From Orphan to Luna

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Chapter 14 ~~Mitch and Tanya are Mates!~~

As Ethan walked across the yard, he was surprised when he saw Tanya pull up in front of the house. He walked over to meet her. “Hey Tanya. How are you?”

“Having a hard time accepting that he’s gone but dealing with it as best I can. I heard you kicked Janice out of the pack?” Tanya asked. Tanya had never really liked Janice. She was too stuck up and could be cruel to those she considered lower class than her. Tanya being one of those people.

“Yeah. She threatened me and Kia and tried to steal from the pack funds. My parents were very angry and upset. They have always treated Janice like she was one of the family after her parents were killed. My friend, Mitch, is a cop in the city. He’s on his way to pick her up.” Ethan told her. “Man, news sure does travel fast.”

“Yeah, you know how the gossip grapevine is. Janice always used to brag that one of these days she would be Luna and I for one am really grateful that you did not have to settle for her. She would have made life here hell if she had been in charge.” Tanya said with feeling.

“Even if I had never met Kia, I would never have had Janice as my Luna. I know how self centered she’s always been. I probably made a mistake by dating her when I needed someone to go to a function with but that’s all it ever was. I never asked her out just because I wanted to spend time with her.” Ethan said.

“I understand. She was the only one that believed that she would one day be Luna. I haven’t had a chance to get to know Kia yet, but she seems nice.” Tanya said.

“I think you two will get along great. What brings you to the house today?” Ethan asked.

“Oh, My mom wanted to return the baskets that Edith made for us the other night and I want to say hello to Lucy. I haven’t seen her in so long!” Tanya replied.

“Well, come on in. I think she’s helping Kia get ready for the senior ball. Speaking of which, I’m going to have to start getting ready soon. The dance starts at 7.” Ethan said with a glance at his watch. He wished Mitch would hurry up and get here. He was running out of time and he wanted to make sure that Janice was gone before they left for the night.

Ethan helped Tanya carry the baskets inside the kitchen where they found Lucy helping Edith get the dinner buffet set up. “Alpha, we are going to have dinner early tonight so that you and Luna can have a good meal before you go to town. We can eat before you two put on your fancy clothes.” Edith told him. “Oh my goodness. Tanya! I didn’t see you standing there. How are you my dear?”

“I’m good, thanks. My mom asked me to return these baskets and to tell you thank you. She’s barely left her room since Ronald’s funeral.” Tanya said.

“I’ll try to make an effort to go over and visit with her this weekend, poor thing.” Edith said.

“Hey, Lucy. How’s things with you?” Tanya asked her friend.

“I’m good. Good to see you Tan.” Lucy said as she walked over and hugged her friend. They had known each other all of their lives and had been close at one point but then Tanya went off to college and they had kind of drifted apart.

Tanya was taller than Lucy by a couple of inches and wore smart clothes that consisted of dark brown slacks topped with a beige blouse covered with small gold chevrons and brown pumps on her tiny feet. She had pretty auburn colored hair, fair skin with just a few light freckles across her small nose, big hazel eyes and nicely shaped lips in a pretty oval shaped face. Her hair was cut just below her shoulders and curled away from her face. Anyone looking at her could tell that she had been crying a lot lately and probably not sleeping well as there were light bags under her pretty almond shaped eyes.

“Well as much as I wish I could stay and visit, I really should get back. My parents freak out every time I go out of the house, especially if it’s anywhere near dark. I’m just thankful that school was ready to let out. I need to go back to the city to get my things out of the dorm and get my car. I was hoping that maybe you could drive me into town one day next week?” Tanya asked Lucy.

“Sure. Luna and I are going to shop for fabric for her gown for the Luna Ball. I’m not sure when it will be but I’ll be sure to let you know.” Lucy said.

“Great. Thanks! Well, I’d better get home. Please let me know, Lucy. Good to see you again Edith. Alpha.” Tanya said, as she turned to leave.

Ethan walked with her to the front door just as Mitch pulled up, He parked his car and got out. As he stood up from the car, he looked up and saw Tanya.

“Mate.” He growled. Ethan and Tanya froze.

Ethan looked from Mitch to Tanya and slowly got a big smile on his face. No one moved for a full minute and then suddenly, Mitch moved so fast that they didn’t even see him move as he approached Tanya. Suddenly he was standing in front of her with the dopiest look on his face that Ethan almost burst out laughing.

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Ethan thought to himself. After himself and Kia, Jared and Lily, Ethan couldn’t think of two people who would be better suited to each other than these two and he was happy for them.

Mitch looked down at Tanya who was beaming up at him.

“Hi.” Mitch said and then added, “My name is Mitch.”

“Hi. My name is Tanya. Very nice to meet you.” Tanya smiled at the big good looking man who had her heart beating a mile a minute.

Ethan turned and left the two of them alone after saying “Come on in the house when you are done, Mitch. And don’t worry. She’ll be here all summer.”

Mitch thought to himself “Want to bet?” He just grunted his agreement but never took his eyes off of Tanya.

Ethan returned to the house as Jared was coming down the stairs with Lily. “Is that Mitch outside?” Jared asked.

“Yep. Tanya Bryerson is his mate!” Ethan chuckled.

“Wow. Really?” Jared asked.

“Yep. He stepped out of this patrol car, took one look at her and growled “Mate!”

“Yeah, that sounds about right. You never know when or with who until you see them and then it feels like someone punched you in the chest.” Jared said remembering how he had felt when he had seen Lily for the first time. Lily smiled and said “I’m glad they found each other. I think they will make a great couple.”

Together they walked in the dining room just as Edith put the last of the dishes on the buffet table. Then she stood and got a glazed look on her face as she let everyone know that dinner was ready. Not long after, everyone came to the table and were just starting to eat when Mitch came into the house. He still had a dopey look on his face as he appeared in the dining room doorway.

“I told you, didn’t I? It’s like stepping in front of a freight train.” Ethan teased his friend. “Come and have some dinner Mitch. Everyone, you remember Mitch Robertson from the Blue Pine pack.”

“Sure. Come on Mitch. Have some of Edith’s excellent roast beef.” Marcus said as he waved his hand towards the buffet table.

“Thank you. I haven’t eaten since breakfast and even that was just cereal.” Marcus said as he walked over to the buffet table and began to fill a plate. When he joined everyone around the table, taking the seat next to Josh, everyone filled him in on what had happened with Janice.

“We’re not actually going to prosecute her at this point but I want you to scare the hell out of her. Take her through the whole process of booking and letting her spend a night or two in jail. Then let her go. We don’t care where she goes, just so long as she never comes back here. Make sure that is 100% clear to her. Tell her we had a change of heart but that can change if she tries to come back.” Ethan said.

“Don’t help her in any way. She’s damned lucky we are letting her off the hook after what she pulled.” Marcus said. He still felt that they should prosecute her to the full extent of the law.

“Dad, I understand how you feel but Janice is still a werewolf. Can you imagine what could happen if you lock her away? She’ll go crazy and could shift and hurt someone. Not to mention the attention that would draw to us.” Ethan said reasonably.

“He’s right sir. Werewolves do not do well when you lock them up. That’s why most packs deal with their own issues and keep us city cops out of their problems.” Mitch said, backing Ethan up.

“We would too, normally, but with the rogues that have been in the area, Janice would be a sitting duck, especially with what we found out from the one in the cells today. The main rogue is named Lucas and he’s crazy and manic. Turning Janice out to fend for herself without getting her to the city, she would more than likely end up dead. I know we are all angry with her but I don’t think any of us want to see her dead.” Ethan said and Kia was so proud of him. He was solving a problem without choosing a path that could cause someone to die.

“I understand and don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.” Mitch said as he dug into his dinner.

They all talked about more pleasant things, the main topic of conversation being the Luna ball. Ethan told Mitch, “the ball will be held next Saturday evening. I bet Tanya will be hoping that you call her for a date.” Ethan couldn’t help but tease his large friend.

“Oh she can count on that.” Mitch gave him a goofy grin. He was so happy and couldn’t wait to see Tanya again. Everything in him had wanted to load her into his patrol car and take her home with him and never let her go but she had explained that it had been her brother that was killed recently and she needed to get back to her parents, who would worry about her if she didn’t go home soon. They had exchanged phone numbers and he had stolen a kiss from her before he saw her safely in her car.

As soon as dinner was over, Ethan and Kia said goodbye and thanks to Mitch then went upstairs to get dressed. Josh and Chris escorted Mitch down to the cells and turned Janice over to him.

She cried, ranted and carried on about how unfair this was and that she hadn’t actually done anything to be arrested for. But Mitch just told her “Just because you didn’t get away with the money, doesn’t relieve you of trying to steal it and stealing is a crime. If they decide to prosecute, you will get at least 5 to 10 years in federal prison.” That sentence seemed to shock Janice into silence but big tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

As soon as they reached the outside she began to try to fight back and Mitch had to practically drag her to his patrol car where he locked her in the back seat.

With a grin at Josh and Chris, he waved and climbed into the driver’s seat, very glad that there was a steel mesh screen between him and Janice. It was going to be a long drive back to the city but it was more because he couldn’t wait to get home and call Tanya.

His mind was racing with all the plans that he wanted to set in motion as fast as possible. He had been waiting a long time and had been beginning to think that he would never find his mate and now, suddenly there she was and he couldn’t have asked for someone more perfect. And to think, he had been rather annoyed when Ethan had called him to drive all the way out to pick up a prisoner.


Tanya left the pack house and felt like she had floated all the way home on a cloud. She couldn’t believe that the short errand had turned into finding her mate!

“He’s so handsome and big! His shoulders have to be at least 3 feet wide and I doubt if I could put both of my hands around his biceps, they were huge. Oh and those beautiful hazel eyes. I love his curly brown hair and I thought I was going to die when he kissed me with that lucious mouth. He has a beautiful smile.”

Tanya ran into the house, yelling “MOM! MOM! You are not going to believe what happened to me!” She screamed as she ran up the stairs to her parents bedroom. Her mother had barely left her bed since her brother had been killed. She found her mother getting out of bed but her legs were tangled in the sheets.

“What? What’s wrong? Were you attacked?” Marianne Bryerson puffed as she finally managed to get her legs untangled from the sheets and sat on the edge of the bed as her daughter flew into the room. Marianne looked Tanya over and realized that she was not only excited but looked very happy.

“I met him, Mom. I’ve found my mate!” Tanya squealed as she ran over and threw her arms around her mothers neck, hugging her tight.

“Who is he? How did you meet him?” Marianne asked, worried that her daughter might have run into one of the rogues and she prayed that was not the case.

“His name is Mitch. He’s a friend of Ethan’s. He’s a policeman in Omaha. He came out to pick up Janice and take her to jail. You did hear about Janice threatening Ethan and Kia and trying to steal from the pack funds, didn’t you?

Well, Mitch pulled up just as I was leaving. Oh, Edith and Lucy said to tell you hello. Edith said she would come and visit you one day next week and to let her know if you need anything.

Anyway, I was just leaving the house when Mitch pulled up in his police car. He stepped out, took one look at me and growled “Mate.” Oh mom, I thought my heart had stopped beating. In an instant he was standing right in front of me with the cutest expression on his face.

He’s about 6’4” with shoulders about this wide (she said using her hands to demonstrate), he’s got curly brown hair, the most beautiful hazel eyes and a lovely smile.” Tanya left out the fact that Mitch had kissed her already. “Oh mom! I’m so happy I could bust! I finally found him!”

Marianne watched her daughter and remembered when her husband had found her. She was happy that her daughter had finally found her mate and tried to push away the thought that her son would never know this kind of joy but his recent loss still weighed heavily on her heart.

“I’m happy for you, Tanya. Finding your soulmate is a wonderful thing. So when will we get to meet him? You said he is a cop in the city?” Marianne asked, already fearful that she was soon going to be losing her daughter and it was just too much after having so recently lost her son.

Tanya noticed the color leave her mothers face and immediately became concerned. “Mom? Are you alright?”

“Yes, dear. I’m just not ready to lose you too.” Marianne admitted as big tears began to roll down her face.

“Oh, mom. You are not going to lose me. Mitch and I just met. I don’t know what is going to happen, where we are going to live or what we are going to do. But mom, I’ve been living in the city for three years now and I always come home on holidays and during the summers. I don’t know how far away Mitch’s pack is but if he works in Omaha, I’d bet it’s not far away so I’ll still be able to come and visit and you can come and visit me.”

Marianne seemed to be comforted by that as Tanya helped her mother back into bed. “Mom, I want the doctor to come and look at you. You are so pale. Being closed up in this room cannot be good for you. When was the last time you really ate anything? You barely touched any of the food we’ve brought up to you.” Tanya said with concern.

“I’ll be fine, dear. I’ve not been sleeping well and just need to rest. I miss Ronald so much.” Marianne began to cry again.

“I know mom. I miss him too but he wouldn’t want you to take on like this. He would want you to go on living. To remember him like he was, always smiling and happy. He’s with the moon goddess now so you know he’s alright.” Tanya said, trying to think of anything that would cheer her mother up.

“I just wish I could hold him one more time. He was such a loving person and I miss him.” Marianne choked through her tears as she lay back on her pillow. Tanya sat with her until she dozed off and then went to find her father.

“Daddy, I’m worried about Mom. She’s not bouncing back and in fact, I think she’s getting sick. She just seems to have lost her will to live.” Tanya told her father.

“Losing a child is the hardest thing a parent ever has to go through, Tanya. Your mother and Ronald have always been close. His dying was hard enough but what those rogues did to him haunts her and she hasn’t been sleeping well. But you may be right. Maybe it’s time to call Dr. Anson to come and look at her. Maybe he can prescribe something that will help her sleep so she can get some much needed rest. Lord, knows we could both use it.” Donald Bryerson said.

“Daddy? I have something else to tell you.” Tanya said, unsure if she should tell him after what he had just said and how she knew he was feeling about losing her brother.

“Yes, baby girl. What’s on your mind?” Donald asked.

“I met my mate today.” Tanya said and watched his face for his reaction. She was so glad when he smiled.

“Oh, baby girl. I’m so happy for you. Who is he?” Donald asked as he stood up from pulling weeds to hug her warmly.

“Oh Daddy. I’m so happy. His name is Mitch and he’s a friend of Alpha’s. He’s also a cop in Omaha. He came to Ethan’s house to pick up Janice. You heard about what’s happening with her, right?”

“Yeah, she’s got some nerve threatening Alpha and Luna. And trying to steal from the pack! That’s just outrageous! Anyway, go on.” Donald said. He was truly glad that his daughter had finally found someone to love like he loved his wife.

Tanya went on to explain about how they had met and what Mitch looked like and Donald watched her. He could tell how happy she was. She almost glowed when she talked about him.

“I think I’ve met him before but I’m not sure. I can say I’m looking forward to meeting him but he had better treat you right or he’ll have me to answer to.” Donald said, standing up to his full height, which was impressive by anyone’s standard. “When do you think he can come for dinner?”

“I’m not sure. We didn’t have much of a chance to talk because he had to take Janice to jail but we exchanged phone numbers and he said he would call me when he gets off of duty tonight.” Tanya told him with a big smile.

“Well, I would like to say invite him up tonight but maybe we had better give your mother time to recoup before we go bringing strangers who are going to be taking our daughter away.” Donald said.

“He’s not going to be taking me away, Daddy. If he lives and works in Omaha, his pack must be close by. Even if we go live with his pack, I should still be close enough to come visit on a regular basis.” Tanya told him.

“I sure hope so. To lose you now after just losing Ronald would probably kill your mother.” Donald said, “And me too.” He thought.

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