Integral Instruments - With prelude to Justified Voices (Book 7)

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Months went by and Arlee and I were getting better at hiding it. She hung out with my cousins and I more and she really seemed to enjoy it, so did everyone else.

It helped, that I got my own place and we could be alone. Most of time anyway.

Gina had almost caught us once. Arlee had to hide in my bedroom for 20 minutes, while Gina kept repeating, “I could have sworn that was Arlee’s car out there.” And “You sure you ain’t getting all kinky up here?”

We didn’t hook up every time we were together, but we still enjoyed eachother’s company and we had planned to hang and watch a movie tonight. Until my cousins and my band stopped in with drinks.

I’d shot Arlee a text around 6 to let her know what was up, since she’d be finished at the orchestra around 7 and to my surprise, at 7:05 Gina had an announcement.

“Hey, guys. I texted Arlee earlier to let her know where we were and she just hit me back.” She looked at her phone and smiled, “Noah, hit the gate. She’s coming.”

Gated duplex with my cousin. More bad than good, but out of any of my cousins, Gina was the one I was closest to...

“Oh no.” Ian chuckled, “Not Arlee. She’s a buzzkill.”

“She is not.” Gina and Chloe complained, “She drinks and smokes with your stupid ass, so be nice.”

I hid my smile.

“I got the gate.” I smiled around my beer.

“Fine” Ian shrugged with a slick grin.

“She just finished at the orchestra.” Gina smiled into her phone as she typed, “I’m going to have her bring her violin.”

“What?!” Chaz’s face twisted. Chaz was a guy from our band, we had acquired him though out agent. My mother, “We’re getting high and listening to classical now?”

“Think she could go up against you again?” Gina cocked a brow up at Ian, teasing him.

“A violin against a fucking electric guitar?” Chaz scoffed.

He had no fucking idea.

“No, you don’t get it,” Nate told him, “This chick like, rocks on the violin. It’s Julliard shit. It’s fucking scary.”

“It’s Arlee shit.” I pointed out.

“It’s like rock and roll mixed with...” Chloe was stoned off her ass, “Like cool shit.”

“Go ahead and smoke some more.” I chuckled, shaking head at her.

“Ooo,” Ian leaned forward and rubbed his hands together excitedly, “Have her bring that shit. Let’s watch Chaz shit his pants.”

Gina was tapping away at her phone. I knew Arlee would show. She’d planned to be here, but she hadn’t missed a get together since the wedding, so I played it cool as I set shit up.

“She just sent me a shitload of question marks!” Gina laughed, “I love that girl!”

“Dial her.” I told her and she did, handing me her phone when I reached for it.

“Hey Gina, I told you I’d be there. I’m driving right now, so keep your shit together.” Thankfully, I knew that her car had a hands-free system, so I wasn’t pissed she was talking and driving.

“Heyya, Ace.” I smiled at the sound of her voice and tried to cover it with my beer.

“Noah. It’s been 2 days since I saw you.” She pouted.

I had to admit, it was nice when she missed me as much as I’d missed her.

“I know.” I scratched my head. I couldn’t say anything in front of everyone, but I wanted to tell her to hurry, “Hey, Ian here wants to test your skills with the violin again.”

“Yeah.” I could hear her laugh, “He wants to test me alright."

“He wants to jam and he thinks his guitar can beat your violin.” I smiled widely now, showing Ian my shit eatting grin.

He chuckled. He knew what he was up against. Chaz had no fucking clue what he was in for.

“Oh, please.” She snorted, “Tell him it’s on and he’ll need a diaper for when he pisses himself again.”

“You’ve been spending too much time with Ian.” I chuckled, “He wants to see our buddy Chaz here, shit himself.”

“Well, then diaper the both of them and plug in my chords. I’m bringing my electric.”

“You do realize that my furniture is new right?”

“Oh, please. We broke that in the first day.” She scoffed, “Is Ian going to give me a handicap again?”

I whistled low, “That’s dirty talk right there.”

“Does that get a punishment later?” Oh, she sounded hopeful on that one.

“We’ll discuss the terms when you get here.” I cleared my throat and turned to Ian, still smiling like an ass, “Ian, you giving her a handicap?”

I cocked a brow at my cousin who laughed, “Sure, let’s give her two.”

“You get 2 handicaps this time.” I smiled widely, knowing exactly what they would be, “See you in a bit, Ace.”

I hung up and turned to Ian, while I tossed Gina her phone back.

“Amped classic, pop rock or hard rock only, well known songs and no extra bridges.” I stated the rules, like he didn’t know them already, “She gets two handicaps and before you gave her those, she said to tell you to put a diaper on for when you piss yourself so this time you don’t fuck up my furniture.”

“That chick serious?” Chaz gaped at me.

“She’s that good.” Gina clapped excitedly, “Wait till you see this shit!”

“Wait until you see her handicaps.”
Ian smiled wickedly at Chaz.

About 20 mintutes later, Arlee knocked on my door. I knew it was her just from the sound. It was a light, rapid tap that only came from my girl.

I gave Ian one last grin before I opened the door and leaned against it.

Standing there in her cute little sweater dress and boots was Arlee with her violin case in hand. June standing behind her with an iPad and beaming brightly.

“Noah.” She gave a smiling nod as she passed me to enter my appartment. June was close on her heels.

“I said handicap, not handicapped person.” Noah teased.

“Says the 2.5 GPA.” June rolled her eyes. They did this shit a lot. Ifnypu asked me, the two of them loved to hate eachother.

“You said I get 2 handicaps,” Arlee smiled brightly, holding up to fingers and pointing as she spoke, “June, my beautiful redheaded friend here, and my dubstep.”

“It was against you, Ace.” Ian playfully glared at her, “Not June.”

“Oh, you WILL be against me. She’s going to control my dubstep.” Arlee didn’t falter, she began to pull out her violin and I grew excited.

“Shit!” Chloe’s eyes widened in admiration, “She brought the electric. You’re fucked Ian, just surrender!”

“Do you need to warm up or anything, Ian?” Arlee pointed at the guitar with her bow.

“Just start it, Ace.” He spoke through his teeth with a smile.

“Wait!” Gina laughed and stood between them, “New rules!”

“Like?” Ian looked annoyed.

“Original songs accepted, but they need to be of the rock variety.”

If possible, Arlee smiled even wider.

“She starts, then you, then her, so on and so forth, 3 rounds, then we vote. She uses her handicaps that you alotted and you use nothing but your guitar.” She shrugged, “Well, Noah’s guitar.”

“Wait, what does the winner get?” Ian asked.

“Call your terms, Ace.” Gina smiled.

“If I win...” Arlee smiled at Ian with all so fake glare. It was so cute, “I want Ian to bow at me feet, apologize for being a twatt-ass to June and another grand.”

You could tell we’d done this before.

“I would have just gone for the grand, but hey, okay,” Gina shrugged and turned to Ian, “Ian?”

“If I win, you become my slave for the day.” Ian smiled deviously at Arlee and I wanted to rip his throat out.

“You, in my house,” He told her, “Waiting on me, all day. Hand and foot.”

I started at him, but Arlee piped up.

“That’s not going to happen.” She shrugged and reddied herself to play, “I have a boyfriend and I don’t think he’d appreciate that. Pick something else.”

Ian looked at me and saw I didn’t have the old reaction to that news, so his interest ebbed.

Yeah, fucker. I was the boyfriend and you had no fucking clue.

Wait! Arlee said I was her boyfriend?

“Is it that Ethan kid?” Ian squinted in thought, “He’s kind of a pussy.”

“Ian, something else.” Gina ordered.

“Fine, when I win give me a grand.” He shrugged.

“Fine.” Her jaw tightened. Although she had money, she was saving it all for college.

“I’ve got you covered, Ace.” I gave her a nod.

“Won’t need to cover me.” She smiled back at me and began with AC/DC.

When it was over, Chaz sat there with his mouth hanging open.

Arlee had played 2 originals and the one classic. Ian... Well, he was original alright.

“I love it when people look at you like that.” Gina laughed with Arlee and June, “Might wanna close your mouth, Chaz. Someone might put a dick in there.”

“I am not getting on my knees,” Ian nodded and pulled his cash out in defeat, “But June, your awesome with that dubstep shit, and Arlee, it’s always a pleasure to have a pretty woman beat me.”

Chloe snorted with laughter.

“And now that I have pissed myself again, I’m out.” He walked toward the door, a huge ass grin on his face.

“Oh, did I wound your pride?” Arlee teased.

He turned and pointed at her, “Going places, Arlee. You are going places.”

And he was out the door. One down five more to go.

“Hey, chickie.” June started packing up, “I’m going to head out too. I have to work early tomorrow.”

“Thanks, June.” She smiled at her friend.

“You kidding me? Thank you! I love seeing that douche get put in his place, even if it’s voluntary.” She snorted, “See you at the concert tomorrow afternoon?”

Arlee gave a nod and June was off too, but that was too quick. Normally she stuck around and had a drink.

I gave Arlee a sideways glance and she blushed. Oh, someone had been talking.

“Hey, Ace,” I smiled at her, “I got those new chords in. You know, the ones I was telling you about? I just don’t think their the right ones for your violin.”

She gave me a wierd look. For all the times she’d gotten it and now she didn’t?

“Here, let me show you.” I cleared my throat and went into my room, she followed.

I went to my nightstand on the far end of my room, the one that couldn’t be seen from the hallway, and bent behind the bed, like I was grabbing something. When I came up, she was so close that I snatched her by the waist and pushed her on top of the stand. Her back hit the lamp with a crash.

“Jesus, Noah!” She hissed, “Someone will hear us!”

“They’re all wasted,” I ran my hands up and under her dress.

“So are you.” She smiled and I couldn’t help but kiss her.

“You were so hot tonight.” I kissed her again, this time pulling her closer, with another thud of the lamp.

I scooped her up and slammed her onto the bed, falling on top of her.

“A vanilla fuck sounds so good right now.” I mumbled into her neck.

“So, I’ve been good today.” She whispered.

“No, but I can’t wait for everyone to leave.” My lips met her’s again. I just couldn’t get enough of her.

“I knew it!” A voice hissed from the door, “I fucking knew it!”

I jumped off of Arlee and she stood, pulling her dress back down.

Gina stood in the doorway, completely amused by what she’d walked in on.

“Gina, it wasn’t-” I shook my head.

“Oh, come on!” She clapped her hands, “The looks, the excitement when I invite her over! I knew it!”

Fuck! I was gaping between her and Arlee and Alree was doing the same with me.

“Gina- uh-”

“Gina, you can’t tell anyone.” I warned her.

“Duh, dumbass,” She rolled her eyes shouted down the hallway, “Don’t worry about me, but have fun knowing that every time I see that blue car here, I know what your doing.” She went back to the living room.

“I need to move.” I gaped after my cousin, “Soon.”

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