From Orphan to Luna

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Chapter 8 ~~The Mating~~

When the next knock at the door came, Tia perked up and Kia knew it was Ethan before she even opened the door.

“Hi. How are you feeling?” Ethan asked, not sure what else to say.

“Just kind of achy so far but otherwise OK.” Kia said, stepping to the side to allow him to enter. “Do we have to stay inside all day?” she asked. She knew she was going to become claustrophobic if she was kept in the room all day unless it was raining outside.

“It will be safer for you if you are not around where there are other unmated males, so yes.” Ethan said apologetically.

“Oh well, it’s only for one day, right?” Kia said with red cheeks.

“It doesn’t even have to last for a day but that’s totally up to you.” Ethan said and felt bad that he was embarrassing her but he wanted to have an open and honest relationship with her.

“Please understand this Kia, I want us to be able to have the kind of relationship that my parents have. They always tell each other everything. They keep no secrets from each other. That means we have to be able to talk to each other openly and honestly about everything, even if it makes us uncomfortable at first. You can ask me anything and I will tell you the truth and I hope I can count on you to do the same.”

“Oh yes! That’s the kind of relationship I want too.” Kia said with a smile.

“So, my mom suggested that we just spend as much time as we can today just sitting and talking, getting to know each other better and we’ll just let things happen naturally. OK?” Ethan said.

“Sounds good to me.” Kia said with a smile.

“Why don’t we move over to my room? I have a stereo and a TV. This room is nice but it’s strictly for guests.” Ethan said, trying not to be obvious about looking at the white comforter and sheets on the bed.

“Just let me gather up my things. What do I do about things that need to be laundered?” Kia asked.

“There should be a hamper in the closet. One of the maids will come around and get the wash once a week. Usually on Wednesday’s I think.” Ethan said. He helped her gather up her few belongings that had been brought over for her last night and they transferred it back to his room.

“What about the tray?” Kia asked.

“Edith will come back for it in a little while.” Ethan said.

“I’m not used to having people wait on me. I’ve always done for myself or been the one to do for others. Some of the foster families I lived with tried to make me their unpaid maid. One of them tried to make me do the cooking and I darned near burned down the kitchen. I’m not very good at it. I can make bacon and scrambled eggs and boil hot dogs but besides some killer hoggies, that’s about it but I’ve been told that I make a good cup of coffee.” Kia admitted.

“Well, Edith runs the kitchen here and she has staff to help her but she will teach you if you really want to learn.” Ethan smiled at her.

After his run last night he still had a lot of pent up energy so he had spent some time hanging up the clothes she had bought in his closet and had cleaned out another one of his drawers. He would take her shopping one day next week so that she could purchase a dresser and perhaps a vanity table to add to his room. Lord knows his room was definitely big enough to hold them and more.

As soon as they were back in his room, he put her toiletries in the bathroom and then asked her. “Would you rather watch TV or listen to music?”

“How about some music so we can talk without being distracted by the tv?” Kia suggested.

“Great.” Ethan said and walked over to the stereo and flipped a switch and music started to softly play in the background.

For the next couple of hours, they sat and talked, asking questions about each other’s lives, likes, dislikes and all the simple things that couples normally learned about each other when they had known each other for a while. They were both amazed that they had so much in common and felt the same about things that were important as well as the silly stuff.

Kia asked a lot of questions about what would be required of her as a Luna and Ethan answered as many of her questions as he could but advised her to go to his mother for more details.

They had gone from sitting at each end of the sofa to snuggling closer together, as Ethan couldn’t stand being so far away from her for long. As the day wore on, Kia had made up her mind that she was going to go through with this without any doubts left in her mind except for the one thing that had been nagging at her since last night.

She had seen him from her window but it had been mostly a blur that looked more like a shadow moving across the ground last night and she wanted to see his wolf close up and she knew Tia was dying to see him.

“Ethan, can I ask something of you?” Kia said hesitantly.

“Sure, babe. Anything.” Ethan replied, trying not to tense up and wondered what she wanted.

“Will you show me your wolf?” Kia asked and almost laughed at the surprised expression on his face.

“Sure.” Ethan said and jumped up off of the sofa. He walked over to the bathroom and quickly stripped out of his clothes and shifted before returning to her. She had moved to the end of the bed and was sitting on the edge as she waited for him. He moved slowly so that he wouldn’t frighten her, lowering his head as he got within a few feet of her.

He was huge and jet black all over but his eyes were a brilliant blue that almost seemed to glow. Kia reached out her hand and Errol sniffed it and then stepped closer, dipping his head until her hand was resting between his ears.

Errol gave a low growl of satisfaction in his throat as she began to pet him, burying her fingers in his fur and scratching around his ears. She put both hands on the sides of his face and brought his head up so that she could look into his eyes. Tia was going wild with excitement in her mind.

“You are magnificent, Errol!” Kia whispered. “And Tia can’t wait to meet you for herself. Will you mark me now so that she can come see you?”

Errol looked at her with what she assumed would be surprise, if wolves can look surprised and then almost seemed to smile. He nodded his head and moved closer to her, nuzzling her neck, he licked the spot and Kia closed her eyes as she waited for the pain that she knew would come when he did it. She was surprised when she felt Ethan’s arms surround her as he pulled her close.

“Errol will have his time with Tia later but I want to be me when I’m with you, especially for the first time.” Ethan said, then kissed her. It started off soft and gentle but when he smelled her arousal, he deepened the kiss as he hands began to move, pulling her closer.

He wanted so badly to touch her skin and slowly worked his hand up under her shirt. He could feel the goose bumps on her skin as he ran his hand up over her ribcage as he kissed his way down to her neck, he felt her shiver as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him closer.

Ethan moaned and whispered “Perfect” as he fondled her breast, thankful that she had not put her bra on when she had dressed. He moaned as he filled his hand with one breast, rolling his thumb over her nipple and found it hard and erect. No longer able to wait, he pulled up her shirt. Kia was no longer afraid as she lifted her arms so that he could take it off of her.

He pushed her back so that she was laying down on the bed with her legs hanging off the side as he pulled her pants down and off, taking her panties with them. No man had ever seen her naked before and Kia’s natural instinct was to cover herself but Ethan whispered, “Don’t hide from me, my love. You are beautiful.” Ethan feasted his eyes on her before bending and kissed her deeply. “I want to make love to you, Kia. Not just have sex with you.”

Ethan could feel that her heat was beginning. She already felt warmer than she normally did and it wouldn’t be long before the intense cramps would begin. If he didn’t mate with her before they started then he would have to wait because it would be too painful for her. He had a feeling he was going to be worn out tomorrow. They both would be.

He continued to kiss her as their hands seemed to be everywhere at once. Kia wanted to touch him as much as he was touching her as she lightly ran her fingertips across his back and down his arms, encouraging him to touch her. Ethan cupped her breast, kneading first one and then the other as he rolled her nipples with his fingers before sucking them into his mouth.

He could feel the goose bumps on her skin as he ran his hand down her side to her hip, lifting her slightly so she could move up a little farther on the bed as he kissed his way down her stomach.

He pushed her knees a little farther apart as he cupped her mound with his hand, his fingers eagerly searching for the hot wet slit hidden in curls at the junction of her thighs.

She was already aroused because of the heat and when his fingers found their prize, he began to stroke her from her wet center to her clit. He quickly discovered that stroking her clit just right was stimulating her the most as she willingly spread her legs even more. He used his fingers to part her curls and hold her open as he kissed her mound and used his tongue to taste her and lick her clit as he slowly pushed a finger inside of her.

“Lord, she’s tight but hot! And so wet.” Ethan thought as he slowly worked his finger in and out, going deeper each time until it was buried inside of her heat as far as he could go.

“Oh Ethan!” she moaned, exciting him even more as he began to stroke her inside faster as he began to suck on her clit.

Her scent was driving him wild and he loved the taste of her. He added another finger, slowly pushing in until it too was buried up to his hand, then began to stroke her as her hips began to buck against his hand. He could feel her maidens head at the tip of his fingers, just out of his reach to break through it but he found her g-spot and stroked it firmly until she was bucking wildly against his hand and moaning his name repeatedly. She tried to lift her heels to the edge of the bed but she was still too close to the edge to be able to get any leverage.

She grabbed Ethan by the shoulders and began to pull him up towards her and Ethan went willingly. He remembered to put on a condom that he had hidden under the side of the mattress earlier and then helped her get on the bed more fully before climbing up over her.

Kia held out her arms to him and he went to her, nuzzling her neck before whispering in her ear. “Are you sure, Kia?” He prayed that she would not reject him now!

“Yes. Please, Ethan. Make me yours.” Kia said and bared her neck to him.

Ethan smiled as he nuzzled her neck, sucking and licking the spot where he would mark her then licked the spot and Kia closed her eyes as he bared his fangs and bit down on her neck. The pain only lasted a moment and then the heat began to build in her again. Her womanhood seemed to be on fire and she needed him to put it out for her. Ethan licked the spot to seal the wound and whispered “You are mine!”

“Now make me all yours. Please Ethan, I’m burning up!” Kia whispered, pulling him tight to her. She felt his hardness pressing against her womanhood and she wanted it inside of her.

Ethan could feel the fever climbing fast as he reached down and positioned himself against her opening. Lord she was so hot now he thought as he slowly slid inside of her, hoping that he would still be able to feel her maiden’s head with the condom on. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her more than he had too.

Thankfully, he felt the resistance of it as he slowly pushed inside, working back and forth to build up more lubrication on the condom and giving her body time to adjust to his size so that it wouldn’t hurt her more than it had too.

She felt so good and he wanted to just pound into her but had to break through and then give her time to adjust before he could really fuck her the way he wanted to. He felt the resistance pressed against the head of his penis so he froze in place for just a moment.

He lifted up on his elbows and cupped her head with his hands as he looked down into her beautiful face. Her eyes were glazed over with passion, her lips swollen from his kisses and she was absolutely gorgeous.

“I’m so sorry, baby.” He said and then watched her face as he pushed through then froze. Her eyes got wide and immediately filled with tears as a small cry left her lips. “I’m so sorry. Tell me when it stops hurting. It should only last for a minute.”

Kia pulled him close and buried her face against his neck as she took several deep breaths until the pain stopped. “It’s OK now.” she whispered against his neck and couldn’t believe how good it felt when he began to move again. After a few strokes she was meeting him thrust for thrust, pushing her heels into the bed to lift her hips to meet him when he pushed deep inside of her.

Faster and faster he moved until they were both panting and sweating as they climbed an invisible barrier to ecstasy. Kia came first, feeling the waves of her climax wash over and out of her as Ethan drove into her once then twice, a warm heat filling her center as he exploded inside of the condom that kept the heat contained to one spot inside of her. Her muscles pulled on him as her muscles milked him for every last drop. He finally collapsed on top of her then wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his side.

“Thank you, Ethan.” Kia whispered as she snuggled into his side.

“Uh, you’re welcome?” Ethan chuckled. “Why are you thanking me when I should be thanking you? You just gave me the most precious gift a woman can give a man.”

“Thank you for being gentle and understanding and loving.” Kia whispered. “I’ll try not to ever make you regret making me your luna.”

“I’m sure you will make a great luna. How are you feeling?” Ethan asked with concern. She still felt really hot to his touch and he knew she would begin to shift soon. It had gotten dark while they had been making love and soon the moon would be coming up.

“The moon is going to be up soon.” Ethan whispered to her as she snuggled up next to him.

“And what does that mean?” Kia asked. She really didn’t want anything to interfere with this time. She just wanted to lay here and snuggle with him. She wanted to make love to him again and again until this awful heat went away.

“Well, you are going to shift soon. Don’t worry. I’m going to be right here and everything will be OK. You’re still really hot and I wish I could say that it won’t hurt but it will. The first few times are the worst but just don’t fight it and let it happen. Remember, when it’s over you will finally be able to meet Tia!”

“Now that you’ve marked me, will we be able to go outside? Maybe go for a run in the woods?” Kia asked.

“Well, you still have to mark me for the mating bond to be complete but once that is done, then sure. A run in the woods sounds good.” Ethan smiled down at her. He was glad she was being so positive about it. That meant that she might get through this with as little pain as possible.

Ethan began to doze as they lay cuddling on the bed for a while longer but then Kia started to feel worse and she let out a low moan as her muscles began to contract. Ethan immediately became fully awake as he felt that it was time.

“It’s OK, Kia. Don’t fight it. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” Ethan tried to comfort her.

Kia felt the pain and she cried out as her bones began to snap, her muscles contracted in some places and grew longer in others. She felt her face change, becoming elongated. Her fingertips burned as her claws appeared and that freaked her out even more than the fur that began to appear on her arms. Her feet grew and claws appeared from the tips of her toes.

It felt as if someone was trying to rip her legs off as her hips dislocated and repositioned to accommodate Tia's form. It felt as if her chest was going to explode as it expanded and her spine grew longer. Ethan watched in amazement as Tia slowly appeared in front of him. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Her main color was a deep silvery gray tipped with black except her ears and a band across her eyes which were solid black. But the most amazing thing was her eyes. They were a brilliant green, like two clear emeralds. Ethan could not remember ever seeing a wolf with such green eyes. Kia may be small but Tia was not!

Tia was only slightly smaller than Errol when he shifted and stood beside her. They sniffed each other and then rubbed their necks together, hugging. Kia was amazed that she could hear his thoughts now.

“You are beautiful, Tia!” He walked over to where there was a free standing mirror and Tia followed. She looked at herself in the mirror and backed up at first, unable to believe that she could see herself for the first time. She turned and looked herself over from every angle and then smiled a wolfy smile at Errol.

“Wow, so that’s what you look like. I never would have guessed.” Kia thought. She tried to think back to Ethan but apparently he couldn’t hear her yet because she hadn’t bitten him yet. She wished she would have thought to ask before now but how do I change back?

Errol shifted back and Tia turned her head, embarrassed at seeing his human form naked. Ethan understood and quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his hips.

“I know what you are thinking. You are wondering how you change back? Just focus on Kia. Kia, think about shifting, about how you looked before Tia.” Ethan told her but Tia only whined.

“Yes, baby it’s going to hurt a little bit but it won’t be as bad as the first time. Every time you shift, it will hurt a little less until you won’t feel any pain at all. Come on. Let’s finish the mating bond so that we can go for that run.” Ethan encouraged her.

Kia focused and it wasn’t long before she shifted back. Ethan had her robe waiting and quickly wrapped her in it. He didn’t want her to feel embarrassed even though he had seen, touched and tasted her already.

“I do hope you are right and that gets less painful over time cause damned that hurts!” Kia said with feeling.

“Yes it does but eventually the pain stops. My mom says it’s like plucking your eyebrows. You eventually get used to it. I know what plucking your eyebrows is like because I tried it once and will never do it again. Shifting becomes second nature eventually, except if you are sick, but then werewolves rarely get sick like humans do. We also heal faster if we are injured. We can run faster, jump higher and farther, see, hear and smell better than humans can.” Ethan told her.

“Oh, Ethan. I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn it all but like you said, let’s finish this mating bond so that we can get to living this wonderful new life.” She said as she wrapped her arms around him.

“Hahahaha! Ok my eager mate. Bite away!” Ethan said and bared his neck to her.

Kia buried her face in his neck and breathed deeply. She loved his scent as much as she loved him. That thought shocked her but she smiled, then licked his neck and felt her fangs appear. She bit down on his neck in the same place he had bitten her until she felt the skin break then released him and licked the spot again. She was amazed that it healed right away.

They made love again and as they lay snuggling, Kia began to hear voices in her head. Everyone seemed to be curious to know whether or not she and Ethan had completed the mating bond. She whispered to Ethan “I can hear people talking. Is that normal?”

Ethan lifted the block he had put in his mind while he and Kia had been alone in his room because he wanted their joining to remain private. “They are not really talking, just thinking. Everyone is wondering if we have completed the mating bond. You would think they would just know since I have not left this room all day and by now you would be in need of help from the other women and possibly the doctor.”

“Is it always this noisy?” Kia asked. “Can they hear what I’m thinking?”

“They can if you direct it at them. You can talk to individuals or to the whole group. It will take a bit of practice but it’s fairly easy to learn. You can also put up a block when you don’t want to be disturbed. Try it. Think to everyone “Mind your own business.”

Kia giggled and then focused on answering the voices with “Mind your own business please.”

A chorus of “Sorry Luna” came back at her one after the other.

“Hahaha. Wow. Now that is seriously cool. Who needs AT&T now? How do I put up a block?” she giggled.

“It can be different for everyone. You can imagine that there is a knob like on a radio and you can just turn down the sound. For some, imagining putting on headphones or putting in earplugs. You just have to try different things until you find what works best for you. And don’t worry, everyone will understand that you are still learning if you want to try it instead of talking for a while. You and I have our own private line. When we talk to each other, no one else can hear unless we purposely include them.”

“That is so cool. So now the heat is officially over? It’s safe for me to go outside?” Kia asked.

“Yes, your heat will only attract me from now on. All other males may be able to smell it but it will not be attractive to them the way it is to me.” Ethan told her. “Do you still want to go for a run?”

“Can we?” Kia asked.

“It’s kind of late, but we can at least run the grounds. I would say let’s leave the woods for another time. They are dangerous at night. I’ve finally found you. I won’t take a chance on your safety.” Ethan said.

“Well, it’s not like I’m really anxious to experience the pain of shifting again anyway. Especially when there are so many more pleasurable things we can do right here.” Kia said with a sexy grin at her new mate.

“You are so right.” Ethan grinned back at her but as he leaned in to kiss her, his stomach began to growl.

“Hahahaha! Sounds like someone is hungry.” Kia laughed at him.

“I haven’t eaten since breakfast and it’s almost midnight. So yes, I’m hungry. How about you?” Ethan said.

“Yes, I could definitely eat.” Kia said.

“Well, come on then. I’m sure that Edith has some leftovers waiting for us in the fridge.” Ethan said as he pushed off the bed and went to find his clothes. Kia got up and got dressed too. Together they went down to the kitchen and Kia was amazed at the size of it.

It was like a huge modern restaurant kitchen. With stainless steel counters and appliances. There were four large in the wall ovens next to a huge 8 burner range and then a flat top grill on one wall. Three massive stainless steel deep sinks stood on an adjacent wall. The third wall opposite the ranges were side by side refrigerators and freezers. The center of the kitchen was filled by a huge island work space. Everything was spotlessly clean.

Sure enough. Edith had left them two plates of food and Ethan put them in the microwaves, of which there were 4, and set the timers. They made glasses of ice and poured their drinks. The timers went off and Ethan transferred their plates to the breakfast table at the end of the room which was just a smaller version of the larger dining room table in the other room except this table only sat 6 people where the dining room table could seat 14 people.

They had their midnight supper and talked some more.

Kia asked “Will we have a wedding or is what we did earlier all there is to it? Is my last name still Sheridan or do I take yours?”

“Well, it’s up to us. There is always a ceremony to introduce you to the pack as their new luna where we wear fancy clothes and have a party. Do you want to have a wedding ceremony? We can if you want too.”

“I know it may seem silly to you but I would like to do it legally in everyone’s eyes and I do want to take your last name. I’ve never known what my real last name is and this way, no one can contest that my last name is..............what is your last name?” Kia suddenly got a stunned look on her face. She had no idea what his last name was! She had sex and was mate bonded to a man when she didn’t even know his last name. Lord, what a tramp she was!

“McGuire.” Ethan said. “What? Changing your mind?”

“No! No, not at all. I just realized that I had sex and got mate bonded to a man when I didn’t even know your last name. Lord, you must really think I’m a tramp.” Kia said.

“Hahahaha! No I do not! It just never came up.” Ethan grinned at her.

“Kia McGuire. I like it!” Kia smiled at him.

“So do I.” Ethan smiled back.

They ate their dinner and then went for a short run around the grounds. Ethan promised to take her around more tomorrow, after they dealt with the adoption agency. Ethan already had plans to find out more about Kia’s birth parents and had assigned a couple of his people to start contacting packs all over the region to find out what pack her family had belonged to. It didn’t really matter to him because as far as he was concerned, Kia and Tia were now part of the Silver Forest Pack. They were not the largest pack in the north but they were a big pack of over 400 members strong.

The McGuire’s had been the alpha’s of the Silver Forest Pack for the last 4 generations and had grown from just 25 members to the current 400. But he knew she would always be curious to know about her birth parents and he wanted to know why she had not been claimed by her pack. Were her parents outcasts or did their pack just assume that Kia had been killed along with her parents? He was determined to find out so that he could put his mate’s mind at ease.

As Ethan watched her sleep, curled snugly by his side, he couldn’t believe she was finally officially his mate. These past two days had been the longest of his life. “We will find out what happened to them. I promise.” He whispered, then kissed her forehead and fell asleep, content.

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