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Lexi or Alexander James Thorne-Hall grew up in a town where he was invisible to everyone around him. Group projects were a no brainer, he did his part then handed in or presented but shortly after, he was forgotten. Others got bullied, became popular and gained dating experience and him? Ignored by society. But that was not all that troubled him, Lexi knew from a very young age that he was different from all the girls and boys around him and kept this secret for so many years until finally, the third year of high school arrived, he confessed to his parents that he wasn't actually a boy but a girl! They were confused in the beginning and took their son to counselling which they also attended and understood what he meant – their son is transgender. Now with a few surgeries done, medication and therapy, the new Alexandra was living her life while being ignored by all until the day Weston Reeves saw her. Cover by: the_nerd.artist

Vanessa Nicole
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Chapter 1

The following story has many triggers. This message will be posted every chapter for extra measure.

Depictions of cruelty, death, discrimination, self-harm, self-conflict and minor sadism and masochism.

Yes there will be male x male and female x female couples later on in the book.

“Get your ass in the car,” Weston growled as he glared at his brother Mason who just got out of school from basketball practice.

“I’m tired,” Mason grumbled as he passes his brother who was playing with his phone.

The two of them get into the car and say goodbye to Mason’s friends and teammates. As Weston switched on the car, he spots something from the corner of his eyes.

Looking up, he sees a girl walking past the car in a hurry. He caught a quick glimpse of her face but couldn’t make out her features properly, “Mason, who is that?” He asked.

“Who?” Mason asked back and looked at the girl who continued on past the car and frowned as he could not recognize someone as beautiful as her, “I don’t know, I will ask on Monday,” he said and got a frown from his brother.

Weston’s hand was on the handle ready to get out of the car to chase after her but saw that she already climbed into a car and drove off.

Sighing he looked at his brother and said, “Your ass better, I really want to know who she is.”

“Why?” Mason asked but received no answer from his brother.


Monday during lunch, Mason found the girl he had been looking for all day sitting in the cafeteria at a table all by herself reading a book. Stalking over to her, he and his three friends sat down by the table. His friends were curious about this girl too seeing that the guy who they looked up to was interested in her.

Lexi looked up at them from her book and pulled her earphones out. Her face drew into a frown as she looked around and saw that not only did she have the attention of the four popular jocks in front of her but also everyone else in the cafeteria which was silent all of a sudden.

“Can I help you with something?” She asked them as she closed the book and placed it in her bag on her left.

Mason looked at the girl in front of him and saw that she was beautiful. It was easy to see that she was not wearing any makeup and only had a light shade of pink lip gloss gracing her plump lips.

The colour of her curly hair was brunette that had blond highlights in them and her beautiful eyes were hazel with a hint of gold in them but that was the reflection of the sun from the window across the cafeteria.

Clearing his throat Mason asked, “What is your name?”

“Strange…” Lexi trailed as she opened her bottle of water and drank from it while she kept her eyes on him.

The boys raised their brows confused, one of Mason’s friends Curtis asked, “How can your parent’s name you Strange?”

Lexi looked at Curtis and said, “My name is Lexi, why the sudden interest in me boys?”

“Lexi,” Mason repeated with her name lingering in his thoughts, why was it that he heard of her name now only and not before, especially with her natural beauty, the school should be buzzing with her name.

He looked down at his phone then dialled a number, after the person answered, Mason said, “I finally found her, her name is Lexi.”

A few more words were exchanged, Mason handed his phone over to a confused Lexi and said, “The call is for you.”

Lexi looked at the phone then at Mason who had his hand stretched out over the table and asked, “Who is it and what do they want?”

“You’ll find out once you take my phone,” Mason answered her mysteriously, luckily for him, she loved mysteries.

Lexi gazed at Mason suspiciously and looked around the cafeteria. There were now even humans standing and looking at them which made her feel uneasy. She cautiously took the phone from Mason and placed it on her right ear answering, “Hello?”

“Hi Lexi, I am Weston Reeves, Mason’s older brother,” Weston introduced himself eagerly.

“Alright, nice to meet you. How can I help you, Weston?” Lexi asked as she scratched her nose and looked down at her phone that lit up on the screen.

“Well, I was hoping I could get your number Lexi,” Weston said.

Lexi rose a curious brow as she looked at Mason and asked, “Why?”

Weston was stumped for words, he scratched his leg as he thought of his reasons and answered, “So I can get to know you.”

Lexi looked at Mason and everyone who was staring at her briefly. Thinking it over she said, “Okay sure, I will leave my number with your brother, I have to go now, it was nice speaking to you Weston.”

She ended the call and handed the phone back to Mason. Taking out a notebook, she wrote her number on the bottom of one of the pages and tore it out, handing it to Mason she asked, “Is that all?”

Mason nodded his head. He wanted to say something else but Lexi picked up the earphones and placed them into her ears then pulled out the book and continued reading the book from where she left off.

Mason and his friends awkwardly sat there and looked around, normally any girl would be excited to talk to one of the star players but here and now, this girl was in the least bit interested in them.

When Mason and his friends went over to their group of friends, his girlfriend squeezed in next to him. She looked at Lexi then asked, “Babe who is she?”

Mason raised a brow, “Why are you asking?”

“You gave her your phone did you not, who was she talking to?” His girlfriend asked with a pout.

Mason knew that she and all the other girls were nosy and once they wanted to pick on someone, they did not stop. He looked at her and said warningly, “That is none of your business okay and do not let me catch you targeting her.”

It was not in the case that Mason cared about others but more on the side that no one was allowed to mess with who could potentially be his sister-in-law. Anything that was about his brother mattered more than his high school girlfriend.

After that slight exchange in the cafeteria, Lexi saw that… well now, she was being noticed by everyone and was the centre of attention to all the curious eyes in school even the teachers heard of what happened and too noticed Lexi.

The kids in her class looked at her surprised when they saw that she was in their class and her desk mate was astounded. Why did he never notice that there was such a beautiful girl beside him until everyone realised during the lesson that she did not have much of a presence, it was almost as though she was there but not there at the same time - how was this possible?


After school, Lexi walked out of the school building through the main door and headed to her car, “LEXI!!” Someone yelled her name out.

She looked over as she was unlocking her car and saw Mason’s brother who left the school two years ago jog over to her while the attention was brought to her yet again.

Placing her bags in the trunk of her car, she closed it and looked at him, “Do I know you?” She asked as he stopped by her car and flashed her a handsome smile with his tall, dark and handsome-self oozing confidence.

“Yeah, it’s me, Weston, I spoke to you earlier on over the phone,” Weston said awkwardly not expecting to be asked so bluntly who he was.

The look on Lexi’s face said that she did not care at all that he was here and she seemed slightly ticked off.

Lexi pressed her lips together and nodded slowly, “Pleased to meet you, Weston.”

“Yeah…” Weston trailed awkwardly as he slid his hands into his pockets.

“Is that all, I am kind of in a rush,” Lexi said as she looked at him.

Weston smiled, “Sorry, I’ll text you later then?”

“Just don’t abuse my number,” she said making Weston feel stumped.

Looking around Weston frowned, “Okay, see you then,” he said and waved at her.

Lexi waved back awkwardly then walked to the driver’s side and started her car, she drove off leaving Weston standing there looking like a fool. He walked back to his car with a sigh then got in and looked at his brother who was staring at him.

“What?” Mason asked.

“She doesn’t like me?” Weston asked unsure of her reaction. He didn’t leave school too long ago and everyone knew him, he for sure knew that he was good looking as hell but why was she not even happy that he approached her?

“Yeah, she seemed a little weird when I spoke to her earlier on too,” Mason answered as he recalled the short conversation he had with her at lunch.

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