Integral Instruments - With prelude to Justified Voices (Book 7)

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Three months later.

We arrived at the hotel at 6pm, California time.

The little ones were exhausted and I knew it would take a couple days for them to adjust to the time change.

We had fed them dinner on the plane and had given Piper the full rundown, incase she woke up in the middle of the night and got scared. So, when they passed out on the plane and slept on the car ride to the resort, we put them straight to bed in the room adjoining ours.

I had to say that Liv had thought of everything. She even had a sign with a dim light shining on it. It had an arrow pointing to our room. That read, “Mom and Dad are here.”

“Wow.” I gaped at the sign with admiration.

“Yeah, you like that, but you may not like this.” Ryan sighed when I walked into the room and he handed me a leather folder that read “Bride” on the cover.

“What is this?” I asked, opening the file and gaping at the list, “We have an itinerary?” My jaw dropped, “For our wedding?”

“Apparently we each have our own.” Ryan grimaced showing me his. It had “Groom” engraved on the cover.

“Oh, she included one for each of the girls too.” He chuckled.

“She is a bossy lady!” I snapped, looking over the girl’s itineraries.

“Are we ever going to get to see the kids?” I gaped at all of the asterisks next to the events. Those were mandatory for me.

“Well, it looks like we have time to pen them in around sexipades.” Ryan chirped up.

“She scheduled that too?!” I tried to look at his schedule and he started laughing.

“No, just thought I’d get a rise out of you.” He grabbed me by the waist and we tumbled to the bed.

His kiss was flirty and fun and calmed my nerves about this in all the right ways.

“I feel something else rising too.” I laughed and he gave a little growl, kissing me again.

I could get drunk off of Ryan’s kisses alone, but when he touched me and pulled me in, I lost all sense of schedules and timing.

That us until someone knocked on the door.

“We’re eating in our room tonight.” Ryan called out.

“My schedule says you aren’t and I’m here to babysit.” Arlee grumbled from the other side of the door.

She had taken a commercial flight to the resort, with her friends Ethan and June. All three of them were on the Julliard track. I just hoped that they relaxed some on this trip.

I couldn't help but laugh as Ryan’s face twisted and he turned his head toward the door.

“I’ll give you the night off if you tell them we’re sleeping.” Ryan smiled and began to kiss me again.

“Wait, I have another deal.” I could hear her thinking through the door, “You skip the one tonight and I skip tomorrow completely.”

“You already get out of babysitting.” I called out, “No deal!”

“This is a non-negotiable deal, Mom.” Arlee debated, “I know what your doing in there and it could traumatize me, and my friends, for the rest of our lives.”

Ryan pulled out the neckline of my t-shirt and pressed his length into me, telling me his decision was already made.

“Okay, deal.” I called out and there was clapping and high fives behind the door. Great, her friends were with her.

“Nice doing business with you.” She sounded gleeful, “See you on the boat.”

“Should we be worried?” Ryan cocked a brow at me, but went for my neck.

“No.” I moaned, “It’s Arlee, she’s probably going to work on her music or go hiking.”

“I don’t know about hiking, but I plan on pitching a tent.” He chuckled into my cleavage.

“It won’t be for long.” I laughed and rolled us over so I was straddling him.

“Ooh, are you going to undress me and take advantage of me?” He wagged his eyebrows.

“Yes, sir.” I pulled off my shirt and removed his, spreading kisses down his chest as I worked my way down to his shorts.

He groaned as I slowly unzipped them and pulled out his length.

“What are you gonna do down there?” He grinned, knowing damn well what I was up to.

I wrapped my lips around him and began to draw in his length. His hands moved to my hair, guiding me movements as his hips moved under me.

As I drew him in I stroked what I couldn’t fit in my mouth and he moaned under me.

“God, Meg. Your gonna have to stop that or I’m gonna come.” I pulled back and smiled up at him as I continued to stroke.

“Fuck.” His eyes were wide as he brought his hands to his face and his head fell back.

“Permission to climb aboard, captain?” I gave him a wicked smile.

“Permission granted.” He tried to catch his breath.

He watched me as I pulled my shorts down, panties and all with a smile.

“Bra too, baby.” He pointed to my bra.

I smiled as I slowly removed it.

He was still in his shorts when I climbed onto him, his fully erect member still hanging out at the ready. I loved how the material felt between my legs and he didn’t mind keeping them on.

He held his breath, as I grabbed his mass and held him to my core. When I slowly slid down his length he let out the most beautiful moan.

“Damn.” His head fell back in pleasure as I began to slowly ride his full length.

He met me from the bottom with soft, tender thrusts and my body responded in kind.

He grabbed one of my breasts, putting it into his mouth and began to suckle.

“Shit, Ryan.” I gasped as my body began to quiver around him.

He pulled my head down to his and kissed me deep and longing.

“Fuck me, Meg.” He whispered into to my mouth.

“I intend to.” I whined as my orgasm hit hard and with a vengeance.

“Fuck.” He moaned.

Feeling my insides quiver around him, he grabbed my hips and ground deep, swirling inside of me as he moaned. I felt his release instantly and reveled in it.

“Damn, Meg.” He pulled my lips down to his as he rolled us over.

“Ryan!” I gasped.

“I’m not done yet.” He smiled, “I just bartered the whole night with you, remember?”

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