sister." It was the guy from downstairs. He was looking her up and down then his eyes moved to take me in, before moving back to her.

“You disappeared from the party.” I didn’t like this guy already. There was something about him that pissed me off. Maybe it was just the way he looked at her.

“I always do, Bill,” She narrowed her eyes at him, “Go away.”

“William Herin,” He held a hand out for me to shake, “Cortney’s brother-in-law.”

“Jason Chandler,” I said shaking his hand quickly and moving by, following Cortney as she stormed from the room and descended the steps.

This wasn’t over. We needed to talk. I couldn’t let this woman get away from me. Not now. Not ever, especially not because of this shit with Asher.

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