Standing on the stars

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"My dad said I reminded him on a ball of sunshine," i say out of nowhere he smiles and shakes his head " no your more like a starry night even though you shine like a star their is a darkness follows you that you cant seem to let go of" a story of pain and tears but also one of joy and hope

Romance / Drama
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Prologue, 7 years ago
Aurora's pov
"Daddy!" I run full speed into his arms his deep chuckle lights up the whole room. He picks me up and spins me around "hey my little light," he says he walks me outside and we sit in the rocking chair just looking at the sunset
I look up at him with doe eyes" why do you call me little light?" I ask he smiles "because you my Darling Light up my world on the worst days, your, Amazing you make the sun scared of how bright you shine and that's what makes you special he says
"Hey, aurora come and play!" My friends yell I hop off my dad's lap and start to play with them "coming!" I yell with joy......If I had known that was the last time I would ever saw my dad again I would have spent more time with him if I had known he'd die the next day in a car crash I would have told him how much I loved him
From that day on I promised that I would never that "little light" I promised myself that I would be greater than just a little light I would be a ball of sunshine. I refuse to be anything less
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