Ecstasy (LGBTQIA+)

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E̲c̲s̲t̲a̲s̲i̲a̲ - Belle La Rose. A hard-working 'nerd' with difficult family problems. Ecstasy Beauty. The most popular and beautiful girl in school, with a dark past, and many skeletons in her cupboard. What began a crush and an almost-kiss blossomed into something they had thought they would never have. Something worth fighting for. T̲e̲m̲p̲t̲a̲s̲i̲a̲ - Tyler Miller, the grieving new boy in town. Kieran Santiago, a very popular sophomore with a guilty conscience. Charged flashes were what greeted them as they first lay eyes on each other. When they first touched. When they first kissed. Forbidden nature of the love only made the challenge real. D̲e̲s̲i̲d̲e̲r̲o̲ - Icarus Valenta, an abused trans boy living with a still-grieving alcoholic father. Hawke Solangè, a lonely reclusive misfit with a famous mother. Nobody would've thought math homework brought love as a side dish. Now they have a psycho daddy on the loose, who is hell-bent on killing them. Talk about some in-laws right?

Romance / Erotica
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Okay, so, since I ran out of characters in the actual story description, I have decided to enclose the full one underneath. Check it out!



This book portrays three couples, each one part of the LGBTQIA+ community in some way. If you do not support these views, please do not read, and most of all, please do not spread hate. All such comments will be deleted and you will be muted.



Belle La Rose is what stereotypical people would call a ‘nerd’. Round glasses, loose clothing, no friends, head always buried deep inside a book. She gets straight ’A’s, teachers love her, and so on.

But there’s more to her than met the eye.

Ecstasy Beauty is the most popular girl in Western High, one on whom Belle has had her eyes for quite some time. She is beautiful, intelligent, and loved by all, everything that Belle thinks she herself lacks. She never thought Ecstasy would ever like her back. She was fine with admiring her from afar, grateful even.

But that was before that day. The first time it almost happened.

The first time it ever happened.

“You don’t know how much I love you.”



Tyler Miller’s life has been turned upside down. His mother just died, and his father wants them all to move to a secluded town, far from the big three-storey house, to escape the empty feeling that had been left by her absence. He couldn’t possibly think his life could change some more. Unfortunately, it did. For the better or worse, he didn’t know.

Kieran La Rose is the mystery boy of Western High, with walls of cold iron around his heart. But when new boy Tyler Miller turns in town with a dark past and many secrets, dear Kieran couldn’t resist the lure and challenge that came with him. The temptation and fascination keep them both on their toes as the boys realize what it meant to love someone - and be loved.

So when it comes to picking between what he had, and what he wants, would Kieran make the right choice? Would Tyler, when faced with a flight-or-fight ultimatum, make the right decision? Would the boys fight to keep what was always theirs?

Read on to find out.



Icarus Valenta is a transman, living under the control of his abusive father, who was always under the sway of society, traditions, and alcohol. He lived a life of depressing hopelessness, always hoping someone would save him, always wishing he could run away. But who would save him?

The answer came in the form of closed-off, antisocial Hawke Solangè.

Hawke Solangè had two moms, one of who was famous across the world for her brilliance and had laid a shadow so dark and long that it was difficult to tread across. He had always been reclusive, never having found a person who simply ‘clicked’ with him. But when his science teacher paired him with depressed, pessimistic Icarus, they found they had a lot in common. Now Hawke had found a loyal friend, whom he could call his own, and Icarus found in Hawke everything he had ever hoped for.

But that was before his psycho father found out about them.

Now with a killer on the loose, Icarus must decide whether Hawke and their love were worth fighting or dying for, and Hawke must keep Icarus safe at any cost, because this fight had grown, not for love, but safety, security, and all their lives. But ‘any’ is a huge amount.

Was the fight worth the happiness?

Who knows.

*This story has also been uploaded to Wattpad. I will continue to upload there and here. Please be excited about it!

Also, later I will create a new Tumblr blog after this story has garnered enough attention. There, I will publish the sneak peeks, so stay tuned!
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