His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 12



I woke up with a smile as the sunlight fell on my face. I turned towards my Rose and saw her tangled with me. I saw us naked with just a sheet covering us and last night’s events came into my mind. I remembered that we are fully mated now. I could hear Ares howl in happiness in the back of my head. I fully turned towards her and hovered over her started kiss her all over her face and neck. After some time she woke up laughing but I just silenced her by kissing my mark on her neck which made her moan. I smirked hearing her soft moan. I placed my head on her naked chest and look at her. I see her blushing. “You are still so shy even after yesterday’s events?“, I ask her quirking an eyebrow at her. She blushed more and covered her face with her hands. I chuckled looking at her.

“Let’s go take a bath hmm!“, I said looking at her. I picked her up before she could protest. Our sheets fell down leaving us completely naked. I saw blush even more. I took her inside the bathroom and settled her on the counter and filled the bathtub with hot water. I could feel her gaze checking me out.“You can check me all you want baby I am all yours and it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

She blushed in embarrassment of being caught by me. I went to her and pick her up and asked.“Are you sore baby?” She blushed and nodded in reply. I laid her down in the bathtub and got behind her. I pulled her in my lap. I started to leave kisses on her shoulders and neck. She started moaning softly and I instantly got hard after listening to her little moans. We made love in the shower two times then we dried ourselves and went down for some breakfast.

We sat down at the table while looking at the menu when a waitress came by to take our orders. She kept staring at me and ignored my Rose. I looked at Rose and saw her eyes changing color. She got up from her chair and grabbed the hand of the waitress from which she was about to touch me. She immediately twisted her arm and we can clearly hear the sound of a bone-breaking. The waitress screamed in pain and the manager came running after hearing the scream. When he looked at Rose his eyes widened as he recognized her as his queen. He quickly rushed towards the waitress and dragged her away while I was hugging Rose. Ares purred happily at the thought of mate being protective and possessive over us.

Another waitress came who looked decent and took our orders after I calm Rose down. We ate our breakfast quickly and went outside in the woods which were near the beach.” Do you wanna go for a run?” She nodded quickly. We took off our clothes and shifted.


When we shifted I took control of Xavier’s body and Lily took control of Rose’s body. Lily took off running towards the beach and started to run behind her. We played for a while. We then laid near the shore and nuzzled our muzzles together and purred in satisfaction. We changed into our human forms, still naked and in each other’s arms. I kissed her softly. “I love you Lily!“, I said looking into her eyes. “I love you too Ares.” We stayed together for some time and cuddled and talked a bit. Xavier told me that we have to go back home so I have to give him back control. I kissed Lily once more and gave the control back to Xavier.


We wore our clothes and went back to our room to pack our bags. We packed our bags and went out towards our car. I kept all our stuff in the back seat and started driving back home. We reached home after and half an hour drive and went upstairs to our room and unpacked all our stuff and went downstairs to have dinner. Everyone was teasing us and Rose was blushing during the whole dinner. After the embarrassing dinner, we back to our room and fell asleep.

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