From Orphan to Luna

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Chapter 2 ~~End of foster care~~

A quick glance at her watch told her she still had about twenty minutes before Doug was due home and she really wanted to get a shower before he got there so she quickly grabbed a change of clothes and hurried to the bathroom. She emptied her bladder and then turned on the shower.

She tied up her hair so that it wouldn’t get wet, stripped out of her clothes, folding them quickly before she stepped under the hot water. She didn’t wash her hair tonight but took a quick shower to wash the smell of the pet store off of her skin. Just as she stepped out of the shower, she heard Doug come home.

“Where’s my dinner?” Doug bellowed.

“That brat refused to cook. Says she’s not here to be an unpaid cook and maid. She was gone all day! Says she has a job!” Sally whined.

“What? A job? No one told me anything about her having a job! So what the hell are we going to eat?” Doug bellowed. Kia suspected that he had already been drinking because his words sounded slurred.

Kia got dressed as quickly as possible, grabbed her clothes and ran for her room. She managed to shut and lock it just as Doug came down the hall.

“Kid, get out here! I want my dinner!” Doug said as he staggered down the hall then began banging on her door.

Kia stuffed her dirty clothes in the plastic bag with her other dirty laundry from yesterday and pushed it down inside the duffel bag. She was going to be ready to run if she needed to. She sat down on the side of the bed and pulled her sneakers back on with hands that shook as Doug began banging on her door. “I said get out here and make my dinner and make it fast. I’m hungry!”

“I’m not your cook or your maid. You want dinner, tell your wife or make it yourself.” Kia shouted back through the door.

“You damned brat! Get out here NOW! Sally is not here to be your maid either. Now get out here and get dinner started.”

“No!” Kia shouted back. “Leave me alone.”

“You wait till I get my hands on you! You are going to be sorry.” Doug shouted as he stomped back down the hall. “Where the hell is the key to that door?” He shouted at Sally.

Key? He had a key to her room? Oh lord, what do I do now? Kia thought to herself, trying not to panic. She glanced around the room and breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted the chair at the end of the bed. It must be an extra from the kitchen table.

Kia quickly pushed it up under the door knob and silently said a small prayer that it would hold, even if they did find the key for her door. Kia sat on her bed and shivered as she listened to them stomping around the house looking for the key.

“Should I try to leave? Where will I go? I really don’t want to go back to the group home but I can’t take much more of this. I’m so sick of being bullied and treated like a slave.” Kia thought to Tia who had no response but Kia got the impression that if Tia could she would attack both of them.

Everyone always assumed that Kia would take whatever they dished out because she was and always had been small for her age. Being only 5’2” and barely weighing 100 lbs had always made her an easy target for bullies. Her cute, childlike appearance in the face didn’t help either.

The only thing that brought more attention than her angelic face was the womanly curves of her body. She may be short in the height department but she was considered large busted for her small size and her tiny waist just accented her womanly hips. That was why she always dressed in baggy, over-sized clothes to keep from attracting unwanted male attention both at school and from the foster “fathers” or “brothers” in the homes she had lived in.

Kia heard Doug and Sally arguing but couldn’t really make out what they were saying. She crept closer to the door, trying to hear but they were in the kitchen or living room and facing away from her so all she could hear was voices.

About half an hour later, the doorbell rang and Sally yelled “Doug, the pizza is here.”

Kia let out a relieved sigh then got ready for bed. She knew they wouldn’t be calling her to come eat with them and was now thankful that she had treated herself to the large lunch. Chinese food didn’t stay with you long, so she was slightly hungry, but she had gotten used to going to bed hungry. It was still early but Kia changed into her pajamas and crawled into bed. She lay on her back and looked out of the window. She said a small prayer that her time here would go by quickly.

About 2 am she woke up needing to pee badly. She could hear Doug snoring so figured she was fairly safe to open her door. She quietly removed the chair and unlocked the door then crept down the hall to the bathroom.

She quietly closed the door and locked it before hurrying over to the toilet. She emptied her bladder and prayed that the sound of the toilet flushing would not wake them up. At least it covered the sound of her turning on the water in the sink while she washed her hands. She listened at the door and could still hear Doug snoring when she opened the door a crack and peeked down the hall.

The light from her bedroom window showed in the hallway for which she was very grateful as she hurried towards it. A board creaked under her feet just as she reached her doorway and Kia froze when Doug stopped snoring. She listened to her heart pounding in her chest as he shifted on the bed and started snoring again.

Kia let out the breath she was holding on a whoosh as she went back into her room. She locked the door but didn’t put the chair back in front of it, figuring it would be safe enough now that they were both asleep.

On Thursday morning, she normally had school until 2 but today was a half day and since she didn’t have to go she almost skipped out but decided she would go for at least her Math class. She had always liked the teacher and she had heard that they were going to have a class party. For the first time that she could remember, she had found the class boring and the “party” had just been chips and soda’s from the vending machine so once it was over she walked to the bus stop.

She took the bus downtown and got off at her regular stop. She spent most of the day wandering around some of the shops looking for a skirt to go with the blouse she had bought for graduation but didn’t really have any luck. But anything was better than putting up with Sally all day.

Friday morning, she heard them both get up and move around. Apparently Sally was going somewhere and Kia breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe she was going to get lucky and would have the house to herself for the day. She decided she was going to wash her clothes and maybe even the foul smelling blanket on her bed while they were gone.

Once she heard the front door close, she got up and pulled on some comfortable clothes. She brushed out her hair and then tied it up in a pony tail on the back of her head before opening her bedroom door. To her dismay, Doug was still home. He was sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal and drinking coffee.

“Good morning.” Kia said cordially.

“Humph. Fine thing when a man can’t get a decent breakfast to eat before he goes to work.” Doug mumbled under his breath but loud enough for her to hear.

Kia helped herself to a cup of coffee and then asked “Where did your wife go?”

“Same place she goes every other Friday, to see her Daddy in the old folks home. She’ll be home late tonight or tomorrow morning, so you either cook or go to bed hungry again. Me, I’m going out after work.” Doug informed her.

“I can make sandwiches or order food.” Kia said. “Don’t worry about me.”

“Oh I won’t.” Doug said.

Kia was surprised that he was being so cordial this morning, even if he still wasn’t pleasant. Not long after that, he pushed away from the table and left for work, leaving his dirty dishes on the table. Kia set them in the sink but didn’t wash them until after she made herself some breakfast. It felt petty on her part to leave his dishes undone when it was only one cup and bowl that had to be washed.

She decided to not go to school today so that she could get her laundry done while Sally was gone. As soon as she finished her breakfast and cleaned up the mess, she didn’t waste any time getting her laundry taken care of and by dinner time all of her clothes were neatly packed back in her duffel bag and the blanket now smelled of Gain instead of cigarette smoke.

While she had been waiting for her laundry to finish, she had gone around the house and opened all of the windows, hoping to air the house out and somewhat rid it of the cigarette smoke smell. But it was going to take a lot more than just letting some fresh air in.

This place needed to be wiped down from the ceiling to the floor and the furniture needed to be shampooed but she would be damned if she was going to do it only to have them smoke the place back up as soon as they got home.

With her evening free, Kia decided to find out where the closest Walmart was located. She used her phone to google it but it was going to take her the better part of a day and several bus transfers to get there and back. Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t have bothered her but it was too late to start out today. Maybe Sunday.

She didn’t have to work that day and would be able to take her time. She wanted to at least pick up the shampoo, conditioner and body wash she preferred to use since the stuff that Sally used was heavily perfumed and Kia didn’t like the smell of. She also knew she was going to need tampons soon since it was getting close to the time for her monthly cycle.

Kia watched a movie on TV and then rummaged through the kitchen until she came up with the ingredients to make sandwiches. It was either that or use more of her money to go out to eat. She ate her sandwich and then curled up with a book she found on the shelf. She didn’t mean to but she fell asleep on the sofa while she was reading and only woke up when Doug stumbled into the house around 9 pm.

When she opened her eyes, he was standing over her with an evil look on his face and his hand on his crotch. It was obvious that he was not only drunk but horny as he rubbed over a very large bulge in the front of his pants.

When he saw that she was awake, he began to chuckle as he opened his belt buckle and then the button on his jeans. He reached down with one hand to pull on the hip of the sweats she had put on after her shower and Kia pulled her legs up while grabbing the waist band trying to keep her pants from sliding off. She shifted so that she was facing him more and waited for him to move. She could tell he was unsteady on his feet as he slightly swayed when he straightened up.

“Come on, you are going to like this! Sally loves it. She can’t get enough of it.” Doug drooled as he reached for her pants again.

“Then she can have it.” Kia said as she kicked out at him, one foot catching him in the gut but the other foot caught him right on his hard-on, causing him to grunt in pain before stumbling back and falling over the coffee table, spilling all of Sally’s junk on the floor.

“You little bitch. You are going to pay for that!” Doug gasped as he lay on the floor clutching his crotch and trying to get his breath back. Kia jumped over the back of the couch and raced to her room, slamming the door behind her and locking it before quickly grabbing her duffel bag.

She grabbed her phone charger then slid her feet into her sneakers and ran over to the window. She was too afraid to try and get past him to go out the front door so she pushed the window up as far as it would go, which was only about half way since there were so many layers of paint on the upper tracks.

She shoved her duffel through it and then grabbed the top of the window frame and put her legs through. It was only a 6 to 8 foot drop to the ground and Kia prayed that she didn’t twist an ankle or something when she landed. She kicked out and jumped, landing on her hands and knees.

Thankfully the ground was level and her landing was soft grass so she landed unhurt. She quickly picked up her duffel bag, ran to the fence, threw it over and then climbed over. The gate was located on the other side of the house and she didn’t want to take a chance that Doug might trap her in the yard if he regained his breath before she could get away. She could hear him yelling for her to open the door as he banged on the door to her bedroom.

Besides there was a large padlock on the gate and she didn’t have a key for it so she would have had to climb over anyway. As soon as she was over the fence, she grabbed her duffel bag and took off running down the street, heading for the bus stop by the school.

Once she reached the bus stop, she sat down and tried to get the trembling in her body to stop as she pulled her cell phone out of her pocket. She scrolled through her contacts until she found Kay Endwrights name. Ms. Kay was rather stuffy and insisted that everything be done by the book but so far had been the only person at the agency that Kia felt she could trust.

Kia punched the button and waited for Ms. Kay to answer but instead of hearing her brisk voice saying “Endwright”, Kia got her voicemail. She left a quick message explaining what had happened and asked for her to call her back, hopefully telling her what she was supposed to do now. She prayed that Ms. Kay would get a notification of a voicemail waiting and would check them right away.

Kia sat under the plexiglass enclosure of the bus stop trying to figure out what to do while she waited to hear from Ms. Kay. Kia finally realized that it was night time and that the buses might not be running this late and that Ms. Kay might not be back to work until Monday. Tonight was Friday night and by now it was well after 10 pm.

Using the flashlight feature on her phone she looked at the bus schedule that was posted on the inside of the enclosure and she noticed that indeed the buses were done for the day and there would not be another one until 7 am tomorrow. “What am I going to do now?”

Kia knew that there was no way she would be able to afford a hotel for the next two nights. It would eat up too much of her savings but she had never had to sleep on the street before. All she knew for certain was that there was no way she would even consider going back to the house and Doug.

Kia sat on the bench and racked her brain, trying to think of a solution when suddenly it began to gently rain. “Oh great! Just what I need. Looks like I won’t be going anywhere for a while.” Kia thought as she pulled her legs up next to her on the bench to get them out of the cold wind that had begun to blow up under the sides of the enclosure.

Even though it was late May, the wind at night was still chilly. She was dressed in her sweat pants and a tank top and her high top sneakers but without socks. She dug in her duffle bag until she found a pair of socks and her sweatshirt. She quickly pulled them on, put her shoes back on and then curled up on the bench again in an attempt to stay warm.

She kept glancing over the bench back to see if she could see any cars coming from the direction of the house and after an hour or so, realized that Doug had more than likely said “screw it” and had gone on to sleep, not caring what happened to her.

An hour later, her adrenaline levels were back to normal and the lateness of the night began to catch up with Kia but the rain was not letting up and Kia found it quite peaceful listening to the rain gently beat down on the roof of the bus enclosure.

She lay her head down on her duffel bag, using it as a pillow as she curled up in a tight little ball, trying to stay warm. She had not intended to fall asleep there but once her adrenaline settled down she began to feel very, very tired and the sound of the rain slowly lulled her to sleep.

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