His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 14



I could feel immense pleasure and throb between my legs. I tried to close them but something was restraining me to close my thighs. I opened my eyes and saw Xavier was knelt between my legs and was sucking on my clit while he looked at me with a smirk and winked at me. He bit it gently and that was all it took me to throw my head back and moan loudly. “Good morning Baby!”

“G-Good Morning X-Xavi”

He spread my lips apart and licked them. He suddenly thrusted two fingers in me and continued licking and sucking my clit.He then added another finger and continued thrusting them at a fast pace. “Xavier”, I moaned loudly. He fastened his pace when he felt me clench around his fingers. My hips started moving on my own against his face and my hands went into his hair and pulled him more into me. I started to ride his face madly as I was very close. I let out a small scream when I came.

He came up and hovered over me. He kissed me and I could faintly taste myself on his lips. He then turned me around so that I was on all fours. My ass was in the air. He suddenly spanked my ass which made me moan out aloud. He did that a couple of times which made me wetter.

He then suddenly thrusted inside me without any warning which made me moan out aloud. I can feel him going even deeper in this position. He started ramming into me. I was so close. “I a-am cumming d-don’t stop”, I said moaning.

“Is my little mate gonna cum?“, I nodded my head vigorously at him. “Beg”

“Beg me to let you cum baby.”

“Please X-Xavier l-let me cum.“, I begged him.

I increased his speed and reached his hand between our bodies and started rubbing my clit vigorously. I came quickly after a few seconds. He continued to fuck me throughout my orgasm. His thrust started to get sloppier and after a second he came with a groan and collapsed on me. We breathed heavily. He picked me up and took me to the bathroom. He set me down on the counter and started preparing for a bath. After a few minutes when he was done he came to me and picked me up and settled me in the tub. He got behind me and settled me on his lap.

He started to wash my body with soap. He gently massaged my breast which made me moan. He then reached a hand down my body to my core and started to gently rub my clit which made me throw my head back into his chest. He continued rubbing it till I came. He washed my hair. I turned around so that I was straddling him. I massaged his shoulders and wash his body and hair while he just kept looking at me which made me shy away from him.

After getting me and Xavier went downstairs. When we went down little Amelia came and hugged my legs. “What happened, sweetie?“, I asked her softly as I pulled her on my lap.

“I missed you a lot Rory and you didn’t even fulfill your promise.”

Then I remembered that I promised her to let her play with Lily. Lily thinks of Amelia as her own pup. “We will play after having breakfast okay sweetie?” She nodded her head excitedly.

“Xavi! I wanna play with Ares too”, She told him excitedly. He nodded his head at her smiling. Ares loved Amelia and was very protective over her like Xavier. I ate some pancakes and scrambled eggs and fed some to Amelia as well. After finishing our breakfast we went to the woods and shifted. Lily took control of my body and Ares also took control of Xavier’s body.


We went towards Amelia who was sitting on the grass waiting for us. We went near her carefully and tried not to scare her. I went towards Amelia and she carefully put her hand forward for us to sniff. She then got up and tried to kiss my snout but failed as I was higher than her. I lowered my head towards her and she placed her hands in my muzzle and stood on her tippy toes and kissed my snout. I licked her face in return which made her giggle. “Rory stopp!“, she said between her laughs.

I looked towards Ares and saw him looking at us with a wolfish grin.” You would be amazing with our pup Lily”, Ares said through our mind link. Amelia went towards Ares and kissed his snout as well. He also licked her face in return. He then came towards and licked my snout and rubbed himself over me. I did the same to keep all the unmated females away from my mate. I bent down and Amelia climbed my back and held my fur tightly for support. We then ran through the woods for some time. Amelia was giggling all the while. I gave control back to Rose.


“Let’s go to meet the children of the pack and play with them for a while,” I told Xavi and he nodded his wolf head in return. We went to the garden and saw all children playing. When they sensed our presence they ran towards us. “Luna!” They all screamed excited to see me. They came towards me and hugged and kissed my wolf turn by turn and licked them in return which made them shriek and giggle. We played with the children the whole day. Then we went to our house and shifted back and showered and changed our clothes after it became dark. When I went out of the bathroom I saw Xavier sitting on the bed waiting for me. I went towards him and sat on the bed beside him and he cuddled me. We watched a movie together and had dinner as I was very tired. We then slept together and I was as out as a light in a few seconds. I felt a soft kiss on my forehead before slipping into the darkness.

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