His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 13



Today when I woke up I was on top of Xavier. I smiled looking at him. He looked so peaceful while sleeping. “Let’s wake mate up with a lot of kisses.“, Lily suggested wagging her tailing and jumping around in my mind.

I got up and straddled his waist bent down and started kissing him all over his face. He moved a little and opened his eyes. When he saw me he smiled widely at me. He turned us over and hovered over me. He also started kissing me all over my face. After some time he stopped and just cuddled me and nuzzled his face in my neck. “Good morning Xavi!“, I said with a smile and ran my hands through his hair while he nuzzled his face in my breasts and said good morning, which made me blush.

“You are a pervert Xavier.”

“Only for you Baby girl”, he replied cheekily. We cuddled for some more time and had a nice warm bath together. We went downstairs for breakfast. We had some eggs and bacon and went to school. When we reached school, we saw everyone looking at us and gossiping and whispering to each other. We ignored them and went to my locker. We saw all our friends waiting there for us. We started talking among ourselves until the bell rang and we all separated our ways. I and Xavier made our way into the class which was about other supernatural beings. We got seated in the back seat. The teacher entered the class after a few minutes. After setting all the books that she was carrying down on the table, she started speaking,” Good morning class today we are gonna learn about the other supernatural beings. Now. I want one of you two some names of other supernatural.”

Students told the names vampires, witches, angels, demons, shapeshifters, and dragons. A student even asked about hybrids but the teacher said they aren’t any hybrids recorded until today. After some discussions and questions, the teacher gave us a quiz. Just as I finished my quiz the bell rang. We walked out of the class with our hands intervened. I looked towards our hands and a smile came on my face. I looked towards Xavier and saw him looking at me with a smile. Finally, after so many periods the school was over. Unfortunately, today Xavier and Colten had football practice after school so I thought of going to visit my old pack and hang out with my brothers. I messaged Xavier before leaving.

After leaving a message I went to my parent’s house with Anna as she wanted to meet her family too. I went to the porch of my parent’s house and rang the bell. The door was then opened by Marcello who looked very irritated but his face lit up when he saw me. He picked me up and spun me around. He then put me down and kissed my forehead and cheek. He then yelled, “Guys come down someone has come to meet us!”

After two minutes I heard heavy footsteps which mean that my brothers are coming. I was excited about meeting them. When they came downstairs and they saw me and their faces lit up. They one by one kissed me on the cheek and the forehead. We all went to the games room and played some games.

Now it was time for Xavier to come and get me. I was just sitting and drinking some tea with my mom. I didn’t get to meet dad today as he has gone out of the country for some business meeting. After a few minutes, the doorbell rang and I got up from my seat and rushed to the door as I knew who it was. I opened the door and jumped on him and wrapped my arms around his neck and legs around his waist and kissed him softly. He immediately responded to my kiss. Our sweet kiss soon turned into a very rough one. We kept kissing each other hungrily till we are out of breath. We pull away from the kiss and breathed heavily looking into each other’s eyes. “What was that for baby?“, he asked.

“Nothing, I just missed you Xavi.”

“I missed you too baby.“, he said pecking my lips once again. Suddenly we heard a scream. I looked towards the direction from where the scream came and saw my brother Matteo standing there staring at us with wide eyes which were filled with disgust and rage then he started yelling, “MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!, OH GOD I NEED HOLY WATER!”

“What happened and why were you yelling?“, asked Alex.

" I need holy water to wash my eyes cause I saw her and her mate fucking kissing just a few moments ago, and our innocent little sister isn’t so innocent anymore.”

All my brothers turned towards us and they had a look of disgust on their face and they glared at Xavier with rage in their eyes. Their eyes started changing colours meaning my wolf siblings have started to come out. “Run!” They said in a low voice. Xavier started running away. My brothers started chasing him and that all it took to start a game of Tom and Jerry in the house. Finally, when their game stopped, Xavier came out with a swollen blue and black eye and his one hand holding his stomach, and a swollen jaw.

I ran towards him and asked in a soft voice while touching his jaws, “Does it hurt Xavi?” He nodded and hugged me.

I rubbed his back and said, “Let’s go home Xavi “. He nodded his head a little and I dragged him with me. I did a quick goodbye to mom and glared at my brothers. They were all looking here and there to avoid my gaze on them. We sat in the car and Xavier started driving. Our house was about a few minutes away. We reached home and I quickly dragged Xavier to our room. I made him sit on the bed while I went to the bathroom to get a first aid box. I quickly went near him and sat on his lap sideways and started cleaning his wounds. He was staring at me all the time while I was cleaning his wounds.

After cleaning his wounds I told him to rest for a few minutes then go wash his face. I went downstairs and started to make dinner for both of us. I made Lasagna for both of us. I took our dinner upstairs and saw Xavier on the bead with his back leaning towards the headboard. His wounds were healed and he was shirtless. “I so wanna lick those abs”, Lily purred. She started putting dirty images of us but I blocked her out. I sat down on the bed and started feeding him food with my hands.

After finishing our dinner we were cuddling together. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too Xavi.” I pull away from him and straddled his waist. I kissed him softly. The kiss turned into a rough and hungry one now. I could feel Xavier’s erection which was just below my wet core. I started grinding on it which made him moan into our kiss. He then grabbed my ass and started to vigorously grind me on top of him.

He turned us around so that I was under him. We quickly removed our clothes and they were now lying on the floor in a pile. He then slammed his lips on mine and kissed me roughly. He broke the kiss and started to kiss down my jaw and my neck. His hands trailed down to my thighs and he massaged them. he trailed kisses from my neck to my thighs. He kissed my inner thighs. “Please don’t tease me, Xavier,” I whimpered in need. He then finally put his skilful mouth and tongue where I wanted it to be which was directly on my clit which was throbbing with need. He sucked it in between his lips and gently bit it. He added two fingers and started finger fucking me very fast. I screamed so loud as my orgasm tore through and my eyes into the back of my head. This is was so intense that my mind went blank for a second. I opened my eyes and saw Xavier’s face was a little wet and his eyes were wide open.“You squirted baby.” I blushed furiously.

After a few seconds, I felt Xavier’s cock rubbing my lips up a down which made me moan. Then suddenly he entered me without any warning and started fucking me fast.“You like that huh baby?“, he said smirking. He then started to thrust very roughly into me which made me legs shake. I could feel my orgasm approaching. Sensing that Xavier increased his speed and started fucking me furiously and spanked my ass harshly.

“Oh fuck yes just like that”, Xavier groaned. He wrapped his arm around my neck and bit my nipple and started sucking it. I grabbed his shoulders for support as I came and my whole body convulsed. After a few minutes, Xavier also came inside me and he fell on top of me.

We started into each other’s eyes as we breathed heavily. He then softly kissed my forehead and pecked my lips. He pulled me close to him and started spooning me and muttering soft words in my ear.

“I love you baby!”

“I love you too Xavi!”

In a matter of few minutes, I was out like a light.

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