Changing Beats (Book 1)

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Chapter Sixteen


“Cortney, wait up!” Jason followed me as I descended the steps, Bill on his heels.

“Why, Jason?” I spoke quietly, because people were beginning to watch as I whipped around on the steps, “Why should I? You’re obviously too busy with Asher to give me any consideration.”

“That’s not-” His phone started to ring. Again!

“Fuck!” He hissed and sent it to voicemail a third time.

I continued down the steps and made my way to the patio. There weren’t many people there and we were less likely to be overheard if something incriminating slipped.

“Do you two know one another?” Bill asked, pointing between Jason and I.

Yes, Bill. I do know him.’ I wanted to scream, ‘I just sucked his dick a few minutes ago, before he was able to cum in my pussy, but that doesn’t matter because I won’t ever be seeing him again!’

The two men before me were night and day. Bill was shorter than Jason by about three or four inches, and thinner. Jason had more muscle, by far and Jason was blonde, where Bill had dark brown hair. Honestly, what had I ever seen in Bill?

I crossed my arms, narrowing my eyes at Bill. “Why are you still here?”

Before Jason could question this as well his phone started again and he silenced it a fourth time.

“Are you going to get that?!” I turned to him, eyes bulging.

“It’s Asher.” He told me dryly.

“So, let me get this straight,” I didn’t believe him for one minute, “You couldn’t call me, because you were busy with Asher and the band, but now that you’re free of them for the first time in, what? A week? He’s calling you.”

“So, you do know each other.” Bill said with finality.

“Go away, Bill!” I yelled at him. As Jason simultaneously snapped, “What the fuck is it any of your business?”

My sister suddenly came into view.

Surprise! Welcome to my hell!

“What is going on, Bill?” She asked, looking between the three of us.

“I’m just trying to figure out how these two know one another,” he told her, with a fake smile on his face.

“Why are you always so interested in my sister’s affairs?” she asked.

I ignored them. I had an issue of my own to deal with the blonde in front of me.

“So, is that what your telling me?” I snapped at him again.

“You don’t believe that we were stuck in the studio?” The look on his face was pure anger.

“No I don’t! Not for one minute!” I answered curtly, “I think you got bored and found another chick to screw.”

“Your sleeping with him?” I heard Bill snap, but I was too preoccupied with Jason.

His phone started again, but he answered it this time. “What the fuck do you want, Asher?! I’m a little busy here!”

His anger instantly turned to something else, as I heard a woman screaming through the line, “You need to come quick! He needs help! Please! Hurry!”

“Did you call anyone else?” He asked with concern, pausing as the yelling started again, “No! He needs help!”

“I’ll be right there.” He hung up the phone.

“Fuck!” he pinched the bridge of his nose and began to pace in rapid steps, as if debating his next move.

“Today’s the third isn’t it?” He asked.

“All day,” I told him snidely.

“You’re coming with me,” he growled, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the door.

“I am not going anywhere with you!” I tried to pull my hand away, but he froze, turning to glare at me. Even with his size, I wasn’t afraid. For some reason I knew Jason wouldn’t harm me.

“We are not finished with this conversation, but right now Asher needs my help.” His voice low and somber, “And I need you.”

When I couldn’t reply with anything but a nod, he began to propel me forward again.

“She has a dinner party to attend,” Bill spouted attempting to stop us.

“Let her go,” I heard my sister say, “Less embarrassment for us.”

“Oh, please,” I rolled my eyes at them, pulling Jason the back way, “Short cut to parking is around the house.”

“What’s happened?” I asked as we climbed into his vehicle.

“Fucking Asher and this Bree bullshit!” He slammed the car into drive and peeled out of the driveway. “Every year he gets worse and worse.”

When we arrived at a large, white house, Jason pulled into the circular drive and jumped out. A woman with short, red hair met us at the door and let us in.

She looked to be in her mid to late fifties, but her face was so worn and tear stricken that I could have easily been mistaken. This frail woman had to be the housekeeper.

“He’s in the TV room! It took you too long!” she cried out, “He won’t respond anymore! I should have called 911!”

“You call 911 and you’ll have the media here in a heartbeat! We don’t need to publicize his bullshit anymore.” Jason hissed as he moved through the black and white entry of the house with purpose. It was hard for me to keep up in my heels as he pulled me along.

“He told me to go home, but I knew something wasn’t right!” She cried, “He got the information back from that private investigator and that folder was so thin.”

She hurriedly led us under a grand staircase, into a hallway, past an office, and into a sitting room.

“Fuck!” Jason choked out, freezing in the doorway, blocking my view.

I pushed his large body to the side, to see what he saw.

This room was just as bland as all of the others, black and white with no other color. There were books in the bookshelves that surrounded a large screen television and on the TV, it looked like a home video was playing.

“What are you up to, doll?” I could hear Asher’s voice on the screen, as a cute, young woman, with purple hair and a round little face smiled at the camera.

“Packing another bowl,” She laughed lightly, “Put the camera down, baby. Come sit with me.”

She was pretty, but I couldn’t focus on the video when my eyes roamed to the figure splayed out on a black leather couch.

I couldn’t see much of anything from my vantage point, except for a pale, tattooed arm that had fallen off of the sofa and a leg thrown over the side, bare foot flat on the floor.

This was not good.

I immediately went into ER mode and rushed to his side to check his vitals.

He was shirtless, which made it easier to give him a once over. His wrists were intact and there were no visible injuries or track marks...

“What did he take?” I asked quickly, checking his pulse, his heart was beating so lightly and slow that I missed it at first and began to shake with adrenaline.

“It’s beating!” I told myself out loud, “He’s still alive! What did he take?! I need to know! What drugs does he do?!”

He was very pale and his lips had little color. He hadn’t been out long, but it had definitely been enough time to count.

“I only saw him drinking!” She pointed to the table and I looked around. Nothing but random papers and a bottle of almost empty scotch sat on that coffee table next to the tumbler.

If he had been snorting cocaine it would have left telltale signs on the table. So, since there was nothing else there on the table, that was eliminated.

Nothing! Dammit! What had he done?!

“Jason, does he drop acid?” I asked, trying to wake him by tapping his face, my shaking hand hitting harder each time it connected to his super thin cheek.

“Does he take pills? Smoke anything?” I attempted to look around again, for any evidence.

Then, I found it, at the base of the couch, near my knees. A pill bottle, emptied of all of its contents and lidless.

“We thought he might...” Jason was still frozen, his voice quiet and distant, as he now stared at the screen with tears streaming down his face.

“Clare, call 911.” He whispered shakily through his tears, “And Chris. He should know.”

I looked to Jason, then followed his gaze to the screen again, something catching my attention in that brief instant.

Asher had turned the camera around and there he was, with all of the guys, sitting with his arm around the girl. The smile on his face was something I had never seen before.

The way they all smiled at one another... I had never thought it possible...

They seemed so carefree, full of youthfulness and adoration for one another... They truly were brothers...

"Fuck, man..." Jason began to cry, "Why bro? Why?"

Jason’s heart was shattering right in front of me, as one of his brothers slipped away.

I decided then, Asher was not dying tonight! I needed Jason in action mode, not checking out on me.

“I need you to roll him to his side,” I said as an order and Jason sprang forward, as if catapulted.

“What are you gonna’ do?” Jason asked while rolling Asher’s limp body.

“I’m going to make him vomit.” I pried his mouth open and jammed my fingers down his throat as far as they would go.

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