His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 9



Today I woke up early and before Xavier. I somehow wiggled out of his grip. Damn, he does really have a tight grip. I quickly took a shower and went downstairs and started to make Xavier some breakfast before his match. I didn’t mention did I? How forgetful can I be these days. Well, today is Xavier’s football match in school and I thought it would be nice if a made my dear mate some delicious breakfast that would provide him energy to win the game. I know he will win. Of course, my mate is the best.

I made him some bacon and some scrambled eggs with some protein shake that I see him drink every day. I want my mate to stay healthy and fit like he is.

I was cooking some pancakes for little Amelia when two arms wrapped around me and I knew whose arms they were. Xavier rested his chin on my shoulder. I remembered immediately that if we don’t eat breakfast we would be late for school. “Xavier.”


“Eat your breakfast quickly till then I will go and change my clothes.”


I went upstairs and quickly wore some jeans and a white tee I let my hair open with a small bun. I quickly applied moisturizer. I went downstairs and wore some sneakers.

I went to the kitchen and saw Xavier ready. I quickly grabbed his hand and dragged him outside to our car so that he can drive us to school. We got inside the car and he drove us to school. His one hand was intertwined with mine and the other was on the steering wheel. While driving he asked me,” Baby would you wear my jersey and cheer for me.”

I kissed his cheek and said, “Of course.”

His face lit up with a big smile and he went a little to the back seat and grabbed his spare sweatshirt and gave it to me. I quickly wore it on top of my tee. I looked towards and saw him looking at me and he suddenly spoke,” You look hot in my clothes.”

I could literally feel the heat of my face rising as I blushed. I heard a notification from my phone and saw a message from mine, Anna, and Jade’s group chat as they both wanted to ask if I and Xavier would like to go to the party tomorrow after the football match. I turned towards Xavier and asked him,” Would like to go to the party tomorrow after the match?”

“Yeah sure.”

We reached school and got out of the car and Xavier got out of the car and went to the team with Colten after giving me a peck on the lips. I made my way toward Anna and Jade. “Is this Xavier’s jersey?“, Anna asked. I nodded my head to her question.

“Wow! Never once did he give his jersey to anyone ever.“, Jade said with wide eyes.

I smiled thinking that I am the first one to wear this jersey except for my mate. Lily purred at the thought of only having us wearing his jersey. His jersey smells like him. Well, he smells so good. Lily again purred thinking about our mate. We then made our way to the playground and I sat in the first row. Well, my mate is the quarterback and the captain of the football team so I have to cheer for him. I saw some girls looking at me with envy. I smirked to myself as my mate is only mine and Lily purred in approval. I looked towards the field and saw my mate looking all hot and sweaty. He looks so good right now. My horny wolf purred again and started to call out to him. My wolf is an Attention Seeking Bitch for our mate.

Hearing my wolf’s call Xavier immediately looked at me and winked and blow me a kiss as well. I could hear people saying awe at us because of him showing g affection to me in public. The match started and Colten and Xavier were like they were unstoppable. We won the match with ease. The opponent team lost by 3 points. The match was now over and Xavier and Colten made them towards me and Anna. Yes, Anna. Well, Colten and Anna our mates.

Xavier came towards me jogging and in a second he was in front of me. He quickly picked me up and spun me around. ” Eww, Xavier put me down you are sweaty.”

He put me down while chuckling and kissed me softly. “Thank you for wearing my jersey baby.“, he said while looking into my eyes.

I smiled at him and pecked his lips and then he went to the locker room to change. I waited outside for him as the rest of the group went to the cafeteria to get some food. While I was waiting a girl with blonde hair and skimpy clothes came up to me and said,” Bitch stay away from Xavier, he is mine and I am supposed to be his luna, not some freak like you.”

This made Lily so much angry that she took control of my body and slapped that bimbo which made her fall on the floor with her hand on her cheek. She then grabbed her hair and smashed her head in the wall and wrapped a hand tightly around her throat. She then spoke,” Listen bitch stay away from my mate or I would rip your throat without showing any mercy.”

The bimbo managed to croak out a small,′ yes luna’ between Lily’s tight grip on her throat. I then felt the familiar tingles that I have come to love around my waist which immediately calmed me down. ” Rose leave her she is not worth it.”

“I am not Rose!“, Lily growled.

Lily threw the bimbo on the floor and turned towards our mate and growled,” Mate is mine, mine mate!”

“Yes, baby I am all yours now give control back to rose.” I got the control back and saw Xavier looking at me. I started to feel black dots covering my vision and darkness consumed me before I could say anything and two arms wrapped around me to prevent me from falling on the floor. I could still faintly hear Xavier shouting my name.

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