Changing Beats (Book 1)

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Chapter Seven


His massive hands cupped my face as his tongue tangled with mine again.

I pulled him by his t-shirt, leading the way to my bedroom.

I lost my shoes somewhere between the door and my room, in one swift move.

He broke our kiss only to pointedly look at the discarded shoes and smile at the motion, his lips instantly meeting mine again, but this time his hands ran down my sides. His fingertips brushed my breasts, before settling on my ass and grinding my hips into his.

“You sure about this?” He asked breaking away again, as he stared at my breasts, still fully covered by my dress.

In answer, I released him, moving my hands to the side of my dress and unzipping it slowly.

An impish smile crept into his features as I pulled him in for another kiss.

It wasn’t long before his kisses trailed down my neck.

I’d had one night stands before, this was nothing new, but the way my skin tingled, as Jason pressed kisses into it, had me reeling.

I jutted my hips, pressing them into his rising errection and he let out a satisfied hiss.

“Okay. Dress off.” He ordered with a grin, beginning to tugg at the fabric, “Over or under?”

“Over.” I huffed and he tugged upward, his lips crashing into mine again, once the dress hit the floor.

I clawed his shirt and he gave a slick smile as he removed it.

“Why do I feel like I’m about to defile you?” He chuckled.

“Trust me,” I smiled, sliding to my knees to undo his belt, “You can’t defile the sullied.”

I slid his zipper down, but before I could remove his pants he was reaching down, putting his fingers on my chin to pull my gaze up to meet him.

“What are you gonna do down there, sweetheart?”

Oh, Chris, if you only knew...

I watched his face as I hooked his jeans and boxers in my thumbs and I slid them past his hips.

When his fully erect member bounced forward, I smiled up at him. He was large everywhere.

“Damn...” His head fell back, as he ran a hand over his face, “Those fucking eyes...”

I grabbed his shaft and began to stroke slowly as my lips met the head of his cock and I began to take him in.

I devoured him, sucking and stroking. All the while, he moaned and continued to watch me. Not once did he attempt to push on my head or pull my hair.

“If you keep doing that we won’t make to the bed.” He huffed.

“Do you want me to stop?” I pulled back to ask seductively, but didn’t cease my strokes.

“No, but I’m so fucking close.” He ran his hand over his face again.

“Hmm.” I smiled, releasing him and walking to my nightstand.
Well, I have some condoms, but they might not be big-” Fuck! “enough...”

I let out a deep moan, as his fingers found their way to my core.

He leaned over me, kissing my neck again as he stroked me from behind. His large fingers ran deep, as his palm separated my ass cheeks.

I leaned back into him and his his other hand pulled my bra down, to kneed my breasts.

I reached back and began to stoke him, as we both huffed in near ecstasy.

“God you’re wet.”

“You made me wet.”

“I’ve barely touched you.”

“You call this barely?” I huffed a laugh, but was soon crying out when one finger slid out of me and moved over my clit.

This guy knew what he was doing, I’d give him that.


I was walking into the studio the next morning with a huge fucking smile plastered on my face.

I was late, but I had to go home and shower before I faced Asher and his bullshit.

If he knew that I had slept with Cortney last night, he’d think he won. I couldn’t allow that.

On my way in, I had flowers sent to her work. Stupid, I know, but she was something special and I wanted her to know that we weren’t leaving it at one night.

The guys were in the box when I walked into the studio.

Asher didn’t turn to face me, but he stiffened at my entrance, the anger rolling off of him.

There we’re huge bags under his eyes that said that he was high on something again.

Definitely not weed. Not with that anger. He looked worse and worse by the day. What exactly was he on?

“Look who finally decided to show.” He pulled a long drag off of his cigarette, “So nice for you to join us.”

“What did I miss?” I ignored him and looked to the other guys.

“Not much,” Chris shrugged, “Ash is still high, so we’re getting jack shit done. Just listening to him bitch.”

“Fuck off!” Asher shouted, not meeting anyone’s gaze. “Let’s just fucking call it a day.”

He stood and stomped from the room, glaring at me as he passed.

His eyes were rimmed with red, his pupils dilated. This wasn’t the sane Asher we knew... He was so different now.

He was gone mentally and now physically.

“He’s hitting it hard this year.” Gabe’s eyes followed the door he’d exited.

“He hired a PI.” Chris spoke softly, “He’s waiting to hear something.”

“A PI?” I asked.

“Private investigator.” Chris swallowed hard. “He’s trying to find her...”

“How do you know this?” Nick asked, “He doesn’t talk to anyone.”

“Claire.” He choked.

“His housekeeper?” Gabe was wide eyed.

“She said he had Henry over and told him he wanted to hire someone.” Chris whispered, “She was worried that if it came back poorly he’d hit the deep end.”

We were all silent as we pondered this.

This couldn’t be good. Was he looking for confirmation or was he looking to find her? What was going on his head?

Either way, whatever he was looking for, it wouldn’t be a good outcome.

I knew, deep down, that nothing would have stopped her from being here with us. With him.


We all knew that.

Could we handle the confirmation of her death?

... Could I?

“Claire wants us all on call.” Chris said, “She’s afraid.”

“He’s never hit a fucking woman.” Nick scoffed.

“She’s not afraid of that.” His voice was tearful, “She’s afraid of what will happen if her death certificate surfaces.”


I turned and left the room. I couldn’t do this right now.

I had just gone from the high of being with Cortney to this...

Back to the pain and heartbreak that had surrounded us for the past eight years.

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