The Rumours Are True

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Agent 7: I hate teams and Boss did the second thing I hate most. He put me on one, I couldn't say no this time. I used to love teams but times have changed. I've changed. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Luke: Great a new team member, my team is the best and now we get stuck with the girl. There's many rumors around her, 'she's the best, and blah blah blah'. I don't care to explain, I'm just pissed she was put on my team. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agent 7, Luke and the team must work together to complete the mission Boss has given them. Will 7 get past her fears and hate? Will the team welcome her or dismiss her? Feelings could get involved...

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Authors Note:

This is another one of my stories, please check out my other stories

Please leave comments on things your confused on and what you think should happen.

Please tell me if there are any spelling mistakes.

I'll update as much as I can!

Warning: Death, torturing, and sexual content will be written about
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