His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 10



I was looking at Rose’s sleeping face when yesterday’s event came into my mind.


I took a shower after the match as I was sweaty and I smelled bad according to Rose. I chuckled at her childishness. I finished with my shower and looked at Colten and that he was also ready. We made our way outside the locker room. I was going to the cafeteria but Colten stopped me and pointed at a very unusual scene. I saw Britney the queen bee aka the slut of the school making her way towards Rose, she stood in front of her started speaking,” Bitch stay away from Xavier, he is mine and I am supposed to be his luna, not some freak like you.” I clenched my jaw after hearing. I was going to show her place for insulting my Luna and I could hear Ares shouting, ‘KILL HER! KILL HER NOW FOR DISRESPECTING OUR LUNA!’

Before I could go and show her, her place, my mate did something unbelievable which was that she slapped her and she fell on the floor while holding her cheek. She then grabbed her by her hair and smashed her head on the wall beside her. I looked at Colten to see his reaction. He looked at me with wide eyes and told me to go to her before she kills her. Rose then grabbed her by her throat and growled in her Luna’s voice,” Listen bitch stay away from my mate, or I would rip your throat without showing any mercy.”

Britney managed to croak out a small ‘yes luna’, I made my way towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist which seemed to calm her down. “Rose leave her she is not worth it.”

“I am not Rose!“, Lily her wolf growled.

Lily threw the bimbo on the floor and turned towards me and growled,” Mate is mine, mine mate!”

Ares purred seeing her possessiveness for us. I too loved that side of her and it turned me on immensely. “Yes, baby I am all yours now give control back to rose.” She gave control back to Rose. Rose blinked a couple of times to clear her vision but suddenly fainted and I quickly wrapped my arms around her to prevent her from falling. I called her name several times but she didn’t respond. I lifted her in my arms and told Colten to call Carlos’s family and my family. I ran towards my car and laid Rose down in the back seat and drove to our pack’s pack hospital. I went inside the hospital, I called the doctor to which he came running in two minutes. They laid her down the stretcher and took her inside a room. The doctor asked me,” What happened to Luna?”

“She suddenly fainted.”

“Ok, let me check.” I gave him a nod.

I checked her and looked towards me and said,” She is perfectly fine.”


“Yeah, she is totally fine.”

“Why did she faint?”

“I don’t know everything seems normal with her.”

I was shocked to hear that but my gut was telling me that something’s up with Rose. I left her there to rest and made my way out of the room. I saw both our families waiting for us. Rose’s mom came towards me and asked,” What happened to my baby?”

“The doctor says she is absolutely fine but doesn’t know what happened to her.”

Rose’s mom breathed out a sigh of relief like her brother’s. everyone was happy that she was safe and not in any kind of danger. Dad came towards me and said,” Isn’t it strange that she fainted but the doctor doesn’t know what happened to her?”

“Yeah, I have been thinking the same dad!“, I told dad.

I looked towards Carlos and saw him really deep in thought. I know he knows something but none of us knows. Sensing my gaze on him he turned to look at me. I motioned him with my fingers to come with me. I, Carlos, and dad went into a private room. “So Carlos what’s happening to Rose?“, I asked him.

“I don’t know that but as I told you that something beyond our imagination is gonna happen.”

“What is gonna is gonna happen and who told you this?”

“The moon goddess told me in my dream that something is gonna happen which will change this supernatural universe. This will not only affect us but all the other realms, we can’t do something about or stop this Noah.” I and dad were shocked to hear this.

“What is gonna happen, did she give you any clue?“, dad asked

“She did.”

“La verità sta in una stanza piena di pace e la chiave sta nelle nostre famiglie.

Ascolta il tuo cuore perché ti guiderà alla verità.

L’amore sta nel tuo cuore ed è la chiave di tutto.“, he said in italian.

{“The truth lies in a room filled with peace and the key lies in our families.

Listen to your heart as it will guide you to the truth.

Love lies in your heart and it is the key to everything.“}: (Translation)

“Wait wait this is the same clue you gave me that day!”

“Yes, it is.”

“I found the answer to it!”

" What is it?”

“I found a book in which it was mentioned about the Blue Lunar Eclipse which is after 11 days.”

“Let’s go to your pack and see that book.”

“Ok let’s go.”

“We went to our pack and I took the book with me and we went to my office and opened the book.”

We opened the book and saw that a puzzle was written on the page after the page which had information about the eclipse.

“Open me, and you can’t see me without a mirror. Close me and you can’t see me at all.

What am I?”

Now, what is it?

We three kept pacing around thinking about the answer. After some time my dad suddenly shouted, “Eyes.”

“We can’t see without them neither we can see them without mirror nor with keeping them close.”

We wrote the answer on the book and it started to take us to a different page. On the day of the moon’s eclipse, a new creature will be born. No one knows what it is and what powers it will have. Then the book closed itself.

Suddenly my phone rang and I saw it was mom. She told me Rose is awake. All three of us rushed to the hospital. I directly went towards her room and saw her awake and drinking juice while chatting to her and my mother. I immediately went towards her hugged her.

“What happened to you baby?”

“It was probably nothing as when I asked Lily about it it was because of our heat which is going to start tomorrow.”

Realization hit me. Well Shit!

We went home and had dinner then me and Rose went to sleep.


I woke Rose up and told her to get ready and come downstairs to get breakfast. She came downstairs after getting ready and we had our breakfast. After breakfast Rose told me,” I and the girls are going shopping for the party in the evening.”

“Okay, here take my card.”

“I have my own card, Xavier.”

“No, take this.”



I, Anna and Jade are currently shopping and currently, we are in Zara. I bought a black dress for myself. I paired it with some black high heels.

We went to Jade’s room in the packhouse to get ready. After a while, we got ready and went downstairs. I saw Xavier wearing a white shirt with a leather jacket and black ripped jeans and black sneakers. He was wearing a typical bad boy outfit.

When he saw me he came near me and said,” You look gorgeous as always.”

“Thank you you look handsome as well.”

We went to the party and saw many people dancing, making out and smoking. We sat down just when a typical barbie came and sat down on Xavier’s lap. It angered Lily so much. I got up and grabbed her hair and threw her on the floor, and sat on Xavier’s lap. Then, I said,” That’s my mate bitch.”

She scurried away after seeing my eyes changing color from my wolf. My mood was ruined. We talked a bit played a bit of games. I then dragged Xavier home as I wanted to cuddle with him.

We came back home and had a bath. We made out for some time in the bathtub. Then, we went to sleep.

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