From Orphan to Luna

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Chapter 13 ~~Janice’s threats~~

Friday morning, Kia woke up excited that today was the day of the senior ball. She tried to put it out of her mind but it was all she could think about. She ate breakfast but could barely sit still through the meal. Everyone kept grinning at her because they could sense her excitement.

“Kia, I had Lucy move your dress and stuff over to the bedroom next to Ehtan’s so that you and Lucy can spend as much time as necessary getting ready for tonight.” Angela said.

“Well, mom, to be honest, we are going into town early so that we can go get a copy of Kia’s birth certificate from the state records office.” Ethan said.

“Do you have to do that today? Can’t it wait until Monday? I mean, she’s not going to need it right away, is she?” Angela asked.

“No, we don’t have to do it today. We can wait until then. It just means another trip into town but then that might not be a bad thing since I’d like Lucy to go with me to town before the Luna Ball.” Kia said.

“Oh? Do you have something else to do in town?” Ethan asked.

“Yes. I want her to make me a special dress for the Luna ball and no, you don’t get to see it before. I want this to be a special surprise for everyone.” Kia said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Mom, I don’t know if I told you or not but we are renting a hotel room tonight so that we don’t have to drive back after the dance since it doesn’t get over until midnight.” Ethan said.

“Ok. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out if you had a good time, which I hope you do.” Angela said. “I just want pictures of you two in your formal clothes before you go.”

“Sure that would be great.” Kia said. She was glad that this was one experience that would be as close to humans as she was likely to get from now on and wished her parents could be there to share it with them as well.

“Well, we’d better see how much work we can get done before you have to start getting ready.” Marcus said as he pushed away from the table.

The men all stood up and left for work while Angela and Kia stayed at the table. “So you have decided what you want to wear for the Luna Ball?” Angela asked.

“Yes, ma’am. I would also like your help with something. I want to get a gift for Ethan but I need to know when he was born?”

“March 17th. He was our shamrock baby. His birthstone is Aquamarine.” Angela answered.

“Perfect. Now I need to get on a computer and have it designed.” Kia said.

“Well, you have a computer in your office. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Oh, and check in with Marcus. I think the things they ordered for you came in yesterday’s mail. I’m going to find Jacob and get some work done in the garden.” Angela said as she pushed away from the table.

Kia followed suit and quickly ran back upstairs. She was anxious to know what it was that had come in the mail for her. She knocked on the door to Ethan’s office and found him, his father, Jared and Chris sitting around the meeting table talking.

“Excuse me but Angela said some things came in the mail for me yesterday?” Kia asked.

“Oh yeah. I almost forgot.” Marcus stood up and walked over to the desk. He picked up a plain white envelope that had already been opened and handed it to her.

“This is your credit card. You just have to call the number on the card to activate it and select your security pin number. Angela keeps a journal of all of the pack credit cards and their pin numbers in case the cards are ever lost or stolen so that we can cancel it and get a new one issued. Make sure you put yours in there as well.

Household expenses go on a separate card that should be in your desk. Ask Angela or Lily for the security code for it. Angela is currently handling all of that but once Lily is back on her feet, she’ll be a big help to you in learning your pack duties.

Keeping the household properly supplied is a big part of that. Edith and her girls will come to you with lists of things they are running low on or out of and it’s up to you to see that they are ordered, delivered and paid for on that card. This card is for your personal expenses, like clothes, gifts, ect.” Marcus instructed her.

“Great! I don’t have any problems with that at all. Can you tell me what kind of accounting program you use?” Kia asked and surprised Marcus.

“I’m not sure what Angela has been using to tell you the truth. Quick something, I think.” Marcus admitted.

“Quickbooks Pro, I hope? I’m very good at that one. Do I keep all the financial records for the pack?” Kia asked.

“Eventually yes but it’s a lot of paperwork. Right now, just focus on learning the household supplies and inventory. Once you are settled in and up to speed, I’ll turn more and more of it over to you.” Ethan said, coming up next to his father.

“Great! Well, I have something I want to research on the computer but I’ll check it out and familiarize myself with your system.” Kia said. She thanked Marcus, gave Ethan a quick kiss, waved at the others and then left his office. She walked over to her office and let herself in.

She stopped and looked around and still couldn’t believe this was her office. She had always hoped to have a nice office but this surpassed “nice” by several miles. It was huge! She walked over to her desk and hit the power button on the computer. As she waited for it to gear up, she looked through the drawers. If nothing else, Angela was very organized. The middle drawer had individual compartments for pencils and pens, the staple puller, scissors, etc were all neatly in their own little spaces.

She found the credit card that Marcus had mentioned and was not surprised that it was an American Express Centurion Card, also known as a Black card. She would check what the current limit on the card was, find out what the average monthly expenses were and more than likely tell Ethan that they needed to switch to a less expensive card.

It didn’t make sense to pay those high fees if they could get around it. They could keep it open until the end of the yearly period but five thousand dollars a year is a lot to spend on just being able to have a prestigious card when many others will pay cash back, earning the pack money instead of spending on unnecessary expenses. But she knew she needed to get familiar with all of the ins and outs of how things work before she said anything to anyone.

She signed into her bank account to be sure she knew her balance before she got too involved in ordering Ethan’s gift. She usually kept a pretty close eye on her account using the computers at school or the public library and had always hated doing it that way because it left her open to being hacked but her cheap “throw away” phone couldn’t get online.

She only had it so that she could make calls or text. She had it on her wish list to get a more advanced one some day. She wondered if, as Luna, she would earn an hourly wage or salary? If not, she was going to talk to Ethan about a job away from those duties. She did not like being financially dependent on anyone.

Next she got onto the website and began designing Ethan’s gift. She had been thinking about what she could do to show him just how thankful she was that he had rescued her and given her this wonderful place to live.

After about an hour, she had designed a bolo tie pendant of two wolf heads in a yin yang style. One in white gold with an emerald eye and one in black onyx with an aquamarine eye encircled with a white gold rim. She chose a nice black leather tie with white gold tips to go with it.

The total with shipping was rather high but Kia pulled out her bank card and paid it. It almost emptied her savings account but she wanted to pay for this herself and wasn’t going to use pack money for this. The site charged her an extra fee for express shipping but she should have it before the Luna Ball.

She spent some time checking out the programs that Angela had been working with on the computer and was glad to see that there was nothing that she was not already familiar with. She mind linked Angela to ask the passwords for Quickbooks and Angela answered back “Are you at your desk?”


“Look in the desk drawer to your right. There is a small green journal in there that has all the passwords and access codes you will need for all the programs and websites that you will need to use. Don’t worry about it today and keep an eye on the time. Are you coming down for lunch or should I have Lucy bring you something to your office?”

A glance at the clock on the computer told Kia that she had been sitting here for longer than she had realized and somehow the morning was gone.

“I’ll be down in a minute or two. Thanks for making me realize how fast the morning has gone by.” Kia replied and began to shut down the computer. She found the green journal in the drawer and quickly glanced through it. She returned it to the drawer and noticed that there was no lock on the drawer that she could see.

She didn’t take the time to investigate further right now but wanted to ask if there was a locking drawer on the desk and if not, she wanted a lock installed. Not that she didn’t trust everyone in the pack but had always been taught that it was just proper procedure to keep things like that under lock and key. She decided she would discuss it with Ethan tonight while they were driving to the senior ball but for now, she knew that they must be waiting on her for lunch so she hurried down the hall as her stomach growled for her to hurry.

By the time lunch was over, it was after 1 o’clock and Kia was torn over going back to work or laying down and trying to take a nap, which Angela had suggested but she knew for herself she would not sleep since she was so excited about tonight. She decided to seek out Lucy and ask her about going to town next week to look for material for a dress. She had decided on what she wanted to wear for the Luna ball and she wanted it to be a total surprise to everyone.

“Lucy, do you drive?” Kia asked when she showed up in her bedroom.

“Yes, don’t you?” Lucy replied.

“No, not yet. I passed driver’s ed in school but because I don’t have a copy of my birth certificate yet, I can’t get a driver’s license till I do. Ethan said he would take me into town sometime this week to get a copy but I want me and you to go by ourselves because I want to pick out some fabric. I want you to make me a gown for the Luna ball.” Kia said, hopeful that she would agree to do it.

“OH! Luna! What an honor that would be! I would be proud to make your gown.” Lucy said, getting tears in her eyes and she clasped her hands over her mouth.

“Oh I’m so glad. Let me give you an idea of what I would like to have you make. You know that statue in the garden of the moon goddess with the two wolves at her feet?” Kia asked and Lucy nodded, her eyes growing wide.

“I want something like that. Gathered fabric that ties closed at the shoulders, with a deep V in the front and tied under my breast and the skirt should be full and flowing down to my feet. I also want a cape with a hood. I am going to share with you what I plan to do and don’t you dare utter a word of it to anyone. Don’t tell or show anyone my dress or let them know what it looks like. Promise?” Kia said with a twinkle in her eyes.

“Promise! Cross my heart, I won’t say a word to anyone and if anyone asks, I’ll just tell them you ordered me not to tell. No one will go against your wishes.” Lucy said, getting excited that her new Luna was going to share a fun secret with her.

“Well, here’s what I plan to do. I’ve been told that I need to show everyone not only my human face but my wolf as well. I want to first appear as myself. Then I’ll pull the cape around me, turn my back to the crowd, pull the ties under my breast and over my shoulders so that my gown will drop to the floor and I won’t tear it up when I shift to my wolf, Tia. The cape will cover me while I’m naked but won’t tear up and will be easy for Ethan to throw back over me so that I can shift back and the dress will be easy to put back on quickly. What do you think?” Kia asked.

“I think it’s brilliant! You are going to make quite the impression and I can just imagine how I would like to do your hair! You will be beautiful, not that you aren’t already.” Lucy said, clapping her hands together in happiness.

“You have definitely got to get some roman sandals to wear and some big bangle bracelets for your wrists to finish the look, but make sure to take them off before you shift or you might hurt your leg. A heavy draping necklace would be great as well but that’s becoming a lot to have to take off to be able to shift. Oh, I can’t wait to go shopping with you. I know the perfect store to go to for the fabric. I just hope we can find a pattern for it. I’m pretty sure we can.” Lucy said.

“Lets go look online and see if we can find what we will need. You might have to make some alterations so that it’s easy to get off quickly but that shouldn’t be hard to do.” Kia said and grabbed her hand, pulling her along to her office. She quickly let them in and stopped short when they found a young woman lounging on the sofa like she belonged there.

Lucy instantly bristled when she saw who it was. “Janice! What are you doing in Luna’s office?”

“Waiting for her, what do you think or do you think?” Janice came back with a sneer.

Kia looked her over, assessing the young woman, instantly disliking her. She was tall, at least 5’8” or 5’9” and very well built with an ample bust line, smallish waist and womanly hips covered in a skin tight red dress with a neckline cut so low that she was almost spilling out of the top. It was cut so short that Kia was amazed that she managed to cover her bubble bottom completely. Her legs were covered in nude silk stockings and her shoes matched the color of her dress perfectly.

She was model beautiful with long straight blonde hair, perfectly shaped brows over ice blue eyes. High cheekbones, a perfectly thin straight nose that had to have been done by a very expensive plastic surgeon because no one was born with such a perfect nose and those lips had to have felt more than one botox shot completed Kia’s assessment.

“And what did you want to see me about?” Kia asked as she walked towards her desk and sat down. Even though she had never met the woman before, her whole attitude and the way she had spoken to Lucy made her instantly dislike the woman.

Lucy was still standing in the doorway and she saw Ethan coming. She held up her hand to stop him and linked him thinking “I think Luna has it covered. Give her a chance to handle this on her own but be prepared for Janice to come out upside down.”

Ethan almost started laughing but did as Lucy suggested by staying hidden unless he was needed. But he just had to hear this.

Janice stood up and crossed her arms under her breasts, trying to emphasize their size, which might work on a man but Kia was not impressed, as Janice stepped to within a foot or two from the front of the desk before beginning to dig her own grave.

“Now look here you little tramp. I’ve been a member of this pack since the day I was born. Ethan and I have been dating since middle school and I’m going to be the Luna of this pack, not you!

I’ve heard about how you trapped him into thinking you are his mate by playing to be some kind of poor innocent orphan who was lost and all alone. Ethan has always been soft for people in need. It’s just one of his weaknesses and will be the downfall of this pack without a strong Luna to help him. I’m that person, not you.

You are just a money hungry little gold digger who is out to take what she can get from him. Well, I’m on to y0u and soon he will see it for himself. I know his mother has already spent a lot of money on you for that stupid dance he’s taking you to tonight but I can guarantee you, while he may be taking you into the city tonight, he’ll be coming home alone and back to me!” Janice raged, getting madder and madder as she went on when Kia didn’t seem to be reacting, keeping her face neutral.

Kia let her finish, keeping a tight rein on Tia who was chomping at the bit to get out and rip this bitches head off.

“Are you done?” Kia asked in a deadly voice but not waiting for her to reply, she went on to say “If you meant anything to Ethan, why didn’t he already claim you as his mate if you have been dating all of these years?

I did not ask him for help and have never asked him or his mother to spend a dime on me but I do appreciate what they have done for me so far and will show my appreciation in my own way.

Ethan is not weak because he shows compassion, in fact I think it’s a trait that makes him a real man! And I’m sure that if he were planning to take me back to the city to just drop me off, he would not have spent the money to buy me a beautiful gown to wear tonight.

He CHOSE ME, not you.” Kia said, pulling down the collar of her shirt so that Janice could see the crescent moon mark on her neck near her collar bone. “He has marked me and I him so I suggest you deal with it on your own and move on to the next poor candidate and leave us alone. Threatening me is not going to get you anywhere and if you persist in trying to intimate me, I’ll see to it that you are removed from these grounds permanently.” Kia said, leaning forward in her chair and putting her hands flat on the desk as she stood up.

“How dare you threaten me, you little bitch! You don’t have the power to kick me out of the pack!” Janice screamed at her.

“Yes she does and I totally agree with her decision. I warned you Janice. I’ve tried to be nice to you and I’ve told you many times, you are never going to be the Luna to this pack. I never promised you any such thing.

You were never even someone I would take as a chosen mate, even if I hadn’t found Kia as my true mate. Now get your personal stuff together and get off pack land! You’ve got until 5 pm to be gone. Leave the keys to the pack car you drive with Josh. He will call you a cab. Oh and give me the pack credit card.” Ethan said, stepping into the room.

Janice whirled on him with wide eyes and her mouth hanging open. “What? You’re kicking me out of the pack? You can’t do that. I was born into this pack. My parents died defending it. They are buried on pack land. You can’t do this to me. I have nowhere else to go.” Janice said, breaking down in front of them as she pretended to stumble to Ethan and drape herself against him, clinging to his shoulders.

Ethan took a hold of her wrists and pulled them away and then pushed. Janice stumbled and fell back on the sofa, her legs splaying apart. Her black peek-a-boo panties fully exposed her neatly shaved crotch to everyone’s view and Ethan wrinkled his nose in distaste. He crossed the floor in two strides to be by Kia’s side as she stood up from her chair and went to him.

Janice stared at them with pure hatred in her eyes. “You will be sorry for this! I’ll make you pay for rejecting me!” Janice said as she pushed herself back up onto her high heels and started to leave the office.

“The credit card, Janice.” Ethan reminded her.

Janice opened the small Louis Vuitton bag that dangled from her shoulder and pulled out the credit card and threw it at him.

Lucy was still standing at the door and Janice shouldered her out of the way as she stormed through it but Lucy had a firm stance and all it did was cause Janice to lose her balance and nearly fall off her high heels again and one of the heels broke, which made her even more mad.

“Get out of my way, you worthless piece of shit!” Janice growled at her. Lucy growled right back and took a step towards her. Janice, coward that she was, squealed and took off, hobbling as fast as her high heels with one loose heel could go.

“So that was your ex?” Kia asked with raised eyebrows at Ethan and Lucy wisely stepped back out of the room and closed the door behind her.

“She was never an item. We dated some in high school and I’ve used her when I needed a date for social obligations as Alpha but I’ve always been clear with her that I have no feelings for her and she was never promised anything, especially the position of Luna.

She was just hoping that I would never find you and have to settle for her but even if I hadn’t found you I would never have chosen her as Luna for this pack. And no, I’ve never been with her or anyone else physically. Your first time was mine too.” Ethan said and then kissed her senseless.

When he finally let her up for air, he asked “How did she get in here?”

“I don’t know. She was in here when Lucy and I came in.” Kia said and then sat down in the office chair and pulled open the drawer.

“She must have been looking at this. I turned it face down when I was finished with it and now it’s face up.” Kia said.

Ethan mind linked Josh and Chris. “Stop Janice from leaving. We need to search her before she leaves the grounds. She may have stolen something from Luna’s office.” Then he mind linked his parents. “Can you please come to Kia’s office right away?”

Josh and Chris answered “On it, Alpha.”

Angela and Marcus knocked a minute later before entering the office. “What’s wrong son?”

“Janice was in here when Kia and Lucy came in. They had a confrontation and I threw her out of the pack for threatening me and Kia. We think she may have stolen some information out of here.” He said holding up the green journal.

“I knew she was upset about Kia but I never thought she would take it anywhere.” Angela said.

“Have you stopped her from leaving the grounds?” Marcus wanted to know.

“I alerted Josh and Chris to stop her and have her brought back here. Mom, will you see her strip searched, if necessary? Kia has never been trained to fight and while Janice is not exactly a warrior, she does know how to fight dirty.” Ethan asked.

“I’ll rip her clothes off of her if she doesn’t strip willingly.” Angela said. She was furious that someone she had known and treated like family for so many years would do something as hateful as this.

Fifteen minutes later, Josh and Chris escorted Janice back into Kia’s office where Ethan, Kia and his parents were waiting along with Lucy and Edith.

“Janice, I can not believe that you would dare to threaten your Alpha and your Luna. We’ve always been good to you, treated you like family, took care of you after your parents died and you repay us by threatening them and stealing from us? How dare you!” Angela said and then slapped Janice hard, leaving a large red hand print on her face.

“I’m sorry Luna. I was angry at him for choosing her and not me. I thought I was going to be Luna someday. I’ve always loved Ethan, ever since we were kids.” Janice said, beginning to cry.

“To make matters worse, you went through her desk. Did you copy the information out of my green journal? Where is it?” Angela asked.

“NO! I didn’t copy anything. I swear. I was looking for a piece of paper, that’s all.” Janice lied.

“Check her phone.” Ethan said. He knew what a selfie queen she was and that she was never without her phone.

Josh slid the strap of her purse off her arm from behind and tossed it to Ethan. Janice tried to catch it in mid air but Chris kept her from stepping forward so she missed.

Ethan opened her purse and found not only her phone but the house account credit card. He swiped the screen and brought up her camera. Sure enough, there were pictures of the pages with the usernames and passwords for every program and website they used, especially the ones from the bank.

He also went in and checked her bank records, finding it easy to do since she had her password saved on her phone. He found that she had transferred five thousand dollars from four different credit cards to her personal account from their credit card accounts right after she had left the office. She must have done it as she was leaving the house since he had taken the actual card from her.

“I should call the cops on you. Twenty thousand dollars is grand theft and you could go to prison for a very long time for this, Janice.” Ethan said as he reversed the transfers. “Dad, I think you should call the bank and make sure we dispute those transactions.”

“Call the law son. I won’t tolerate this, even from someone I’ve always treated like a daughter.” Marcus said. He was so mad he could barely speak as he glared at Janice.

“What? Oh, please don’t do that. I’m sorry. Ethan can transfer the money back and even keep the phone. I’ll go quietly and you’ll never see me again.” Janice begged.

“Considering that we paid for the phone, not to mention the service that you’ve been using for years, that’s very generous of you, Janice. It’s up to you, son, but if it were me, I’d prosecute her to the full extent of the law.” Marcus said.

“I’ll call Mitch.” Ethan said. He planned to teach Janice a lesson she would never forget.

“Oh, God no! Please Angela, help me! I’m sorry. Just let me go and I promise you will never see or hear from me again.” Janice begged. Now real tears were streaming down her perfectly made up face, leaving black mascara tracks that dripped off of her chin.

“Kia, what do you think?” Ethan mind linked his mate.

“Well, she hasn’t actually stolen anything since we caught her before she could take possession of it. I say scare the hell out of her and have Mitch come get her but then act like he’s showing her pity and to let her “escape” when he’s got her back in the city.” Kia mind linked him back. She had to turn away from Janice to keep her from seeing the grin on her face.

“I like it.” Ethan thought as he pulled out his phone and called Mitch.

Janice was now on her knees blubbering and begging them to forgive her. Her nose was running and her face was a mess of smeared mascara and lipstick.

Ethan mind linked everyone else in the room and let them know what he was doing and one by one, they all had to leave the room to keep from laughing out loud. Josh and Chris were the only ones left besides Ethan, Kia and Janice.

“It will take Mitch about an hour and a half to get out here. Take her down to one of the holding cells until he gets here.” Ethan said, fighting hard to keep from breaking down laughing. “Put her in the dirtiest one.” Ethan linked Josh.

Josh nearly lost it but cleared his throat and said “Yes, Alpha.” He and Chris grabbed her by the arms, lifted her up and made her walk to the holding cells. They locked her up and then Chris said “You brought this on yourself, Janice.”

He and Josh left the holding cells and as soon as the door was closed, they fell on the ground laughing.

Marcus contacted the bank and made sure the funds had been returned to the proper credit card accounts and then turned off the card that had been assigned to Janice. They were going to have to have a meeting about making the accounts more secure.

He realized that they had more than a dozen credit cards on their accounts for key people in the pack to use and while he doubted that any of them would abuse the privilege, he had never thought Janice would either but look at what had happened today. Anger can make people do strange things that they would normally never do.

Ethan, Josh and Chris met briefly to discuss what was going to happen to Janice and Ethan talked to the rogue they had captured early that week.

The young rogue was looking much better, having been fed and allowed to bathe. He had also healed quite a bit and there was only a light bruise left over his right eye, which had been swollen so bad he had barely been able to see out of it. He was definitely a tiny man, standing only about 5’3” and Ethan guessed that he wouldn’t even weigh 100 lbs., with light brown hair and dull brown eyes.

“So what is your name?” Ethan started the questioning.

“Brock Waters.” The rogue answered.

“How old are you, Brock?” Ethan asked.

“Twenty on my last birthday.” Brock answered.

“Why aren’t you with a pack?” Ethan asked.

“I’m an Omega and on my own. My parents are both dead. My dad was killed by rogues when I was just a pup. My mom died of cancer two years later. I don’t have any other family. Because I’m so small and an Omega, I got picked on a lot. Beaten up almost daily, forced to eat whatever scraps were in the trash and would be assigned the most disgusting jobs of the pack.

About six months ago I got fed up and ran but within a month, I ran into the rogues. Lucas, the rogue that attacked you, is crazy but he’s also very smart. He attacks packs, trying to kill off the leaders and take over the Omega’s to grow his pack. He doesn’t care anything about the untrained or the children. If the Omega’s defy him, he kills them. His only real rule is to do as you are told or you will be killed.” Brock explained. “Look, I can’t tell you how glad I am to be away from him. I just want a safe place to sleep, decent food to eat and I will be the most loyal Omega in your pack. Won’t you at least give me a chance?”

“We are considering it but I need to know more about this Lucas. How many are currently in his pack?” Ethan asked.

“About fifty I think but a lot of them are not happy being with him either. He’s cruel and vicious. He eats first and whatever is left, they might get to lick up the remainder. If he finds a female, he rapes her until he’s done with her and then lets the others have a turn, if they want it but few of them survive him. He likes to bite and I’ve seen him rip out their throats while he’s screwing them. It seems to get him off.” Brock said and then almost gagged as he remembered seeing Lucas kill a beautiful female wolf they had encountered a few weeks back.

She couldn’t have been much more than 18 or 19 years old. He had mounted her like a dog, screwing her in her ass then flipped her over and ripped her head off. He had called her a whore when it had been obvious that she had been a virgin before he had gotten to her.

It had made Brock sick to his stomach and he had puked behind a big tree but one of the others had seen and they ganged up on him and beat him up. They had smeared her blood all over him and wouldn’t let him wash.

Thankfully it had rained about a week later and he finally managed to rid himself of her blood but the vision of her beautiful blue eyes and the sound of her screaming would haunt him forever.

“One more question. Do you have any idea where they are headed?” Ethan asked.

“Last I heard he was headed west but he can change his mind in a flash. They try to steer away from big packs but will attack lone members if they get the chance and smaller packs don’t stand a chance. He’s trying to get enough rogues together to be able to even take on larger packs but he’s got his hands full with the ones he has now. Very few of them are actually loyal to him. They only stay because they fear him and know that he will hunt you down and kill you if you try to run away from him. I’m hoping that he’s assuming I’m dead and that’s why he hasn’t come after me.” Brock said.

“Well, then, it looks like you are in the safest place possible right now. I would like to say we can let you out of here but that would make not only you but members of our pack vulnerable if the rogues were to see or smell you on our land.”

“I understand. If I could have a broom and maybe a mop? I could at least clean up down here and maybe it wouldn’t smell so bad?” Brock asked hopefully.

Ethan grinned at him and said “Sure. Josh, get him what he needs to clean up his cell. Brock, as soon as we have the rogue issue under control, we’ll try to find you something to do but understand this. You will be on probation. If anyone in my pack comes to harm because of you, I’ll make Lucas look like a wimp. Understand me?” Ethan put on his sternest expression, then stood up and left the cells.

He could still hear Janice sobbing in her cell at the end of the hall but he didn’t feel even an ounce of pity for her. “Make sure he stays away from Janice. Mitch should be here soon.”

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