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Hunt is a steamy werewolf romance, featuring Ella and Leo.Ella and Leo cross paths when Leo's sister goes missing and his parents are murdered. When he returns home to find his sister he meets a young she-wolf Ella who is fighting her own battles within her pack run by a monstrous alpha. Ella and Leo must work together, can they resist the lusty tension, find Leo's sister, and defeat the alpha? Copyright © 2020 by Jessica Rocha Edited by Scott Rocha All rights reserved. Cover art copyright © 2020 by Jessica Rocha

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - Leo

POV - Leo

This is not how I planned to spend my day...
Returning to my hometown like this...
My parents are dead...
My sister is missing...

I feel guilty that I wasn’t here to save my parents, but I can save my sister... I have to.

The only clues I have are a wolf pack in the area and the name Miles.

Miles is the Alpha, I have heard rumors that he is not the greatest alpha and there is some dissension within the pack, I can use that to my advantage...

My parents were supposedly killed by a pack of wolves in the forest by their property...

My property now, I guess. A man who was hunting deer found my parents. The police started a wolf cull in the area the day after the murder, but that did nothing more than get innocent wolves killed and now the town is wrongly satisfied.

Nobody knows my sister is missing yet...
I know better though; I examined the scene to confirm my suspicions...
It was the work of werewolves...

How do I know?

I’m a trained assassin / hunter as were my parents...
They were retired though and living peacefully, I just don’t understand it. My parents only killed rouge werewolves as a last result, they were not bloodthirsty monsters...

Not all rogues are bad, they are just pack-less, my parents left the ones alone who were just trying to live their lives. I reminisce about all that has happened in such a short time while I wait in hiding, listening, and watching deep in the forest where “wolves” are said to frequent.

It could have been hours that I have been waiting, but I have lost track of time. I push the thought out of my head as I finally see some movement, 4 male adults walking in the forest. Unmoving I quietly observe. The largest of the men scopes out the area and breathes in a deep breath from his nose.

“Were good guys, all clear”.

I am hidden well, and my scent is blocked, so I don’t need to worry about being seen. As the men start undressing and talking, my ears strain listening to what is being said. As a hunter, I have better hearing than a regular human but still not as good as a werewolf.

Big Man “We need more women in our pack it’s such a sausage fest”.
Man 2 “Well our Alpha is working on it”.
Man 3 “All the women he brings in are such hard asses, I like my women a bit softer”.
Man 4 “The problem is they are all fucking prudes, they don’t let us touch’em”.
Big Man “Yeah I like to get a little rough, but when I tried the Alpha almost bit my balls off, he laughed, have to find our kicks somewhere else”.
Man 2 “Yeah the Alpha lets us get away with a lot, but with the girls? He’s a hard ass”.
Man 3 “Well we can just do it when he’s not there and make them keep their mouths shut”.

I listen to them all laugh in agreement and my blood started to boil. Sick fucks I’d like nothing more than to kill them all, but I restrain myself and stay in my position.

Right now is not the time, I still need to do recon, and more information is needed. Two of the men shift into wolves while the other two stand watch. Most wolves shifting takes a few minutes, it’s not instant.

The Big Man “That bitch Ella especially pisses me off, thinks she’s all that because she is a natural-born and her dead parents left her that coffee shop he spits”.
Man 2 “She just needs to be put in her place”.

The last two men shift, and all 4 werewolves run off into the forest. Well, I overheard a bit of useful information.

For one those guys are pieces of trash...
And a woman named Ella, hmm...

Maybe I can track her down and see if I can get some information. Her packmates seem like douches so maybe she will be willing to help. Waiting a while before getting out of my hiding place, I quickly leave the forest heading back to my parents... I mean my home.

When I get home, the first thing I do is head to my computer to see if I can find anything about Ella...

If she owns a business, it should not be too hard to find her.

After searching a bit, I find an article, she owns a coffee shop in downtown Alento. She is only 19 and from the picture with the article, she is average height, curvy build, long brown hair, and green eyes... Quite attractive, but that’s beside the point.

It looks like she lost her parents to a car crash 4 years ago, then her grandmother took care of her.

Just recently her grandmother passed away as well...
It makes me think again of my own parents...

I shake my head, clearing my thoughts. I’ll head over to the coffee shop tomorrow. After showering I head to bed, might as well try to sleep a couple of hours...

Sleep doesn’t come quickly with so many thoughts running through my head. My last conversation with my parents the day before they were murdered kept running through my head.

It was just a normal everyday conversation but...
I won’t ever be able to have another one with them...
Those were the last words we will ever say to each other.

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