Changing Beats (Book 1)

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I was seated at the desktop computer in our home office, hovering over the send button.

I was ready to send my thesis on Behavioural manifestations in male patients with depression to my professor, but was I really ready to hit send?

If my professor liked it I passed, if not maybe I’d have to find a different topic next year, but this subject was close to my heart.

With their permission, I’d spent the past two years working with and studying the guys, their habits and their behavior.

Most of them were coming along just fine, but I was still worried about Asher.

There hadn’t been anymore studio lockdowns, but every year Asher overworked the guys to keep his mind busy.

He had no more physical alterations with his band mates, which was a plus, but he still loved to fight with random idiots who provoked him and talking about her was a trigger that no one dared to pull.

In my thesis, I used no names, dates or anything else incriminating. I hadn’t even stated that the men I was studying were in a band. I simply wrote that they were brothers, which I found was technically true.

“Baby,” Jason knocked on the door.

“Hey you.” I smiled as he entered.

“You okay?” He was concerned.

“I don’t know if I can send this, babe.” I sighed.

“Why not?” He knelt down next to me to look at the computer.

“Because this has been my life for two years now.” I sighed.

“There will be plenty more to come, babe.” He smiled, giving me a kiss on the cheek, “You can psychoanalyze us all you want until you pass.”

“That sounds promising.” I huffed.

“Come on,” He tipped his head toward the door, “Bria is awake and we need to rescue her from Asher.”

“You left Asher alone with our baby?” I gaped at him.

Jason laughed. Our daughter had an unhealthy liking for one Asher McGhee. I think it was the tattoos. She was one now and they were very colorful.

“I ain’t that bad.” Asher huffed, entering the room with her in his arms.

When I looked to Bria she was rubbing her nose on his shirt and I laughed.

“Ewww.” Asher grimaced, “I don’t do bodily emissions, kid. So, you are going back to your mom.”

“What are you still sitting in here for?” He asked, handing me my baby, “We’re waiting for you. We want dinner.”

My celebratory dinner. At my parent’s house.

I sighed.

My sister had since become a divorcee and her ex? Who knows and who cares.

My mother and father were very welcoming of the guys in the band, after finding out that I was going back to school and that Chris and I were expecting. They even took it upon themselves to watch Bria a few days a week for us. Actually watching her and not having their help do it.

My mother would take my one year old shopping and my father would roll around on the floor and play with her and five-thousand toys they’d bought her. He had even somewhat retired in the past year, stating that he didn’t want to miss out on time with his granddaughter.

The guys had a tour coming up this fall, to promote the newest album. I, of course, was needed and my parents even offered to take Bria for the duration of the tour. I was a little anxious about it, but I trusted and loved them.

“I’m coming.” I rolled my eyes.

“Your hundred page summary can wait.” Nick stomped in, “You have five hungry guys and a pampered and dressed, little pink fuzz ball waiting for you.”


“She’s scared to hit send, guys.” Jason told them.

“I’m not scared!” I snapped.

Jason looked at the guys with a “Yeah, whatever” look on his face.

“Just hit send and let’s go already!” Chris shouted from the hallway.

“I will... I just...”

“What are you so afraid of?” Gabe peeked over Asher’s shoulder.

“Seriously, guys?” I whined, “Can’t I just have one minute here?”

“You’ve had twenty!” Chris snapped again.

“Chris, if I hear one more word from you...” I snapped.

“Babe, it’s ready.” Jason was looking at my open email.

“I know, I just...” I sighed, “I worked hard on this and it’s all about you guys. Do you want this out there?”

“There aren’t any names,” Nick rolled his eyes. They had all read and approved it, all except for Asher, who refused. “Just hit the enter button already.”

I attempted to push it, I really did, but my finger couldn’t apply the preasure that was needed.

I was about to pull my hand back when Asher tapped it, pushing my finger into the button.

Sending... The screen read and it was done.

I gaped at Asher. What. The. Hell.

“Ooops.” He cocked a brow at me.

“Such a dick.” I glared at him.

“Been called worse.” He shrugged, as everyone filed out. “Now, let’s go.”

“I can’t believe he just did that.” I gaped after the guys.

“You can’t?” Jason smiled widely, “Maybe we shouldn’t have sent your thesis then, because you don’t know us as well as you thought you did.”

“You are lucky I love you.” I huffed, leaning back in my chair to kiss him.

“I know I am.” He smiled, returning my kiss.

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