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She said my life is important because everyone is dependent on me. He said my life is yours. It's a simple story between two individuals, who are successful in their own field. Never wants to listen they are wrong.

Romance / Drama
Reeshma shetty
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New life

Emma Thompson is a only child of their parents they never cared about society they loved her the most, Nigella came from very rich family where as Charles came from very middle class small family.
Everything was best until Nigella passed away from cancer.
So for Emma and Charles their life changed, the treatment debt increased so they sold everything and shifted to city so that Charles can help Emma to study. She was 17 that time her dream was to become a doctor.

Charles started to work as assistant in a big company called Millers. His boss was only 3 years older than him, he treated Charles as a friend.

Charles : Mr Miller my daughter passed MCAT

Miller : I am happy for you Charles, her dream is coming true, your wife will be happy.

Charles: yes, Emma is very much excited. After so many years of her hard work she is happy now. She sacrificed lot Mr Miller.

Miller: I understand Charles, if you need any help please let me know. In my family no one wanted to be a doctor so they have to study soo much. Now I have Emma.

Charles: Thank you so much, Richard and Rylee are really studies they are best in their field.

Miller: (laughs) ya I know, I can't scold your favourite Richy and Rylee infront of you.

Charles: (laughs) anyway sir we have meeting in Jackson's tower.

Miller: thanks for reminding.

Emma is happy and discussing her plans with her best friend Rachel, they are watching movie in Emma's house.

Rachel: when you are going to give a party ?

Emma: What for?

Rachel: Are you serious? Do you really think I will let it go? Give me party or else I will give your phone number to Christian.

Emma : ok, ok!! I will give you party. I just hate your blackmailing method. You know I don't like that Christian guy.

Rachel: I know, that is the reason for blackmail.

Emma: When you are going to join your art school?

Rachel: next week, I am going to miss you.

Emma: Me too.

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