His Jar Of Stars (BoyxBoy)

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What does 16 school nerd Nick phoenix do when the new kid he has to show around keeps trying to show him one of the many water-filled jars hanging from the rope on his waist. It's just water but he claims he holds the stars. New kid Max Stella is the new kid. The night is most definetly his.

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Chapter 1

Nick -
Day 1
I woke up and started my morning routine and when I finished I ran down the steps to my mom putting breakfast in containers marked with names and color coordination. I grabbed my square green one. "Thanks, Mom!!" I yelled on my way out the door.
"HEY DON'T FORGET YOU HAVE TO SHOW THAT BOY AROUND SCHOOL!!" she yelled as I hopped into my green Punchbuggy.
I was looking forward to my extra credit assignment for the year. Taking care of the new kid. It took 15 minutes to get to my school. I sat impatiently in the school's office with the schedule books and locker number he needed. About 10 minutes later a cute guy tall slightly tan about 5'6 came in wearing a beanie, jacket, and then one tied around his waist with a rope holding about 3 water-filled jars lastly finished off with a pair of high-top converses. He scanned the office till his eyes landed on me. "Are you the Guy Who's assigned to me?" He asked questioningly. "It would appear so" I replied. I got up grabbing my things.

"Hi I'm Nick and I'll be taking care of you here at Westly high," I said with a small smile. He was kinda cute... "My Name is Max and thanks." He replied. I handed him his schedule and started showing him around school taking time to explain that we had 3 different art rooms 2 libraries and 2 cafeterias. I pointed to the large garden we had through the ceiling to floor window-lined hallway. I took him all the way through the building explaining more of the rooms including the new bathrooms we had gotten. I stopped in front of a class. "So this is our first period as in your schedule is almost like mine save for 2 periods out of 6. Though I have a few days to make sure you make it to them all and get the schedule down in your head." I said. He didn't say much to me and simply rubbed a jar closest to his hand. Then the bell rang.

A week later
In the middle of the hallway, I heard a big laugh. Oh No. It was Jess and her team of jocks. The girl's football team. I turned towards the laughing to see what was happening. She was looming over Max. "Are you seriously carrying around fucking jars with water? You don't even drink them fucking weirdo. What are they for your balance or some shit." she said. He stared at her and took a jar out of the rope. He held it up inspecting it closely. "This isn't water." "Then what the fuck is it then, Wait is that alcohol or something" she snickered "Secret," He said staring her in the eye and then turned and walked away. "What a weirdo," Said one of Jess's teammates. They all walked somewhere else.

I stood at my locker watching. We had been around each other most of the time and sometimes he kept telling me they contained the stars. I didn't say more than I needed especially since I had started seeing the more handsome features of his face. He had some freckles that decorated his face and blue eyes that reminded me of the morning and night sky.

Daydreaming on my way to my 3rd period Art class about the way his jars lightly tapped against his a- wait what. Oh god, I was thinking about his ass.

A blush appeared on my cheeks as I sat myself down in front of an Easel and waited for instructions. "Okkkkk classsssssss Today we will be painting things that represent something within us or a constant thought maybe an expression of your souls. I want to see beauty and pain and everything between. Also Jetson I swear if I see you try and re-paint the Mona Lisa for the 5th time this quarter I'm going to cry." He finished and sat back and watched as the class got up scrambling for all types of paint.

I made my way to the watercolors getting every blue I could find. I picked up a few blue pastels as well. On the way to my stool, I almost tripped over Jetsons attempt at the Mona Lisa from last week that the teacher had given back. He had a different set of painting materials this time. Some oil paints. I sat down on my steal and started using the blue watercolor paints first. I let it almost dry that's when I started adding the pastel to the painting. I got up and grabbed some oil paints as well. I made the details of the eyelids first then the veins next carefully adding on the eyelashes and lastly some details to the eye with some other paints I got that weren't blue. I was finished quite quickly. As in I was so focused I didn't the whole class was gone and it was 30 minutes into lunch. I only noticed because I felt the teacher tap my shoulder. I looked up at him. "What's the name of the painting." He said without taking his eyes off of it.

"The sky." I said staring at it.

"What does this mean to you?" He asked. I inhaled. "It means what I see when I look at his eyes. They're like day and night and sometimes just sometimes you can see the sun setting...and the stars...." I said in a daze. The teacher finally turned his attention to me. "It's quite...Just know I think This belongs in a museum. It's a lot better than Jetson's attempt at The Girl with the pearl earring. he sighed. Sign your name somewhere." He said. I picked up a quill I found with some ink and dipped it in and signed my name in cursive. "Uh, I gotta get to lunch," I said gathering my stuff.

Hi. Hi. Ok sorry if you read this or anything else I'm writing and think there are too many descriptions. Sadly but gladly I will always do this. A lot of the details are important.
I hope you stick around and enjoy.
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