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Talented. Friendly. Survivor. A Fighter. But never a survivor of love. That's Rebecca, a 26 year old woman who's a photographer and works in the company called Pixellustrations Company. She had a boyfriend during her teenage life and ended up broken. Because of her fear, she learned to be brave and strong. She will do anything to protect her family and friends. After a numerous years, she confirmed that she had a relationship with her ex-boyfriend again. She made a trio group called Marqueias with her co-photographers. Eraserhands, A trio of mean photographers whom are the spotlights of the company. Life Crusher. Mean. Devil. This groups compete each other until it becomes a feud. She found out that her boyfriend is cheating on her. Her life became miserable AGAIN. After the blues are gone, she went outside of the country to do work. He met a random man and they became friends, until they make it official. After the work, she went back home with her partner. While they're walking, a bullet from nowhere suddenly hit the lady. Will she be a survivor of the attack? Find out.

Highway Uni
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Love Story

Rebecca, a photographer just wake up from her bed and preparing for her big day.

(Rebecca's P. O. V.)

"Mom, is the breakfast ready?," I asked.

"Yes, sweetie come down," she replied.

I come down with my new dress and my parents love it. After i eat my breakfast, I told my parents that i will be leaving.

"Mom, need to go now. I don't want to be late. Good luck at the bakery," I said.

My parents gives me hugs and prayers. I swiftly run outside. When i almost arrive, i receive chills, heartbeating fast, shaking of hands. As i enter the establishment,
my boss greeted me,

"Good morning. I am your boss Mr. Holland. Welcome to Pixellustrations Company."

"Good morning. So what I'm going to do?," I asked.

"I'm not gonna hard on you. I want you to go outdoors and take a some pics," he answered.

I exhale with relieve. "You can count on me, boss. It's just like taking off the wrap of a candy."

"I'm counting on you," my boss replied.

I went outside and take a pic with the pretty flowers ahead of me. I take a click with the clouds, car, childrens, dogs and a lot more. I check the time and it's 10:00 o'clock. I take a huge pile of photos in my camera and my storage is almost full. I will take a picture of the beautiful guitar. When I'm about to pic the instrument, a random man just puff up behind me.

The man said, "What are you doing?"

I chuckled nervously and i was shocked when i saw the man's face. It was my ex-boyfriend during my teenage life.

"Rebbeca?!! Why are you here?," he asked.

I saw his face and i remember how our hearts broke.


I was walking through the night headed to my boyfriend's house. I left my mouth open because what i saw. I saw my boyfriend driving leading to me. He stopped and get out of the car.

"Babe, let's go away and be free," he said.

I didn't agree with his decision. I said "No."

"I don't want to go to Germany with my parents. I want to be with you." he said.

I madly said, "What's wrong with you? I know you want to be with me but your declaration is too wrong. We always have a choice."

"I don't have a choice anymore. Please come with me," he knelt down while holding my hand.

I sway my head left to right signaling NO.

"I will stay here and finish my education PERIOD," i said.

"If that's what you want, then let's break up," he unexpectedly said.

I was so speechless. He went back to the car and leave me crying.


I suddenly replied, "Because i take photos everything that i can see. What brings you here?"

"Just resting," he answered.

"Can i take a pic of your guitar?," I questioned.

"Sure. Help your self," he answered back.

After i picture the guitar, he touch my shoulder and asked, "Are you hungry? Let's go i know the perfect place."

He pulled me and runs to a store without my answer. My cheeks turn pink and my heart is beating fast. He ordered me burgers, fries, and a softdrink.

"Bon Appetit," Ken said.

I started eating and in the short time....

Ken asked, "How was your life after we broke up?"

Then i replied, "Its was great. So what about you?"

"My family continued to go to Germany. We have a good life out there. I went back here for my job, " he answered.

"Ahhhhh." I replied.

"I saw the camera you holdin'. Are you a photographer?" He stated.

My head is about to explode because of this ridiculous questions but I calm down and answered, "Yeah. I'm just a new in the Pixellustrations Company."

After i ate my snack, i tell Ken "I have to go, my boss awaits me."

Ken replied, "Ok, can't you later."

I swiftly walk back to the corporation. While walking, i realize that I'm still in love with him but i always keep in mind that i will do my work first before that kind of stuffs. Lately, i arrive at the establishment. My boss was amazed in my work.

"It's very impressive, Ms. Rebecca," my boss said.

"Thank you, sir, " I happily replied.

My boss told me that i have a team and they will arrive any minute now.

"Here they are. Ms. Rebecca here's your sidekicks in photography. Meet Ed and Martha," he stated.

I saw my partners a little bit shy so i told them "Hi guys. It's okay to be shy. I can be your friend."

"Hi. I'm looking forward to meet you," Ed replied.

"Hi. Nice to meet you," Martha added.

My boss said that we have to go have some fun.

Martha asked, "Sir, are you sure?"

My boss replied, "Of course. Tommorow will be the real business."

I thanked my boss and we went outside. I asked my friends to have lunch at my house and they agreed.

We went to my house and my friends started to amaze.

"Is this your house?," Ed asked.

"Yeah," i answered.

"It's a bakery," Martha added.

I enter i open the door and i introduced my friends to my parents.

"You have friends already that' is so sweet, " my mom said.

I asked my parents if my friends can have lunch in here and they concurred. We went to the kitchen and started to eat. While chewing my lunch, my phone just receive a notification.
Martha and Ed started to feel curious and i was speechless in their question.

"Who was that?, " she asked.

I responded "Oh. It's just my friend."

"Couples, " he added.

They think that i had a partner so i stand up and making everything clear.

I said, "I don't have a partner."

Ed responded, "Ok."

I ignore Ken's message and i started to get my job seriously. After we eat our lunch, we went to the carnival. While we walk, my phone just receive a message from Ken AGAIN.

"Who was that?," Martha said.

"It's nothing," I respond.

I don't want to hurt Ken's feelings that i didn't saw his message so i replied him.

"Hi," I replied.

"I can see you from here," he said.

I scratch my head and wondering how did that happened. I typically replied, "How?"

"Look in front of you," he responded.

That message is so creepy. My hands are chilling. I slowly look in front and i saw Ken ahead of me. While he's moving close to me, my cheeks started to get pink. Lately, he's standing in front of me and said, "Hi."

I don't know what to do. I stuttered so long i don't think he can understand me. He gave me flowers but my friends is calling me so i said, "This flowers look pretty and smells beautiful. I wish we can talk more further but i have to get going. Can i call you later?"

"Sure. anytime," he responded.

My friends started to notice me. When i went home, I directly went to my bedroom doing some work. Lately, Ken just texted me. I started to realize that I'm in love with him. We're awake like throughout the night. Sending messages together. This is the best day in my life YET. Hahaha
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