The broken girl (ON HOLD)

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Layla Harper is a cool, shy, friendly girl. She is a victim of bullying at the school she currently goes to. She has lived with her mom all her life, getting told that her father was dead. Layla has been through many heartbreaks and has given up on Love. She doesn’t believe that she will ever be able to love again. Layla used to take after school classes to get better grades, and that’s where she met Damien Lockwood. Her new friends’ brother. Damien Lockwood is the popular boy in school. He has everything any girl would want in a guy; Cute, funny, respectful and kind hearted. He doesn’t believe in Love, nor will he ever. He hasn’t been able to forget a specific girl he met two years ago. What happens when she finds out that her father isn’t dead but very much alive? What will happen when both of their paths cross after 2 years? Will they be able to resist the forbidden temptation?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Layla’s POV;

You know my name.

You have heard what I’ve done.

Not, what I have been through.

If you were in my shoes.

You would fall at the first step.

Hi, my name is Layla. I’m 16 years old, and I live with my mom. I have an older brother, and he has always been the favorite child. Don’t get me wrong I love James but constantly getting compared to him gets annoying and hurtful. Which always makes me think, why I’m not good enough.

I hear my alarm going off, which snaps me out of my thoughts. I turn over and turn off the annoying sound. I didn’t get any sleep last night, because of the stress about moving to a new school next week. I get up, go brush my teeth, and get dressed for school.

I choose to wear a white crop top with blue denim shorts, along with my white sneakers. I brush my long light brown hair and then head downstairs for breakfast.

“Good morning!”

“Good morning.”

I take a seat at the breakfast bar and have my breakfast. After finishing breakfast, I place my dishes into the dishwasher and go back upstairs to grab my backpack.

“Bye mom!”

“Bye honey!” My mom shouts back, and I head to my car.

I turn on the engine and drive off while listening to some music.

Once I get to school, I grab my backpack and head in. I start walking towards my locker and then trip over something — more like someone’s foot. I look up to see none other than Bianca and her two snobby friends.

“Oops. Sorry, didn’t see you there.” Bianca says while all three of them laugh and walk away, talking about god knows what.

I pick up my backpack and head over to my locker, ignoring all the stares. Just then my friends walk towards me. My friends Kayla, Lia, Ashley, Brooke and Riley. These girls have been in the same classes with me for years. They are the only friends I have.

“Hey.” Ashley says.

“Hey guys.”

“We saw what happened.”

“Mhm.” And yet you guys didn’t help. I think to myself.

“What class do you guys have first?”


“I have math.”

“Ok. We’ll see you later.” They all start to head towards their class while I head to mine. When I walk into class, all stares are on me. I just ignore all the stares and take my usual seat at the back of the class.

I go to my classes all morning until it’s lunch. I walk into the cafeteria only to be stopped by Bianca and her two friends.

“What do you want?” I ask. From the corner of my eye I could see the girls, who I call my friends, looking to see what happens.

“Oh, so the little mouse can speak.” Bianca’s friend, Kelly, says in a mocking manner. I just roll my eyes at her, not in the mood to deal with them. I step to the side, trying to get away from them.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

“The fun has just begun.” The other girl Tiana says.

Within a blink of an eye, Bianca pours a huge bottle of water all over me.

“What the hell!” I scream. While the others laugh.

“Why do you even try to look pretty? I mean, look at u. No wonder no guys have asked you out.” They said while laughing, and I notice a crowd had gathered. Before Bianca and her friends walk out, they push me to the floor and punch me on my jaw and back. They laugh and walk out.

I slowly get up and walk towards to the bathroom. I look in the mirror and see a bruise forming on my back and jaw. I take deep breaths and wash my face before walking out.

I head over to the table where the girls are sitting.


“Hey. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” In reality, I’m not fine.

I start eating while engaging in conversations with the others.

“You know, Bianca made a point. Start dressing up more, look a bit more like the other girls.” Now that stung. I just stay quiet and carry on eating.

The rest of the school day goes by, and I head home.

“Mom! I’m home!” I shout and head into the kitchen. Where dinner is already there.

“Why are you looking like that??” My mom asks, looking at my wet clothes and hair.

“Just ignore it.” I say with a sigh, not wanting to talk about it. I carry on eating until my mom says,

“I told you. You should put your hair up into a ponytail. Keeping it down doesn’t look good on you.”

“Bye mom.” I say and walk towards my room. Not wanting to have an argument about little things.

I head to the shower, and stand there under the water just thinking. When did my friendships get like this? I turn the shower off and wrap the towel around myself and head into my room. I pick out something comfortable to wear and let sleep take over me.

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