From Orphan to Luna

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Chapter 7 ~~Learning about the heat & shifting~~


Kia entered the guest bedroom and was surprised that it was almost as big as Ethan’ s room but was decorated very differently. His room had been very masculine but this room was softer but yet not really what she would call feminine. It was a pretty room with a large king size four poster bed with a snow white comforter. Raspberry and navy blue throw pillows were elegantly propped up against four fluffy bed pillows.

The furniture in here was lighter than it had been in Ethan’s room. The large rugs on the floor were of a Chinese design of the same raspberry and navy blue on an ivory background. It was thick and plush as Kia stepped on it.

She noticed her purse, one of the new nightgowns, her robe, some clean underwear, one of the new bras, a new pair of jeans and a blouse they had bought today were stacked on the navy blue padded bench at the foot of the bed.

Her new sneakers were underneath it with a pair of the new socks tucked into the left shoe. She picked up the nightgown, robe and a pair of the panties and headed to the bathroom that was off to one side of the room.

The bathroom was very luxurious, just like Ethan’s had been with a large marble vanity that now held her shampoo, conditioner, a bottle of body wash, toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.

She noticed that there was also a high powered blow dryer, a curling iron and a flat iron lined up on the vanity top. She found the toilet and a bidet in a separate closet next to the large walk in shower. There was also a large jacuzzi tub that could easily seat four people inside off to one side.

Kia emptied her bladder and giggled out loud when she wondered about using the bidet. She had heard about them but had never seen or used one before. She turned on the water in the shower to warm and stripped out of her clothes. She adjusted the water temperature and since she had washed her hair that morning, she tied it up to keep it dry and she just bathed her body. She thought about all the things that Ethan and Angela had told her tonight and while it should all seem impossible, she somehow knew it wasn’t.

“Tia, why didn’t you tell me? All this time I never knew that I’ve had a wolf living inside of me. I’m scared Tia.” Kia’s mind raced but Tia helped her to calm down.

“I thought you knew! Don’t worry, it’s going to be OK. We just have to get through the next two days and then everything is going to be alright. Errol and Ethan are going to be there for us, no matter what. Oh I can’t wait to meet him! I wonder if he is as handsome as his human?” Tia was almost dancing around and Kia could feel her happiness, making her smile.

Ethan had broken down the wall around her heart but that left her feeling vulnerable and lonely. She wanted nothing more than to crawl into his arms and never leave. It seemed like the only place she felt safe was when he was holding her.

Kia got out of the shower, toweled dry. She let her hair down and brushed through it before she braided it for the night. She might try to use the straightener on it in the morning since it was something she had never done before. She gathered up her dirty clothes and wondered where she should leave them since her plastic bag was in Ethan’s room with her duffel bag. She finally decided to just leave them on the floor near the cabinet that held extra towels and toilet paper. She would ask in the morning about getting them washed, along with her other dirty things.

Kia returned to the bedroom and pulled back the covers on the bed. She wasn’t really ready to sleep so she wandered over to the window to look outside. The moon was just coming up over the tree tops and it was almost full. It looked close enough to touch, if she was on the roof of the house.

It was beautiful and Tia seemed restless to get out into the night. Kia had often felt that way over the past few years and until now had never understood why but now it was all starting to make sense. It had been Tia wanting out. She wanted to be free to run through the trees. To smell everything! To feel the wind in her fur, the same way Kia had always enjoyed feeling the wind on her face and flowing through her hair.

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow everything is going to change and you will be free at last.” She promised Tia.

Kia looked down at the ground when she noticed what she thought was a shadow running across the yard towards the trees. It was large and dark. At first she thought it was a dog but then realized it was a wolf and she stared at it in amazement. She wondered who it was and where were they going? She wished she and Tia could run through the trees like that.

With that thought, she wondered what would happen to her human self when she turned into Tia. Would Tia be aware of her like she always had been with her wolf? Or would her human side just become unconscious? Tia didn’t seem to know. She still had so many questions but right now she had to make a decision. She left the window and climbed into bed. She lay back on the pillows with her hand behind her head and tried to slow her mind, taking one question at a time. “Go to sleep, Tia. I need time to think.”

Was she going to accept Ethan as her mate? How was she to know that he was her true mate? Was she going to let him mark her and have sex with him even though they weren’t married or even engaged? Was she ready for this? Wasn’t there any other way? Angela had told her that the heat could be very dangerous. That the fever could leave her basically brain dead. She definitely didn’t want that.

She remembered how she had felt when Angela had asked her how she would feel if something bad were to happen to Ethan and it had felt like someone was trying to rip her heart out. So did that really mean he was her soul mate?

She then remembered how she felt when he had held her, so safe and warm like his arms were exactly where she was supposed to be. And his kiss? His kiss had made her feel like a woman for the first time in her life. Was that what she wanted? Before she could even finish the thought, she knew the answer! YES! Tia practically screamed in agreement.

“But what about school? If I get a scholarship, what about college? What about my future?” She had been making plans for a long time about what she wanted to do when she got out of the foster care system. College and finding out about her parents had been at the top of her list for as long as she could remember. But she knew she had not been promised a scholarship to college so it might be impossible for more reasons than just the fact that she was going to become a werewolf tomorrow.

Do wolves go to college? From what she had seen and heard so far, the “kids” here were “home schooled” or rather they went to the pack school instead of going to school in the city. Kia understood why, it was because the city was so far away that busing the kids back and forth would have made it really hard on them and impractical.

As she slid farther down on the warm, soft bed, her mind wandered back to Ethan. Kia fell asleep and dreamed about Ethan and of them being mates. She hadn’t ever had such an erotic dream about anyone. Heck she had never even really dated or had a boyfriend. She had had crushes on some of the boys she went to school with but she had been the only one aware of it.

~~ Ethan~~

Ethan had just left Kia in the room next to his. It was going to be hard to sleep without her tonight but he understood her need for time to get things right in her own head. He would not force her but he hated that she was going to be in so much pain with the heat when he knew he could make it easier for her. The shift would be hard enough but unfortunately there was nothing anyone could do about it. That pain was something they had all had to suffer through the first few times.

He wasn’t really paying attention to where he was going or of what was happening around him until he almost walked right into Janice. She was leaning her hip against the kitchen counter when he went in. He had been going to get a bottle of water before turning in and he groaned when he saw her.

“Well, hello handsome! I’ve been wondering where you were. Did you have a nice trip to Japan? Did you bring me back one of those sexy silk kimonos? I’ll be glad to model it for you.” Janice said as she stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his neck, rubbing herself all over him. He felt disgusted and was becoming angry with her.

“No. I did not.” Ethan said as he pulled on her arms but she had locked her fingers together and her hands pulled his head down as she lifted her face and tried to kiss him. “Stop!” Ethan almost growled at her.

“What’s the matter, baby? Aren’t you happy to see me?” Janice whined as she rubbed herself against him, trying to entice and arouse him, even though it had never worked for him.

“No, not really. Look Janice, you can’t do this anymore. I’ve found my mate and I don’t want you to touch me anymore.” Ethan said bluntly.

“WHAT? When did this happen? Who is she? I’ll kill her! You are mine! I’m going to be Luna of this pack! Everyone knows it, has known it for years!” Janice almost screamed.

“I never told you that. You just assumed it. You are not my mate and will never be Luna, even if I hadn’t found Kia.” Ethan said.

Janice was livid. “Everyone has always recognized me as the future Luna. I was born and raised in this pack, just like you. It just makes the most sense that we lead the pack together.”

“That is not going to happen Janice. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going for a run. I’ve got some energy I need to burn off.” Ethan said as he pulled his shirt over his head.

“I could help you burn some of that energy.” Janice said as she stepped closer to him, running her long fingers down his arm, grabbed his wrist and pulled it to her hip, urging him to caress her bum as her other hand rubbed across his chest, making sure to rub his nipple.

Ethan slapped her hands away and said “You are a slut, Janice and I don’t want anything more to do with you. Now get out of my way.” He growled at her and caught her hand when she started to slap him. He pushed her away and didn’t care when she fell off of her high heels onto her butt. He just smirked at the surprised look on her face, then turned around to leave the kitchen through the utility room. He dropped his pants in front of the washer and pushed open the door leading to the back yard. He shifted as he jumped over the steps and took off running.

Errol was so excited to finally be free to run as they ran quickly across the lawn to the woods. They had to burn off some of this energy or they might do something later that they would both regret. Ethan just prayed that Kia would accept him and would agree to be with him before her heat was in full swing. He hated that she might have to suffer unnecessarily.


Well, they had been right when they told her she was going to wake up with a headache this morning! She felt it before she even opened her eyes, which was very painful.

“OH, good lord.” she moaned as she rolled over on the bed. She pushed her legs over the side of the bed and pushed herself into an upright position that she immediately regretted. Her stomach was upset but the urge to pee was getting to be intense so she forced herself to her feet and hurried as quickly as she could to the bathroom.

It was a real relief to empty her bladder but her stomach and back hurt. The muscles in her legs felt like she had done a ten mile hike the day before and even though they had been on their feet a lot yesterday while they were shopping, it should not have been enough to make her legs hurt like this. She gently brushed her teeth because the friction made her head hurt even more. She was so glad that she had braided her hair last night because dealing with tangles this morning was not happening.

She returned to the bedroom and crawled back in the bed wishing she had a heating pad or a hot water bottle for the cramps. She also wished she had some midol or tylenol or something to help with the cramps and headache. A glance at her watch told her that it was already past 7 am and she wondered if everyone else was up or if they slept in on Sundays.

Fifteen minutes later, a soft knock sounded at the door and she called out “come in”. Moving right now was just too painful to get up and answer the door.

Angela poked her head around the door and softly said “Good morning.”

“If you say so. I hate to ask but do you by chance have any midol or tylenol? You really weren’t kidding about the headache, were you. I feel like someone is trying to cut my skull open with a dull bread knife.” Kia admitted.

Angela came over to the bed and whispered “Edith will be up in a minute with something for the pain and a heating pad for the cramps.” She put the back of her hand on Kia’s cheek and was relieved that the fever had not started yet. It was going to be a long rough day for Kia but Angela needed to find out if she had made up her mind yet.

Edith softly knocked on the door and Angela let her in. “How is she doing so far?” Edith whispered.

“Oh, it’s only just begun. She just aches everywhere but so far no fever yet. Has the ice arrived yet?” Angela whispered.

“It should be here soon. I’ve had the guys wash out every cooler we have so they are nice and clean and waiting on the patio for the ice to arrive.” Edith whispered.

“Good. Can you bring her some broth? I doubt if she is going to be able to handle much more than that today.” Angela whispered.

“Sure. I’ve got it on the stove now.” Edith whispered.

“Good. Hopefully she will sleep a lot today but I have to talk to her about Ethan and what she’s decided.” Angela whispered.

“Ladies, I don’t mean to be rude but what’s all the whispering about?” Kia asked as loudly as she could.

“Just telling Edith to bring you some broth. I doubt if you are going to want much of anything to eat but you need something to keep your strength up. Here’s your tylenol.” Angela said, keeping her voice down as she handed Kia some tylenol and a bottle of water.

Kia downed the tylenol and drank almost a quarter of the bottle of water. “Thanks!” Kia said as she put the bottle on the table next to her.

Edith left the room and Angela sat down beside her on the bed. She hated to push the issue but she needed to know if she had made any decisions about her son.

“Look I hate to push and I know you probably feel it’s none of my business but have you come to a decision about Ethan and what you are going to do?” Angela said, coming right to the point.

“Um, well, I actually have some more questions that I need answers to before I make a final decision.” Kia said softly. Her head was really pounding and she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to remember all of the questions that had filled her mind last night.

“Ok. So ask away.” Angela said with a smile.

“Well, how do I know for sure that Ethan is truly my mate?” Kia asked.

“How do you feel when Ethan touches you?” Angela asked.

“The first time it was like I got a shock, like static electricity but then my arm felt warm like he was putting off some serious heat.” Kia said.

“How about his scent? Does it attract you or repel you?” Angela asked.

“Ethan smells like the woods in the autumn after a cleansing rain and it definitely doesn’t not repel me. It smells so good.” Kia said with a grin.

“Well then there is your answer. If he were not your mate, his touch would piss you off and his scent would smell more like dog poo or something equally gross.” Angela said. “Anything else?”

“You said he could help me with the heat but that the heat would only be bad if I were a virgin. Does that mean we have to have sex before I begin to go into heat?” Kia asked. This was the question that had been bothering her the most and she was almost afraid to hear the answer because she already suspected what it was going to be.

“Um, yeah. You can wait but that means a lot of suffering on your part. If you have sex before it begins then it will be more like just having your period afterwards. Once the heat begins, you will need to shift and then the urge to mate will be so strong you won’t be able to stop it if there is a male around. And if you have not been marked, then any and every unmated male in the area will come for you and you won’t have the willpower to stop them. If that happens, no male will want you after that. You will have soiled yourself. I’m not sure but I think the mate bond will be broken and then Ethan will be in danger of dying.”

“What? Why?” Kia said, getting upset.

“Ethan has already stated to you that you are his mate. He loves you and his wolf loves your wolf, even though she has not yet come out. The bond is there for them. When the mate bond is broken, say like if you were to reject Ethan or you were to die. He will be in terrible pain because breaking the bond is like ripping out the heart. He could go crazy or he could die.

Some wolves become rogues. They are focused on destruction and death, many believe it’s because they want to die themselves. A person has to be very strong to survive the breaking of a mate bond and very few do make it.” Angela explained. “If you and Ethan are not mated before your heat begins, then we will be locking you up so that no males can get to you and you can’t get out. I like you Kia but I will not allow my son to be in that kind of danger unnecessarily. He will have to suffer through your heat’s until you are mates. He will feel everything you feel.”

“What happens to me when I shift into Tia? I mean, will I be aware of what is going on around me or do I just sort of go to sleep while she is in control?” Kia asked.

“You will definitely be aware of what is happening around you and in fact, you will still be able to control Tia somewhat. Tia can only take full control if you allow it. Normally it only happens if they can’t contain their rage over something like if the wolf’s mate is killed. It’s called a blood rage.” Angela explained.

“I just wish we had more time to do this. I always promised myself that I would lose my virginity to my husband on our wedding night. This just seems wrong somehow.” Kia said.

“That’s because you have been raised by humans and have been taught their ways and their beliefs. But the bond between wolves is much more binding. You can always do a formal wedding later if you want to make it fully legal and take Ethan’s last name.” Angela said.

“ I don’t mean to sound childish or prudish but this just seems all so planned. I was hoping for a bit more spontaneity. This is all so definitely not like I have always imagined that’s for sure. I know I definitely never imagined discussing this with my future mother in law, that’s for sure.” Kia grinned at Angela.

“I know what you mean. But just know that once you and Ethan have mated and the bond is established, you will become the Luna for the entire pack. There will be a lot more that you will have to learn about but we will help you all we can.” Angela told her.

“That was another question I had. What happens if I get a scholarship for college? I’ve been working hard and want to become an accountant some day.” Kia asked.

“Well, Ethan went to college for two years but then his father got sick, he had to come home to take over as Alpha but he still takes courses online for business management. I guess that is a subject that you will have to discuss with Ethan. It will be up to both of you if you go away to school, which to be really honest, I think that once you two have mated, you will not want to do anymore.

But you can still take your classes online. Being an accountant to Ethan would be a great help in his Alpha duties but you could do that without having to have a degree in it. And believe me when I say you will have lots to do as the Luna of such a large pack as ours.” Angela said. “Why is being an accountant so important to you?”

“Well, I’ve always been good with numbers. Math has always been my favorite and best subject in school. One of my teachers said it would be a good career choice for me. And I’ll need a way to support myself. I’ve never even considered being a stay at home wife.” Kia told her.

“Well, being the pack Luna is like having a job. You will have lots of responsibilities and believe me when I say, once you and Ethan are mated, you won’t have a need for an outside job.” Angela said.

“OK. I guess I understand. I must say that this time 2 days ago I never could have even imagined that my life would be so turned upside down and go in a totally different direction than I ever could have imagined but I do know I do care for Ethan and definitely don’t want anything bad to happen to him. I’m scared about the shifting part but it’s going to happen either way right?” Kia said, thinking out loud.

“Yes.” Angela smiled at her. “How about he comes in and you two can just spend time talking and maybe watch TV together and then just let things happen naturally? That way it won’t seem like it’s so planned?”

“OK.” Kia said with a small smile but Angela could sense that she was very nervous. “Can I ask you one more thing?”

“Sure, sweetie.” Angela said.

“Last night, I thought I saw a large black wolf running away from the house. Who was that?” Kia asked.

“If it was all black, then it was probably Ethan. Jared is black and brown, Chris is a brown and Josh is a blonde wolf. I know it couldn’t be Marcus because he didn’t go out last night and you’ve seen my wolf.” Angela said.

“Ethan probably needed to burn off some energy so that he could keep his libido under control. It’s been running kind of high since you got here.” Angela grinned at her when she saw Kia blush.

Kia wouldn’t admit it to Angela but her libido had been running rather high too she thought since she had that very erotic dream about the two of them together last night. She had no idea if that dream was a premonition of how it was going to be but she sure hoped so.

Kia hoped that Ethan would be willing to talk to her about what it meant to be a Luna and what she would be expected to do instead of talking anymore about being in heat and shifting. She knew it was going to happen and that there was nothing she could do to stop it so talking about it anymore was just going to make her more afraid and somehow she knew that being afraid of it was just going to make it harder.

As Angela stood up to leave, Kia decided to get dressed. It didn’t seem right for her to be in her nightgown in front of Ethan yet.

“I know you are planning on changing your clothes and for now that is fine but you will be wanting that nightgown when the heat sets in. In fact you are going to want to be naked in the worst way possible.

When I say in heat, I mean you are going to have a fever and then when it’s in full swing, you are going to become extraordinarily horny. We have prepared some ice to add to your bath if you decide not to go through with the mating process right now but I do hope you decide to move forward and make my son the happiest he’ll probably ever be in his life until your pups are born.” Angela said bluntly.

“Will I get pregnant right away?” Kia said with a horrified expression. Losing her virginity was one thing but there was no way she was ready to become a mother so soon.

“No, not if you take precautions. Ethan will have condoms to use or there is always the pull out method.” Angela said and then couldn’t help but laugh when Kia turned about ten shades of red and gasped. “Hahaha. Haven’t you ever talked about sex with your girlfriends?”

“No! I’ve never had many friends. Male or female. Being a foster child who moved around a lot, it was kind of hard to make close friends.” Kia said sadly.

“I find it hard to believe that people wouldn’t want to be friends with you. You are a nice person and I think you will make an excellent mate for my son.” Angela said and gave Kia a warm hug.

“Thank you.” Kia said and felt tears spring into her eyes. She wasn’t used to affection, especially from other women. Lydia was the only woman who had ever been really nice to her but Kia had always felt that Lydia held herself in check of getting too attached to Kia.

Angela left the bedroom and Kia pulled her nightgown over her head and began to get dressed. She actually didn’t feel too bad so far. The tylenol must be kicking in, she thought to herself.

About 5 minutes later, a knock came at the door. Expecting it to be Ethan, Kia took a deep breath and tried to put on a brave face as she went to open the door. But it was Edith with her soup and a sandwich and a big glass of apple juice.

“Since Angela said you were not feverish yet, I figured you might want a little more than just broth. You should eat while you still can. I’ll bring more broth up later if you want but this should be easy enough on the stomach for now.” Edith said.

“Thank you.” Kia said as she took the tray from her. Kia was embarrassed that everyone seemed to know that she was going to be in heat today and that she and Ethan would have to have sex later.

“Don’t worry, hon. Everything will be OK. We’ve all been through it and we’ll be here to help you through it as well.” Edith said.

“Thanks.” Kia said, uncertain what more to say.

“Well, I’d better get back to the kitchen. Have to clean up from breakfast and then get going on lunch. Let me know if you need anything.” Edith said as she turned and left the room, pulling the door closed behind her.

Kia carried the tray over to the table that was near the window and sat down to eat. She wasn’t terribly hungry but figured that Edith was right and she should try to get something in her stomach besides tylenol.

She ate the grilled cheese sandwich while she sipped on the soup which thankfully had been put in a mug instead of a bowl with a spoon. When she was done, she drank about half of the apple juice when another knock came at the door.

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