Ecstasy (LGBTQIA+)

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[Ecstasy] Ecstasia: Chapter 3 - Whatever U Do, Don't Leave Me Loving You (Belle)

“If you don’t feel it too

But whatever you do

Don’t leave me loving you

If you’re out of this when I’m all in

I need a warning”

- Jackson Wang ‘LMLY’

Belle’s POV

I ran on the barren land, trying to escape the darkness that chased me relentlessly. There was no one here. It was a barren wasteland. I was barefoot and the rough ground hurt my feet. I was running out of breath. I looked back, darkness loomed, threatening to swallow me.

In this world, the sun was dying. The light was dimming slowly. There were bones everywhere. No trees... No houses... Oxygen was short in supply. In this world, everyone was dead. In this world... Darkness reigned.

Nightmares reigned.

I ran as fast as I could. My limbs threatened to buckle with the excess of lactic acid. But I did not dare. Not when darkness was chasing me.

I was a fighter. I was a survivor.

Or... was I?


Yes... A hiss. Darkness leaked into my vision. Crawling, seeping through the ridges of my brain, turning it to mush. My movement became sluggish. But I kept running.

I was a fighter. I was a survivor.

No... You aren’t... Darkness hissed in my ears like a thought-poisoning snake. It wanted to poison its way through my thoughts, wanted me to give up. Like so many before me.

My mother’s voice echoed in my mind, and the snake hissed, No!

You are a survivor, Belle, her voice echoed. You are a fighter. You will win. I know it.

Will I though?

Darkness was almost onto me. I looked back, and it almost engulfed me. I panted, dragging my limbs and ran faster.

It hissed, Yes, Belle, that’s more like it... Don’t run, love... Darkness is your birthright... Don’t run...

My mother screamed, No, don’t Belle! Run!

I ran faster.

But abruptly, the presence behind me vanished.

And rose before me.

And her face was what I saw.

Her voice was what I heard.

You’re right, Belle. You really are a loser.

I fell. Darkness consumed me.

Yet all I saw was her face.


I woke up, gasping. And burst out crying.

Ecstasy was right. I really am a loser.


Short chapter but yes, I made my point across. I’d really like it if u pressed that little h on your screen. After writing this chapter, I was really sad... It would make me really happy if you took the time to drop a little comment too :) Bye!

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